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Top 30 Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Read Every Day in 2018

Digital marketing blogs

Digital marketing blogs are perennial sources of authentic information and learning as far as professionals and business owners are concerned.

The ever-evolving field of digital marketing requires its operators to be constantly in the learning path to catch up with the global trends and technology changes.

An online marketing blog teaches how the interplay of new technology and marketing are creating new opportunities for business growth and profitability.

Marketing blog for the digital marketing professionals and practitioners address any laxity in research and mitigate the risk of falling behind.

Digital marketing blogs are essential for marketers to stay on top of the trends while framing an effective content strategy.

Blogs Keep Inspired and Sustained

Online marketing blogs

Digital marketing offers the opportunity for a brand to get noticed in no time irrespective of being big or small.

Here the important thing is an inspiration in launching and sustaining with marketing efforts to move ahead in spite of budgetary constraints.

The inspiration will stay high if some of the top digital marketing blogs are read every day. This helps to keep a finger on the pulse of the marketing industry and draw the right inspiration.

These blogs are a great way to keep your finger on the marketing industry.

An internet marketing blog comes into the reckoning with its coverage of digital marketing news, trends, and discussions on industry developments.

Here we will take a look at some of the best digital marketing blogs including their USPs to enable our readers to add more value and meaning to their digital marketing goals.

How Do Blogs Inspire?

For techies, top digital marketing blogs keep the creative spirit surcharged as new updates on things add more confidence in taking to the path of innovation.

Among the interesting digital marketing blogs, more reader interest goes into a b2b digital marketing blog.

Top digital marketing blogs offer information that can put an end to the struggle of finding or writing some original content.

Given that the digital marketing sector has a high dominance of small businesses, a small business marketing blog will have a key role to play in motivating business classes.

Choose the Best Digital Marketing Blog

Internet marketing blog

Selecting the right web and digital marketing blog is a challenge a plethora of blogs exist.  The best online marketing blogs come from experienced industry leaders who are well versed in many marketing practices to get better at what we do.

Undoubtedly the top 10 digital marketing blogs help in learning new things and prepare to serve customers well in making them succeed by using their own digital efforts.

Inspiration to Compete and Innovate

In the ubiquitous world of E-commerce technology, best internet marketing blogs are like lighthouses offering light to the darkness engulfing the search for right strategy in taking out the right e-commerce solutions making business owners focus more on business growth and marketing.

Top internet marketing blogs minimize challenges of focussing on workable technologies as different from some noisy brands that seek conversions of top funnel customers.

These blogs will give the confidence and sustenance to co-exist with brands flaunting massive budgets. Case in point is Big box brands like Walmarts, Targets and Macy’s.

Many of the small businesses may not have even one percent of their budget but they can stay undaunted in the digital marketing mode. Here more than cash, smartness in using technology in the right way matters more.

1. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Search Engine Journal

Best digital marketing blogs

The Search Engine Journal is popular as a comprehensive online authority publication in search engine marketing. It offers the latest updates to search engine algorithms, useful SEO information, and best tactics.

It also offers tips for pay-per-click marketing, link building, algorithm changes from Google and news.

2. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Moz

Top digital marketing blogs

So long as SEO is part of digital marketing nobody miss out on Moz blog. It is one of the best sources for learning SEO trends, studies, and best practices.

The content is deep and useful to seasoned veterans and best for newbies.

There is a high focus on SEO and inbound marketing, with adequate information on digital media buying, lead generation, branding, and industry news.

The content of Moz is well-researched, highly-engaging and smart. It gives SEO its due as part of a brand’s marketing strategy to make an impact on every single channel such as content, email, and social media. The guidance Moz offers in improving ranks at a faster pace is really commendable.

Moz also free tools to analyze how a site is performing. They include SEO,

" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">content marketing, Twitter analytics and local marketing.

3. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Marketing Land

Small business digital marketing blog

Among the digital marketing blogs, MarketingLand is strong in digital marketing, social media, search engine marketing, mobile marketing, and marketing analytics.

This online marketing blog has posts of exceptional depth covering marketing news, tips, and information on popular marketing products.

This comprehensive internet marketing blog is ahead of Adweek or Ad Age thanks to actionable tips and ideas.

Kelley rates this as one of the best digital marketing blogs full of listicles, news, quick reads and guides targeting small business audience.

The step-by-step instructions make it a great source of inspiration as a must-go-to site. Incidentally, Marketing Land is also the sibling of Search Engine Land.

4. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Marketing Profs

Web marketing blog

Among the top marketing blogs, MarketingProfs stands out with informative articles, infographics and original research on digital marketing topics.

The bulk of the content is free and is considered one of the most respected publications in the industry.

This a professor like knowledge makes it an authority on digital marketing in terms of training strategies, case studies, discussion forums, online seminars, and free guides to keep any business at the cutting edge of marketing.

5. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Convince and ConvertBest online marketing blogs

Covering a vast range of digital topics, this b2b marketing blog is a goldmine of information.  Convince and Convert has nice tips for digital marketing, backed by thought leadership posts, industry trends and case studies on best practices in content marketing.

The unique name of this top digital marketing blogs is justified by the awesome CRO tactics and high priority content that are helping prospects to become long-term customers.

Blogs, especially, small business marketing blog is an absolute must for business owners and professionals aiming conversions.

6. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs –  Social Media Examiner

Top 10 digital marketing blogs

Succeeding in social media is a challenge for many brands despite the huge opportunity. That is where a support of web marketing blog matters.

Here the best online marketing blogs are paying attention to workable strategies with tutorials on what to do with social media.

For strugglers in social media, the top 10 digital marketing blogs bring considerable relief. It also runs a Social Media Marketing Society where a member can avail exclusive industry tips, perks, expert forums to get timely advice.

7. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Social Media Today

Best internet marketing blogs

When asked to mention best internet marketing blogs  Social Media Today is great in offering in-depth information on social media with profound research on them.

8. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – HubSpot

Digital marketing blogs

HubSpot offers great industry content and deserves the tag of being the top internet marketing blogs.

It has a good focus on inbound marketing with the content covering topics most relevant to all kinds of marketers ranging from customer service to good talent and productivity.

Industry-leading thoughts and how-tos tackling design, social media, and social selling are very prominent.

9. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Unbounce

Internet marketing blog

Marketing is mainly designed to get people to the point of conversion. The Unbounce blog offers advice and research on how to get prospects to convert fast by hastening interest to an action point.

10. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Content Marketing Institute

Online marketing blogs

Content marketing is a sought-after blog in the digital marketing world. This pioneer highlights the value of content in digital marketing and is a great resource for following content marketing trends and best practices.

11. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Kissmetrics

Best digital marketing blogs

Kissmetrics is a digital marketing blog with a special focus on the use of marketing analytics to improve results. Many of the posts deal with testing and research performed by brands and what readers learn from it.

KISSmetrics has great infographics with millions of visitors and close to 50, 000 backlinks from 3700 unique domains. KISSmetrics keeps adding new fans from subscriptions guided by e-mail campaigns.

12. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Quicksprout

Top digital marketing blogs

In the realm of digital marketing blogs, Neil Patel is a big name. No wonder, his Quick Sprout blog is also popular for offering strategies and tools that help businesses including billion dollar companies in boosting traffic and making the conversion to boost sales.

The online marketing blog of Patel has helped brands like eBay and General Motors to generate more traffic.

In the arena of online marketing, classroom learning gives only a fraction of the real knowledge required and will not suffice to cover all aspects of the domain. That is where internet marketing blog comes in with vital learning at a theoretical and practical knowledge side.

Best digital marketing blogs are always a great channel to get a comprehensive marketing education. In that sense, Quicksprout does not disappoint.

The updates are thorough on current trends and changing tactics of the content marketing industry.

13. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – EConsultancy Blog

Top internet marketing blogs

It is yet another popular b2b marketing blog offering analysis of companies and brands. It is in depth. It is a must-read for marketers to garner concepts and translate them into business situations.

The blog also offers research services and data service to paying customers.

14. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Hootsuite Blog

Best internet marketing blogs

In social media management, Hootsuite blog can claim a high rank as one of the top marketing blogs with 10 million users.

Social media campaigns can be tracked by this smart tool. This is the favorite of marketing agencies, small to medium-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.

15. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Copyblogger

Top 10 digital marketing blogs

The focal points of Copy Blogger are content marketing and copy businesses for building relationships for the faster sale of products.

For writers, it is a great resource and a well made small business marketing blog.

The popularity of Copyblogger as a web marketing blog is attested by more than 200,000 unique customers.

It earns more than $12 million in annual revenue. Interestingly, Brian Clark, who launched the original Copyblogger in 2006 only wanted to build an audience.

16. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – CopyHackers

Best online marketing blogs

CopyHacker provides the intelligence on how to get faster conversions across the web. As one of the best online marketing blogs, it ends the struggle of using the right word to ensure a sale.

Thanks to digital marketing more channels and contexts are open for marketers.

17. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Grow

Web marketing blog

Grow blog by Mark Schaeffer can be called one among the best digital marketing blogs. It can stake a claim as one of the top marketing blogs with useful information on digital marketing and technology.

It makes a good b2b marketing blog because of a mix of general marketing advice and thought leadership pieces on the happenings in the digital marketing sector.

18. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Buffer

small business marketing blog

The Buffer blog focuses on social media advice and research. It makes a great appeal as a small business marketing blog with timely diversions to broader topics such as design tips and marketing tools. Well-researched posts are its strength.

19. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs –  Hongkiat

Top digital marketing blogs

Primarily focused on design and technology, Hongkiat web marketing blog brings to table helpful design resources, and current digital marketing topics including social media.

20. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – CoSchedule

b2b marketing blog

Good planning is a must for good marketing. CoSchedule blog is great for planning with brilliant posts on social media advice.

21. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – HelpScout

top marketing blogs

The high focus on customer satisfaction makes HelpScout different as one of the best online marketing blogs beneficial to digital marketers. Posts covering topics on customers and communication are important to all marketers particularly to digital marketers of all shades.

22. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Duct Tape Marketing

Best digital marketing blogs

In the crowd of digital marketing blogs, Duct Tape Marketing blog stands out with its great support for small businesses with limited budgets.

The online marketing blog is doing a great service for small business. The latter is the core target audience of the blog. It has handy insights useful to bigger brands as well. It is worth checking out irrespective of the business size.

The popular internet marketing blog is good for crafting a marketing plan panning the right target audience, brand building tactics, advertising, unique customer experience, and beyond.

The blog also targets the brick-and-mortar businesses and online businesses with a local flavor. There are plenty of good takeaways.

Among the best digital marketing blogs, Duct Tape Marketing is special because it advocates the importance of customizing a digital strategy to take care of the marketing funnel and make prospects move through it in converting them to customers.

Targeting prospects and a whole market at the right point with the right materials is all the more necessary.

23. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Unmarketing

Internet marketing blog

Among top marketing blogs, Unmarketing wants marketers to connect with customers using options outside the box.

It goes beyond the obvious rules of digital marketing. In addition to general tips and best practices, it also talks about ways of looking at marketing methods differently.

24. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Social Triggers

Online marketing blog

Derek Halpern’s b2b marketing blog talks about growing an online business. However, marketers are not the sole target audience.

As one of the top digital marketing blogs, Digital marketing stays at the core of any successful online business and posts offer valid suggestions on how to do it perfectly.

25. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Digital Marketer

Digital marketing blogs

The Digital Marketer blog covers multiple facets of digital marketing. This small business marketing blog covers topics such as content marketing, copywriting, and social media very broadly.

26. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Business 2 Community

Top internet marketing blogs

The web marketing blog Business 2 Community is a business intelligence source loaded with good content on digital marketing. The “Digital and Social” sections handle SEO, email marketing, and other useful digital marketing tactics.

27. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Social Media Explorer

Digital marketing blogs

In the search for best online marketing blogs, many come across Social Media Explorer as having wide coverage of social media management, guest topics on digital marketing, influencer and virtual reality marketing. It also tracks the latest trends in social media and marketing.

28. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Ignite Social Media

Best internet marketing blogs

Ignite Social Media blog is a permanent fixture in most top 10 digital marketing blogs. It is noted for good guidance on social media platforms and social media marketing and helps to stay on top of social media trends and best practices.

29. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Spin Sucks

Best online marketing blogs

Among the best internet marketing blogs liked by digital experts, Spin Sucks offers great tips on digital marketing and PR practices focused on ethical practices and dissuading marketers from taking the “spin doctor” route.

The blog also offers networking tips and productivity advice for SEO and ways to improve the user experience.

30. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Monetate

online marketing blog

The blog’s name expresses its focus and is one of the top internet marketing blogs. As we know, at the end of the day, a business must make money.

One powerful way to do that is by the effective personalization of marketing.

Monetate blog offers topics of marketing personalization, ways to increase profits, use of technology in one-to-one marketing plus the latest e-commerce trends.

31. Out of Top Digital Marketing Blogs – Kuno Creative

The blog is rich in inbound marketing, digital marketing strategies, and paid media.

The variety keeps the user on top of the digital marketing domain and the latest digital marketing news can make a reader a better marketer over time.


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