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What Are Smart Replies For LinkedIn Messages?

LinkedIn is mulling on providing smart replies to boost its messaging platform that has received little attention from the users.Smart replies will be quick answers to the conversations going on and in this way, they will help keep the conversation going.

Replying to messages on LinkedIn consumes more time resulting in failure to respond that results in missing opportunities. The company promises to save time back and forth with the new Smart Replies feature that suggests quick responses. The users can suggest the most suitable responses with a quick tap over the options. But the replies will be general and not specific.

The company would use machine learning or artificial intelligence to suggest responses fitting to the ongoing conversation. Users will get at least three matching replies for each message and they can choose the right answer in a hassle-free manner. The chosen answer will be sent instantly.

In future, the replies could include advanced features like a name of the person addressed. LinkedIn has long-term plans to strengthen its messaging service and it is seriously working on developing the features that could make its service smooth working.

Smart Replies are available on LinkedIn desktop as well as to mobile app users. Presently they are for English users only and those who don’t want to use Smart Replies can easily turn the replies off in the settings menu.

How Smart Replies help users stay connected can be seen in user feedback. Whenever a message comes, the receiver gets a fitting reply to that message. It helps in quick reply but the real objective of providing Smart Replies is to keep users engaged. Quick messaging is engaging.

LinkedIn wants the conversation among its users to keep going and it is possible only when the messaging feature is made more convenient.


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