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What are Backlinks?

A backlink is a link coming from another website. It is also called an incoming or inbound link. A link is created when a site connects to another. Site A links back to Site B creating a backlink for Site B.

Importance of backlinks

Each backlink is a vote for the site it is linked to and for this is the reason it is important. It works like a signal for search engines. If search engines find many websites linking to one webpage, that webpage is deemed valuable for searchers. The webpage is assigned a high rank on search result pages.

Building Backlinks

It is an important part of SEO and also it is the most challenging part as it involves locating relevant and high traffic sites and communicating with those sites for link exchange. There are two types of links follow and no-follow. Search engines follow links and leave links with no-follow instructions.

There was a time when links could be bought from websites called link farms. Also, the SEO found many ways of trading links in order to climb up the search engine ladder. But search engines put a break in this system by updating their algorithms. Google is quite strict with backlinks and it doesn’t take much time in penalizing sites earning links using dubious methods.

Why Sites Link to Each Other?

Websites link to each other in order to take advantage of their content, search rank, and resultant traffic. But this connection has to be professional and not commercial.


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