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What is Call-to-action and Checklist For an Effective CTA.

What is call to action

It calls for a take a specific action. Denoted as CTA, it is a mechanical button connected to a landing page where visitors are taken for specific action like filling an online form or taking part in a survey. Every website has its targeted audiences and every site has a different CTA for its visitors. The CTA is represented with images or texts in bold and there could be multiple call-to-action buttons in a page.

Checklist for an effective CTA

It is easy to add links to words to create CTAs but in order to make the call-to-action effective, you need choosing power words that grab attention and encourage viewers to take action.

1 Attractive design

Visibility is the first and also the most important factor in CTA design. The call-to-action button has to be visible for the targeted audiences. The colour, design and size of the CTA should make it look different from the body text.

2 Interesting ad copy

Text for CTA should be in the format of an ad copy. You should make the copy interesting using power words but at the same time, the CTA should be part of the body text. It shouldn’t look different from the theme of the content.

3 Placement

The CTA should be placed in such a manner that the viewers are able to notice the button. Placing CTA in bottom is more useful as the readers would want to take action after going through the content.

4 Value proposition

 The CTA should add value to the content and not force viewers to click on the action taking button. It is better viewers know what the action is about so that they can decide whether to click on the button or not. You’ll get quality leads from value-add CTAs.



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