What is Social Bookmarking in SEO and How to Do Social Bookmarking in 2019?

When you read books, you bookmark the pages you like most. It helps you find the most interesting topics in the book and also you can show the bookmarked pages to your friends. It is like finding and sharing information. Just like you bookmark pages of a physical book, you can mark websites on the web. It is called social bookmarking.

How to Bookmark Pages on The Web?

For social bookmarking, you need a tool that is a website. Let’s simplify the process. Social bookmarking sites are more like intelligent search engines that tell what you want to see and share most. Here a question could be raised? Why use a website when the favourite links can be opened directly on the browser.

What is Social Bookmarking in SEO and How to Do Social Bookmarking in 2019? | Link Building [Hindi]

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A social bookmarking site would remember all the bookmarked pages and also it will show the sites liked and marked by others. The objective is to show what you like and want to share and also what others want to share with you. Most websites have tags like most popular, recently added, shopping, blogging, technology, politics, sports, news etc.

Social bookmarking sites work like search tools allowing users to search bookmarked sites in a hassle-free manner. Technically speaking, use of these sites save time and also help in locating most liked and shared websites and web pages.

Some popular social bookmarking sites are:

• Pinterest
• Evernote
• Bitly

Why Use Social Bookmarking Sites?

Social bookmarking of websites help in searching what you want to see; it is a way to know what others are talking about; you get to see most viewed articles and blogs and also photos. It is pretty easy to search the most interesting information on social bookmarking sites and share the information with others.

Social bookmarking helps in spreading breaking news and what bloggers are talking about. It shows how many shares and views an article received. You can easily determine the popularity of news pieces and articles with the help of social bookmarking sites.


Social bookmarking is a process of choosing what you like most. Also it is a way to share the info with others. Social bookmarking is also helpful on SEO in the long run. When you can share links of sites you like most, you can convince others to visit those sites. Since Google counts every share as a vote, you can collect quality links and votes for your site.


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