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Working On A Remarketing Strategy For Google AdWords

Remarketing has been a topic of debate between marketers. Much has been written on this subject but Google AdWords value this tool more than marketers. It isn’t just a tool to make sales but a process to build brands. Today it is easy to get lost in the myriad of choices and offers. Buyers often click back from shopping carts due to indecisiveness. Here remarketing can help in bringing the lost sales back to shopping carts.

Here are seven ways in which marketers can channelize their efforts to strengthen staggering sales due to competition. But one has to be cautious while applying the remarketing strategies as every strategy has definite rules. Google AdWords have come a long way and today it is seen as a tool to increase sales. With remarketing, marketers have an opportunity to target the customers that came and were interested in buying products but didn’t and also the strategies can be used to sell the items related to the sold goods.

  1. YouTube for remarketing

Videos get maximum hits than any other thing on the web and some videos get repeated hits. Internet users watch videos for entertainment, education and information. They like hearing stories on videos and watching how things are done on videos. And the videos can also be used for remarketing. Add a small clip at the beginning or at the end of a popular video and make it skippable, if it is lengthy like one minute or more. Link your AdWords account to your YouTube account to leverage the potential of videos. Remind the viewer subtly with short, crispy and informative advertisements.

  1. Google AdWords Play

If you are available on mobiles, Google Play is an opportunity for you to track conversions and purchases from your app. Just link your Google Play account to AdWords by selecting Google Play in the Select tab in your AdWords accounts. Once the accounts are linked, you can see conversions and also you will get access to remarketing list generated automatically by Google Play.

  1. Cross-selling & Remarketing

It is selling supportive and associated accessories. A visitor buys a product from you website and also shows interest in the accessories associated with that product; you can take advantage of his preference and offer him the products related the item he bought. It is called cross-selling that is selling related products.

  1. Remarketing for brand awareness

Businesses with big budget can consider using remarketing for brand awareness instead of promoting a specific product or service. But the primary objective of remarketing is and also it should be to bolster conversions. Brand awareness with remarketing should be second option.

  1. Remarketed remarketing

Run remarketing ad campaigns in such a way that it creates a very positive impact on viewers and generates response. The remarketing ads should be so designed, framed and presented that the targeted customers feel overwhelmed by your offerings. Create value for your ads by adding freebies and discounts to the offerings. This will re-orient the customers towards your ads.

Working On A Remarketing Strategy For Google AdWords

  1. Re-look the strategy

There are buyers that come to cart and then click back and there number could be huge. They are the visitors that can be made customers, if you put a little focus on their buying habit and find reason for detour. Focusing on those visitors could help in increasing sales.

  1. Periodic retargeting

When marketing campaigns give expected results, it is time to look into the factors that contributed to sales. Consider factors other than layout, design and presentation of ads. For instance look timing of purchase. It could be a specific day of week or specific time of year. Similarly, you can find whether the products are purchased for first time or it is an ongoing sale. Some consumables are called periodic as they keep moving fast from shelves to carts.

  • Segmented remarketing

Not all visitors are equal as every visit has a different objective. Start treating visitors according to their needs and behavior. It is called segmenting in which you make categories like number of visits, action performed and information sought to study behavior of visitors. These categories will help you locate potential customers and you can target those visitors with Call to Action and track conversions in each segment.

  • Multiple ad sizes

Create multiple advertisements to target multiple websites. There shouldn’t be one advertisement for all as no two sites are equal. Having multiple ads will increase visibility on the Google Network sites.

  • Test your remarketing strategy

Keep testing your strategies using tools and tweak the ads and campaigns as and when required. It will help in strengthening the sales in the long run. There are many tools that you can use to test functionality and usability of your ad campaigns. A/B is one such test that you use for campaign testing. In this way, you can keep a tab over conversions and control overspending on ads.

  • Keep it fresh

Visitors become immune to the advertisements they see again and again. These ads bring no revenue for businesses hence they should be refreshed. Visitors hate overexposure to the ads as they are always looking for something new. Seeing one type of ad everyday could turn them away. So, keep changing the look and feel of the advertisements before they are overexposed.

  • Frequency capping your remarketing drive

Frequency capping is a tool that should be used with selectively. For instance, retail outlets can choose higher frequency to get visible as they have fast moving consumer goods but others offer special products will find low frequency more advantageous for long term gains. It is the nature of business and behavior of customers that will dictate how you should manage the campaigns.


Remarketing can be used as a tool to increase visibility and sales but its real objective is to focus on the sales that are lost due to detour, distraction or indecisiveness of the buyers. It can help in many ways like in inviting customers with freebies and discounts and also in offering related products.

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