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10 Simple Steps To Improve Email Marketing

Email is still the most preferred way of communication and it is far ahead than any other channel including social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Cumulative data of email shows that approximately 205 billion mails are sent every day for communication, messaging, making offers and as reminders.

The data further reveals that on an average a person receives approximately 122 emails from different sources and spends around 3.5 hours of his working day managing his inbox. It is certainly a huge number.

But most mails are marked spam or sent to junk folder to be deleted. It is so because most marketers take email marketing lightly. Considering the number of mails sent and the time spend on scanning mails, email marketing is an opportunity, if you can make your mails seen and read.

Let’s see how you can improve prospects of your emails

Customer Segmentation

Segment your customers according to their needs and draft mails for every need instead of sending one mail to everyone. Enthusiasts often make this mistake and get their mails marked spam or deleted.

A simple way to categorization of customers is following RFM

  • Recency: Last time the targeted customer made a purchase
  • Frequency: It is frequency of shopping
  • Monetary Value: Amount spent on each shopping

Segmenting customers can help you target potential buyers and increase your chances of making sales through email marketing. You should at least consider the last two factors – Frequency and Monetary Value, before drafting an email for a customer. Know whether he is a frequent shopper and how much he spends on shopping before making an offer to him.

Corporate Domain

Give your introduction to the customer instead of keeping him guessing about whereabouts of the mail. And it is directly related to credibility of your business. If you aren’t traceable, you will become unrecognizable and unbelievable. Mails that come with addresses like <noreply> look doubtful hence marked spam. Get a corporate domain for your business and send mail from an authorized mailing address.

Email Design

After segmentation and getting a corporate address, you should focus on creating an attractive email design that not interests customers but also reflects your business in letter and spirit. Make use of text, images, videos and links for creating an interesting email message. Avoid ambiguous words and make direct offer to customers.

Subject Line

The first thing that gets noticed in an email message is its subject. You have created an email message and you are certain that the customers will respond to the mail but it is subject line that decides whether the mail will be opened or not. If the subject is deceptive or irrelevant to the customer then he will mark the mail spam. The subject should have crux of the mail but it should be precise.

Easy opt-out option

Together with getting an offer, the customer should also have the option to opt-out of the email notification and the opt-out option should be clear and visible on the mail. It shows that care for the privacy of your customers. It has another advantage that is it filters your email list. Check out those not interested in the offers.

Send a welcome mail

Treat every customer in your mailing list individually by sending a welcome mail and also specify what the customer will receive in mails and how could he take advantage of the offers. The welcome mail will build your reliability and the customer will give his consent to receive mails. Also you can try some confidence building measures like offering free goodies with welcome mail.

Good Presentation

Respect time of your customers. They are too busy to read the entire mail in one time but they will be interested in reading important points. Break the message with subheadings and highlight crucial elements with bullets or numbers. Also you can give a teaser on the top of the mail so that the customers have a feel of the message.

Send people content what they want

It is only with segmenting the customers in groups that you will be able to understand what they want to hear from you. Add groups in your sign-up form and ask subscribers to check a group they belong to. It will make it easy for you to send relevant content to the customers and relevant content will keep the customers engaged.

For instance take zip codes. A sale offer for people residing in a specific zip code is useless for those residing out of that code. Similarly there could be more segments for bulk mailing.

Keep a publishing calendar

People receive hundreds of mails every day hence it is quite difficult for a customer to remember every mailer. It is your responsibility to keep your customers reminded about your offers from time to time. Schedule your mails so that your customers can recognize you on seeing your mail.

Take time to proofread the mail

The final thing you should do before sending the mail is to proofread it at least twice to make sure that there are no typos or unwanted content in it. Also determine visibility and readability of the mail before pressing the clicking the send button on the mail.


Email marketing can be helpful in expanding your reach and sales but only when you are able to draft a mail that the targeted customers find interesting. Every customer has different needs hence every customer must be treated separately.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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