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Top 10 Keyword Research Tools to Dig-Up More Conversions

Keyword research is the basic requirement for any search campaign. Making a strategy across the keyword that should be ranked high is important. Many SEO companies make use of the SEO keyword tools for their search campaign

Keywords are the most important part of SEO. The keywords that you choose to focus on for your SEO are required for the success of your website rank. The right keyword is chosen from many data and then figure out the keyword that will work out for you.

Keyword search tool guides you to figure out which keyword works best for your strategy. The keyword search tool is of two types:

  • Basic keyword research – Make use of the seed keyword to find the best keywords
  • Competitor based keyword research – Find out proven keywords that help other websites to drive more traffic.

You get a variety of keywords to suggest tools that your business can use to target the best. You get keyword search tool free where you would be able to:

  • Choose the best keywords, include monthly searches, competition, etc
  • Have a content calendar that is based on related long-tail keywords
  • Understand more about your competition
  • Understand which keyword of yours have high search volume

Here we discuss the best free keyword research tool that helps you to increase your performance with search engines and produce good and quality content for your readers.

Top 10 Keyword Research Tools

1. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

This keyword has been a favorite one for many years and is top in the list. It is a good choice when you start a new site and good as your business grow further and produce more content. The main benefit of this tool is that it is easy to see. You will be able to get information directly from Google when you try to optimize your website. In this tool, you must enter your keyword into the search box. The tool mentions the other details that must be carried on. Along with the keyword, you will also find:

  1. Average monthly searches
  2. Competition
  3. Suggested bid

2. AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

This tool is easy to get creative when you search for keywords that would align with your website, goals, and marketing strategy. This tool helps you to get creative. The tool has three boxes where you could enter the keywords. Once you enter, there is an option ‘Generate Permutations’. Hit that option and you can see the wonder that would happen. The more keywords that you enter in the box, the more results you would receive. You will have to be prepared to spend some time to move through the list that is generated and get the one that best suits your website.

3. Google Correlate

This is an overlooked tool that is powerful to generate a large keyword list. The important point to use this tool is the skill to see which keywords get searched together. Having this information, you will be able to grow your keyword list especially the longtails.

4. IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator

Some keyword tool suits for all website types. But few are best for a website type. IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator tool would work best for local service companies as it is designed for the purpose to find local keywords. When you use this tool, you need to select a business category. Once you select your business category, you need to select your service type. After you select your service type to enter your service location and then click on ‘Generate Keywords’. You will get the generated keywords. This is a local approach as you would feel that you are on the right track quickly.

5. Keyword In

This tool is best when you would like to combine your keywords in an easy way. When you have a long tail keyword, this tool mashes everything together and provides you with a long list of potential keywords. Once you hit the generate button, you will get the generated key phrases. This tool is one the simplest keyword research tool and it takes only a few seconds to plug your keywords, enter your options, and generate results. You can even double-back and change your seed keywords. When you do more, more results would be generated.

6. Soovle

You will be familiar with the Google autocomplete feature for keyword generation or a title for a blog post. Soovle tool provides autocomplete suggestions from many sources to increase your search volume. You should first choose your source. By default, it is Google, however, you could change it easily, by just clicking the listed icons that appear below the search box. The search results are not most advanced, and you would find a few suggestions that would be useful for your business. The best way to make use of Soovle is to experiment with many keywords when you pay close attention to the results that are listed from each source. Using this free tool is simple as you enter your keyword and review the results. It is quick and efficient, and it will guide you to get a few good keywords.

7. Ubersuggest

Using Google Keyword Planner you get all keywords and data to make a decision. But you may not be getting data as much as you require. Ubersuggest offers you with keywords that are not received through Google Keyword Planner. Hence it is better to run a Ubersuggest search once you check your keywords using Google keyword planner. In this tool, type your keyword and click on the suggest option. This will generate you a list of keywords that is quite elaborate that you could select from the list matching your business. The best thing about this tool is the way it would break down the results by letter. Having an organized search in this tool, you will have a better chance to review every keyword.

8. Wordtracker Scout

This tool is a high-powered chrome extension that provides you with success for a keyword. Once you have an extension installed, you simply visit a webpage, hang over the content and hit the appropriate button. This tool has the following features like:

  1. Analyzing ability what your competitors are doing
  2. Have access to high-level keyword performance metrics
  3. Easy and simple to use and understand

When you launch your site, you need to check what your competitors are doing. You should understand what steps the competitors are doing to reach the search engine top and to generate more traffic. You will have to use the right keyword to exceed your competition and reach a higher position in the search engine.

9. WordStream

This tool helps you to find a profitable niche. It provides you with proper guidance. When you require keywords for your website or require helping to settle on a niche, you would have to depend on this tool. This tool is powerful, informative, and accurate.

When you talk about keyword searches, you should understand the right and wrong method to understand the performance of your analysis. It is better to experiment with the best and top keyword research tools. With this, you will go a long way to ensure that you have the right keyword for your website and providing a helping hand for your content strategy. This increases your search engine rank and helps you to reach close to success in your business.


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