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How to build quality backlinks for your website?

Link building is the process of creating backlinks and it is a very important part of every SEO strategy. Earlier it was the quantity and not quality that mattered but today link value is determined by its quality. For instance, some practices like mass commenting on sites and blogs, buying links and using automated link baits are banned.

Google made big changes in his algorithm to promote quality link building. Two updates Panda and Penguin were released in 2011 and 2012 respectively to ward off the abuse of link building. Panda tracked down the sites with poor quality content and Penguin penalized sites following spammy link building practices.

How to build quality links?

Link building is still a great way to improve the search ranking of a site as every link is considered a vote by Google. But the links should be natural and helpful in finding useful information about search queries. Build quality links in the following ways.

Content Marketing

Write content with the objective of providing valuable information to targeted customers and not to make links. Content that educates creates quality backlinks that don’t suck. The process of link building with content is to produce fresh and informative content regularly.

Post quality guest blogs on relevant sites

If you can produce quality blog posts, others won’t have any hesitation in publishing your blogs on their sites. You can approach the sites relevant to your business for blog posting and build quality backlinks with informative blogs.

Competitive link building

Follow footsteps of your competitors for building quality links with blog posts. See where your competitors are posting their blogs and do the same.

Interact and engage in a community

Find more avenues where you can provide valuable content and build quality links. There is an abundance of social media hubs, online communities, blogs and forums related to every business. Find these forums and contribute your blogs on those forums but keep in mind that the objective of the posts should be to share valuable information and not just content.

How To Build Quality Backlinks For Your Website

Encourage interactions and sharing

The content must be good to read and also the readers should feel encouraged to comment on the posts. It will be much better, if you could make the content sharable. If the viewers share your content on social media, it will be big plus for you.

Broken link re-building

Search broken links on your site and repair those links to retain the juice. Similarly, you should look for broken links on other sites and contact those sites for fixing broken links. The sites will give you link on the pages that are live. In this way, you can establish the broken links and add more votes to your site.

Before we move to conclusion, you should also know about practices that are considered spam by search engines.

• Spam commenting on blogs and forums. If you’re commenting on blogposts and forums only for building links then you’re certain to get penalized by the search engine.

• Directory submission is now a bad practice for link building as the links coming from directories no more carry the value they used to.

• Low-quality content sent to article submission sites is considered spam by Google.

• Hiding link into infographic messages is a bad practice that no one appreciates.

• Paid links is a no-no for SEO. Never consider buying links.


Building backlinks is a part of SEO and no SEO strategy is complete without link building but you should be careful while building links for your site. Follow safe practice for link building and take advantage of quality backlinks that can push your site up on search engine ladder.

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