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10 High-Tech Biggest SEO New Innovations In 2018

SEO innovations

These days, technology is growing/changing fast and to keep the pace with it SEO needs to be changed. Right? So far, SEO is being understood as On page & Off page SEO. But it is more than that. It needs to be innovative. Something new & fresh strategies should be applied. As almost all businesses use SEO, everyone wants to stay ahead of all, so we, as a digital marketer need to use some innovative strategies to their business, so they can achieve a new height in their business. Have you ever thought about how we can add some value to their business?

Yes, let’s see some innovation in SEO:

 Search Engine Optimisation innovation

UX – User experience is getting a big hit. When we talk about on-page SEO, the first thing comes to our mind is a keyword. Ranking of your website on search engine depends on the keyword. Selection of keywords must be wisely. But, in future, UX will replace that. As research on Google shows that Google will be smart enough to grasp user intent & user experience due to machine learning. And due to machine learning, results will be more correct. But still, that time is too far, till then you invest your time in doing SEO.

Social Media

social media, these days no one is untouched with this word. Everything is revolving around this. And why not, it has powerful features to capture the traffic. People use social media as their a well-wisher. They trust more on celebrities who are hooked on social media. Companies are also leveraging the service, as they use internet celebrities to market their products and services. It’s called influencer marketing. Companies are building a relationship with those celebrities who are more engaged on social media.

Instagram stories

It is not that old, but we can see a huge rise in a number of people using this social media platform. And day by day, the number of Instagram users will increase. If you want to fetch traffic, you need to be master in Instagram stories.


This social media has already built a big niche in heart of everyone, as it is a growing number of users every day by introducing Facebook live streaming and video sharing on it. And you all know visual is more powerful than audio or text. And yes, text or audio is more likely confined to intellectuals only but video can be easily understood to everyone.

Augmented Reality (AR)

This technology will capture on SEO as it is growing in almost all businesses. These days, the user spends almost 75% time on their mobile. As it enhances the real-world experience with technology, there is more likely to affect SEO. you may have noticed the 360-degree images which are being used on Facebook. It helps us to experience a place from every angle. This effect can be achieved through AR.


Technology never stops, it keeps users fascinated but at the same time with reality. These days chatbots are being used in SEO and in near future it will be a prominent feature in marketing, as it keeps you updated in real time, the user feels the sense of speaking to a real person & they find satisfaction when they get their queries being answered. So, it keeps you engaged in conversation. So, you will need to optimize the chat app on your website.


Video is nothing new but video content is going to be a hit in your website. Do you remember how many times you scroll text file but yes, videos can be seen many times and it has a lot impact on the user. Facebook has already integrated this technique and somewhere this social platform has gained that popularity, as likes on videos are a witness of this powerful feature. People are more interested in watching videos as it conveys more than text. So, the video may boost the ranking of your website.

Smart Speakers

it sounds interesting, yes, it connects to voice search. Google’s voice-activated speaker is a highlight in this techno age. Everybody is using speakers to make them aware of time, weather, alarm and especially they use voice search to find out everything on google. So, you need to optimize your website with this feature so it appears in voice search. So, beware of your keywords, they must have appeared in that.

Mobile Friendly

These days everyone is glued to the smartphone, as it is accessible everywhere and so your site too. Now you can think, how important mobile-friendly site is. Mobile friendly sites are ranking high on search engines. Mobile web browsing has surpassed the use of the desktop. But, keep in mind of duplicate content, as if your content is the same but URL for desktop and mobile are different then it will not crawl on a search engine, and, it will affect the ranking of your website.


Don’t ignore this important feature of SEO. When it comes to content, the first thing is the keywords that come to mind. Content is the king of SEO. Content should be updated regularly, as it is viewed more. No room for duplicate content. Quality content can improve the ranking of your website.


I think, not many are aware of this term- general Data Protection Rule (GDPR). It came into effect in May 2018. This rule talks about control of data of your customers. Now Google has the right to remove data that is older than 26 months. Now, it will be difficult to collect and store your customer’s data without their consent. So, keep data relevant and updated. It will bring more transparency to your business.


With Artificial Intelligence, you can understand your audience and about your content ranking. You can know better about your content is reaching to what audience. And, it may be a great help in doing SEO. Using automation with AI can help marketers to get ample time to create more innovative strategies in SEO, to build creative content which is more important for ranking your website.


Technology is rapidly expanding, so innovations in SEO are. Being updated with technology can lead to a new growth in SEO. I hope, almost all innovations in SEO have been touched above, that will be a good guide while doing SEO. For further communication, contact us at TechIngenious.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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