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Errors Can Be Made At All Stages of Landing Page Development

Errors Can Be Made At All Stages of Landing Page Development – Landing pages have proven to be an

">effective Digital marketing tool
— it’s no wonder that both web agencies and self-taught web designers create a new one every five minutes.

The demand for landing pages today is enormous. If you don’t want to spend a yearly digital advertising budget on website creation — you can use website builders like Weblium.com to do it yourself.

The strong side of the landing page is a high conversion rate. At least, it should work this way. That’s why paid advertising and one-page websites go hand in hand.

But it’s not as simple as it seems. Often, instead of high conversions, business owners get a budget drain.

Common Mistakes of Landing Page Creation

All the stages of landing page development may include inaccuracies and blunders. The marketer can wrongly define the age and the financial situation of the target audience. The content may offer a solution to non-existent buyers’ problems. Unoptimized pictures on the website may increase a page loading time so the client may leave without even seeing the product or service. Apparently,  the money spent on advertising would sink into oblivion.

These are the strategic mistakes, and they obviously must be avoided. But there are also more subtle pitfalls — the ones we call “tactical”, and they can sometimes repel customers even more.

So we’ve prepared a list of typical tactical mistakes in landing pages and recommendations on how to avoid them.

Errors Can Be Made At All Stages of Landing Page Development

Mistake #1. Not showing the product

Seeing is believing. People will not buy your product or service without seeing it first.

Mistake #2. Keeping silent about yourself

Most website visitors see you for the first time. Without knowing and trusting you, people will not buy from you. It is necessary to tell something about yourself to explain what makes you an expert in your business area.

Mistake #3. Long loading website

46% of people say waiting for pages to load is what they dislike most about browsing the web on mobile. Sites that load in five seconds (compared to those that load in 19) see 70% longer average sessions. Do we need to say more?

Mistake #4. Too many narratives

Users are fed up with reading a huge chunk of unformatted text. At the same time, images and videos are perceived 60000 times faster.

Mistake #5. Too many sections and options

A lot of buttons and options scatter the user’s attention, which does not lead to the target action. Remember – a landing page is not the plane’s control panel.

Mistake #6. No information about the benefits

Do your users know about the benefits of clicking that shiny button? You need to make your visitors understand that doing what you ask them for on your landing page is something that will definitely make their lives better.

Mistake #7.Too many slang

Misunderstanding the words will most likely lead your user to hit the “close” button right away.

Mistake #8. Not leading the user

Are you sure that your visitors know exactly which button out of 10 they should click?

Create an intuitive landing page design so that they won’t have to second-guess themselves.

Mistake #9. Too much content

Nowadays, the user’s attention is more expensive than ever. And it would be foolish to waste it. Instead, use only the information that will help you to raise your conversions. Don’t hesitate to ditch all the remaining (read “unnecessary”) info.

Avoid these mistakes and share the ones you know and which I forgot to mention. I will be glad to see your opinion in the comments.

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Roman Onischuk
Business development manager at Weblium.com — AI-powered website builder


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