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Why Should You Put More Focus On Landing Page?

Landing page optimization is the key to success in Google AdWords marketing as relevancy and quality of landing pages directly affect the Quality Score that determines CPC. You should know that higher QS could reduce your CPC up to 50% and poor QS could increase the CPC up to 400%.

Here we’ll discuss the factors that can help in increasing relevancy and quality of landing page.

How to make landing page relevant for the search query?

Relevancy is the biggest factor in landing page design and it is difficult to achieve higher QS without making landing page relevant to the search intent. QS of 4 and above are considered good and QS 6 is high but QS of less than 4 is poor.

So, how will you check relevancy of your landing page with targeted keywords….

First understand what keyword intent is. You use many keywords and not every keyword has the same intent. I’ve divided keywords in three categories according to search intent.

• Informational keywords that are used to search general information about any business
• Commercial investigation keywords are used to search information on a specific product or service
• Transactional keywords indicate that the searcher wants to buy the product offered

When doing keyword research, you should segment the keywords according to intent so that you can create relevant landing pages with the keywords and increase your QS and conversion rate.

If a visitor searches digital printer of 2016, it should be kept in commercial investigation and the landing page could be an ebook containing comprehensive information on the best digital printers of 2016. And the focus should be on educating the searcher and not to push him to sale. It will increase relevancy of the page and the CPS will come down considerably saving you dollars. You should focus on writing a good copy as you will communicate with your visitors through content.

How to write a better copy?

You could do a favor to your visitors, if you could use the language they understand. You should look friendly while communicating with the visitors and you should talk about the issues that visitors consider important. Sense their emotions to understand their feelings and interests. Once you’ve the feel of their interest, you can relate your discussion with the visitors. If you can look trustworthy; you can increase your CTR.

How to make the landing page trustworthy?

Trust isn’t a word but an emotional bond that will bring customers to you. But building trust is a time taking process and you’ve to be very careful while building trust.

What you can do to build trust?

• Tell about yourself
• Introduce your company
• Narrate history of your company
• Reveal the objectives
• Highlights the milestones achieved
• Show your social presence
• Add a security tag like a badge

You can’t win trust of the visitors at first attempt but trust building will start with the first visit. The marketing message should be loud and clear and also the visitors should be able to clear all their doubts about your offer and business. Finally, if the visitors find the design attractive and page downloads fast, you can win the battle.

What is an attractive design and how to make fast downloading page?

You’ve all the elements of the page and now you only need arranging the elements on the page. The page should be easy to read and the visitors need not scroll up and down for information. The color, graphics and images used should all be relevant with intent of the searcher. The overall design should be eye-catch and it is possible only when you hire a designer to design the page.

For fast downloading, you should compress all the images and also use browser caching technology. Take care of speed as a delay of 1 second could result in loss of conversion up to 7%. Finally, you should make the landing page mobile friendly.


Landing page optimization could help in increasing the Quality Score of your Google AdWords campaigns. And you can optimize your landing page by making small changes in the content and presentation. The objective should be to make the landing page relevant with keyword intent and make the page more interesting for visitors.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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