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Guide for using Google+ to optimize Marketing


Google+ is Google’s new kid on the block (not in a clichéd way but still relatively new) and luckily for us who always try to find something new and unaccustomed Google+ is not very popular in comparison to other networking websites. Do not stop reading yet because its popularity is not attached to its usability because when used properly it enhances your Search Engine ranking. It drives traffic in an organic way, boon for budding vendors and start-up businesses also very business who cannot afford top dollars for marketing team can easily accessGoogle Plus as marketing through Google+ has direct linkage with SEO. It not only connects with people but also advices Google on your content quality, helping you get a betterscore.

Capabilities of Google+

  1. a) Google+ drives business on Google.
  2. b) It marks your presence on Google related platforms i.e. Google Maps.
  3. c) It is the bearer of authenticity for customers.

Now let’s talk about how Google+ can help you in getting a better position for your business in digital marketing world. Follow these modest tips and see how technology can drive you into a different dimension altogether:

  1. Multiple posts for maximum effect

Every once in a while there are certain posts which catch more public peeps than others. Optimize on it by posting it on your Google+. We suggest that you keep your twitter handle or Facebook clutter free and only posts links to them while detailed explanation rests on Google+. It marks your presence on different platforms.

  1. Important key words

There are certain words which are important in explaining a concept, certain technical terms which are momentous for your product description; these are keywords for your text.

Use them frequently in order to optimise your article because the use of such keywords can bring more traffic as Google makes use of Google+ information in search algorithms.

  1. Enhance visibility

Social media is full of new products, images and ads every day. What sets you apart at any given time is how much exposure you are getting. So always tag people from your customer database so that you get maximum visibility with a single post. Every new product information or update should be visible in multiple notifications so that you get the desired exposure.

Guide for using Google+ to optimize Marketing

  1. Optimize emails

Every business send emails to their customers so why not attach a Google+ post with it whenever some substantial article is posted via Google+. This will bring more followers to your Google+ account. As the main purpose of Google+ is to serve as an SEO component attaching it to various posts proves quite beneficial.

  1. Shortcuts for Formatting

There are certain shortcuts in Google+ for formatting text. Just write a word in a specific way and it will appear as you asked it to. No separate selection is to be done for formatting.


Write Hi as _Hi_ and it will appear in Italics i.e. Hi

  1. Launch party @ Google+

Google+ will automatically email your client list about the product which is launched on Google+ while marking their calendars with the said event. It is like having a private planner without spending an obscene amount.

Apart from all above mentioned points one can employ hash tags and saved search feature to create more viewership.

Harness the potential of Google+ Apps. Some of which are:

a) AdWords

* Makes your modest advertisement more alluring by adding certain glam features.

*They often have certain drafts and experiments on display for the users

b) Google+ Circles

* It will drive traffic to your specific posts as Google+ Circle allows you to put people into specific groups so that correct content can reach correct clientele.

* Users can follow any content they find interesting.

* It also increases Click-through rate.

c) Google Hangouts

* It is an awesome tool for interacting with people via instant messages, video chat, SMS etc.

* It is deemed as future of Google voice by Google itself.

* It can be used to host Webinars also.

d) Google Drive

* Information can be stored here so that people can access it at their convenience

* It enhances the content as it is always present at the will of the client.

When all is said and done do not forget that you are engaging with a corporate giant here. The underlying meaning here is that Google tracks everything on its platforms so try to remain in contact with maximum Google+ users

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Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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