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Untold Truths about Social Media Marketing You Need to Know

What do you think about social media marketing? It works by itself, never! Social media is a vast area where lots of efforts are needed by marketers or users. Still, some people think everything goes viral on the social media platform just after doing a post. Also, they think Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a magical tool that will give them a business boost overnight. No! No! No!

Marketers only push you to go to these platforms, but they don’t say about the hardship behind of the platforms in the sense of getting users or traffic. There lot of untold story behind social media marketing, indeed. In fact, we are here to expose the untold truth about social media marketing. So, stay tuned!

It’s Not Magic

Indeed, it is not magic! A misconception about social media marketing is moving on for a few years, like sharing some posts and revenue will magically start rolling on. Actually, this conception leads a frustration to the marketer and business owner, and they are not willing to learn exact social media tactics. Marketers need to be active and apply a solid marketing strategy, but a few crack the code of success.

It is a universal truth; it takes time, budget, and strategy crushing business goals with social media. You will never find a business or brand which gets huge success overnight, simply posting a few tweets and posts. Guarantee; it doesn’t happen. 

If you are going to drive business results by opting for social media, you have to keep in mind that success extensively depends on consistency, commitment, and adaptation.

It’s the Future

Everything is changing fast in the modern world, and one thing does not sustain for a long time. Here, I’m not also sure what will be happened in the fate of the social media industry. But I can say it has no possibility to lose social media’s acceptance and effectiveness in the recent future.

As a brand owner, you are tending to publish your product or service on some leading newspapers like FOX, ABC, or NBC, but it is nearly impossible or super costly to work with them. Once you are able to build a strong social media profile, you will get a result like major news networks.

Indeed, in the present day, you should optimize the social media power to uplift your brand position in the industry. Additionally, it is nearly impossible to sustain in the race of business with a vivid presence on social media platforms.



It’s Not Free

The common conception of people is that social media marketing is cost-free. Really, is it free? No. In the free version, you will get nothing from social media because these platforms are more modern now, and they are updating the algorithm to minimize the organic reach of the posts or contents.  Still, social media is an effective way to display your content to the targeted audiences despite having some errors.

Are you baffled by the cost of social media marketing? If yes, you have to consider some facts before going to make a final decision to quit the platforms. How much time do you need to create well-optimized content, publish and monitor them, and execute advertising promotion?  Indeed, you will need enough time to accomplish the above-mentioned tasks. So, it will be a wise decision to grab expense to get an optimum result over your hardship that expended during the content creation.

Today, brands are putting huge money and time into their SEO strategies which are needed enough to grow. And, it seems, the brand leaves social media responsibility to the junior level staff crews. Would you like to leave sales calls to an intern? Perhaps not, right?

Social media presence is more important, like other marketing efforts, and you should carve out enough budgets. With the right SMM Panel or employee, you can increase your brand presence on the platforms and get maximum output against your investment.

Strategy Matters More Than Tactics

Having a connection with social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is really wasting money without an appropriate strategy. Many brands are failing to define why they are on the social media platform and skip to talk about exactly what they need.

Are you able to identify the difference between strategy and tactics? If not, nothing to be worried about. We are willing to disclose the fact. The strategy stands for an overall campaign plan while tactics go to achieve the said plan.

Indeed, tactics without strategy is nothing worthy in the sense of social media marketing.

When you are thinking about strategy, you should put your kind consideration on tactics that will be effective for business. Jump to your goals, fix your strategy, and then dig out how to get there.

Re-Think about Relationships

Social media marketing is spread into two categories- idealist and realist. Idealist refers to the brand, which will build up a relationship with users directly on social media to get optimum success rate.  On the other hand, realists also tell the importance of a relationship where no individual person comes up as a brand for emotional support.

However, it is time to re-think relationships when it comes to social media. It is far better to drive value to the social users instead of trying to be their best friend unrealistically, and definitely, you will get a positive result.

Now, it is entirely possible to provide a marketing message with an emotional touch to social users. In fact, the users don’t seek a brand for building the relationship; they only seek for value. So, a brand should start to offer lasting value to the customer except making the only friend.

Key point of attempts

It is happy to say; all’s not lost. Social media platforms are updating their algorithm relentlessly, and users need to evolve. So, I’m here to describe what you should do.

  • Concentrate on how to get more traffic using different techniques.
  • Try to invest in several digital automation platforms to get an instant result.
  • Be active with other networks like try to publish your content on Linkedin, Flipboard, Medium, and Slideshare.
  • Concentrate on what works best for your business. Do you know the Pareto principles? Yes, it is true, and I have seen the principle is working in every sphere of life that your 20% works convey you the 80% result. So, focus on what are the best efforts.
  • Pay for social media traffic, and you should gather proper knowledge of the cost of leads and sales.
  • Keep in mind; there is no shortcut way to be a success in the social media arena. It is a game of marathon, not a sprint.
  • Work with an influencer to give you an optimum result in social media marketing because customers love everything that social media influencer promotes.


No one tells you the truth about social media marketing. But knowing these truths is important to scale up social media marketing. Most marketers are exaggerating the industry indeed, so don’t need to follow their guidelines blindly. Just try to follow the guideline what I have described above to keep you ahead from the competitors.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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