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Top 9 Linkedin Marketing Tips for Business to be in 2018

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Are you looking to improve your LinkedIn marketing tips? Well, LinkedIn has become an important tool for getting leads that many companies haven’t scouted. It is indeed the hottest thing trending on the internet. If I had to choose among social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I would certainly go for LinkedIn as it is the most powerful when it comes to career and business.

Millions of people are using LinkedIn for boosting their networks and one can’t ignore the power of LinkedIn marketing. From network to brand awareness, it tenders access to people so that they post images, updates and a lot more. It is a great opportunity for B2B to generate leads as it is much more than a few resumes. There is a lot to know about LinkedIn marketing techniques and we have narrowed down a list of LinkedIn marketing tips for success.

Make your presence felt

Your profile should look professional and it is the heart of the online business brand. When people look for your name, it should reflect in the top searches of Google. Moreover, whatever your services or products are must attract the customers and create a superb impression in the first place. A company profile is everything that sheds some light on your business, products and job opportunities with your organization. This is becoming the perfect place to drive business results, promote career opportunities and educate people on your services. Unique and fresh content can aid you to create your brand as a leader in the business. You can start with the following things step by step:

  • Create a company page and enter all the details and decide URL that folks will use to come across your company on LinkedIn.
  • Add a firm logo and put up a picture that helps in getting more traffic to the company pages
  • Add a company description of 2000 characters. This should cover everything from your products, services and opportunities. This is very important to involve your content expert to get this right.
  • Publish your page and make any tweaks to get it looking perfect
  • Last is adding your team members by clicking admin tools. You can only add people when you are already connected with them on LinkedIn.

Make a Connection

Introduce yourself to others. Start connecting with as many people as you can. This is not the platform where you will connect with someone you already know or can trust. It’s time to make new connections and helping more folks connect. The larger the network grows will create more opportunities in long run. You can also encourage your employees to start increasing an audience. Because of this, you can easily expand your reach massively. If employees or colleagues start adding their position at their LinkedIn profiles, then your company will be linked from their profiles and as a result show on your company page.

Be innovative

 The best way to allure more and more people on your website is by publishing valuable and unique content. Post articles, blogs and any updates on the daily basis as your posts will be reflected in each follower’s news feeds. Make sure you upload valuable content that boosts your company’s presence. Whatever you do, ensure your profile look fresh and inspired.

Become active in LinkedIn groups

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 If you become active in LinkedIn groups, this can help you and your business network without experts in your domain. Participating in groups will entice more followers and increase views to your company page. It really doesn’t matter what industry you belong, there are oodles of benefits of joining the groups and becoming a part of these groups. You will feel happy to be a part of scores of powerful groups. This will not only connect to the thriving community but bring more traffic to your website. To find the group, you can use the search feature at the top of your LinkedIn page or look for suggestions based on your interest.

Create showcase pages

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Creating showcase pages will help your firm grow and indeed perfect for the promotion of products and services. It’s high time you know how to create a showcase page. For that, you need to click the Me icon on the top of your LinkedIn page and then select the company page under the manage section. You need to focus on the kind of content you want to create that will be helpful for engaging more customers on the website. Take advantage of showcase pages by creating diverse content to entice the audience. There are many top marketers who use this opportunity to create updated articles that render tips and useful information about new products.

Connect your twitter to LinkedIn

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 Connect your twitter network with LinkedIn for better networking. It is indeed a must for every business. As more LinkedIn experts create Twitter profiles, it will help build visibility with your networks. The first you can do is adding your twitter account to your professional LinkedIn profile. Come across and follow all your LinkedIn connections on Twitter in the Tweets application. The more interaction you get, the more people will know it well.

Use multi-language tools

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 If you wish to have customers from different parts of the world where language barrier could be a problem, in that case, you can create custom descriptions of your firm in 20 languages. The right description will reflect for each member based on their language preferences. This is not all; you can set your company name to show in these languages also. Same goes for any update, content or blog. You just need to configure the settings so that your followers could see your content in the desired language. This is an idyllic way to make Twitter more significant to your professional network, which is LinkedIn.

Improve your ranking on LinkedIn

Wouldn’t it be great if you rank on top for certain keyword on Google? This is where amazing marketing strategy comes into play. It is vital to dominate the online space and rank on top in the first page of Google. Some of the things to keep in mind to improve your ranking are:

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  • Make your headline catchy with your keywords in it
  • Optimize your profile to help people to easily find you
  • Make a unique description for the audience. It should be attractive and tell about your brand.
  • Specialities are the section where you can add a number of keywords to your talents

Use LinkedIn Ads

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LinkedIn experts render the connections with crisp information, skills and associations. Allowing you make lesser marketing strategies, LinkedIn offers a plethora of advertising solutions. It is the place where you get updates, trends and news in any industry. There are ways to use LinkedIn ads:

  • Self-service ads
  • Sponsored content
  • Text Ads
  • LinkedIn sponsored InMail

These will help you grow your LinkedIn network faster. So, get these ads as they are affordable and an ideal marketing tool for oodles of businesses.

Make your LinkedIn presence felt the smart way. Start engaging followers, schedule updates, posts, articles and evaluate your impact. Apply these LinkedIn marketing tips to make your work look perfect in the competitive business environment.



Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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  • Great info on LinkedIn marketing tips for our business it’s the best to place to generate brand popularity

  • Rahul jain

    Linkedin in is the great platform for job seekers and job providers. It is a bit of a serious platform where people don’t come to pass jokes or just passing their time. It is a place where people have some serious tasks to do. In present times almost all big cos. are present on LinkedIn, so it becomes very much important to make yourself look appealing to the community available on LinkedIn. So I would suggest everyone follow these LinkedIn marketing tips (present above) to market their brand/themselves. Thanks for these amazing tips.

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