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Social Media Marketing Ideas: 5 Things Everyone Should Know About Social Media

Social media marketing ideas

We are now living in the age of social media, and companies that fail to harness the power of this technology are quickly going to find themselves falling behind the competition.

While these accounts can be powerful tools when used correctly, there are also a number of legal essentials for a marketer and legal issues that all business owners will need to consider.

Here is a closer look at some of the legal issues that can take place when businesses utilize online marketing and how to craft a comprehensive social media policy for your company.


  1. Out of Top 5 Social Media Marketing Ideas – Every Social Media Outlet Is Different

There is no single set of rules or laws that cover every single social media outlet. A few of the stipulations in Facebook’s terms of service could actually be quite different than those of LinkedIn or Twitter.

Marketers need to carefully review each ToS and ensure that they stick to all guidelines. Even apparently minor issues such as asking customers to share a link to enter them into a raffle could result in a permanent banning of that company’s account.

  1. Out of Top 5 Social Media Marketing Ideas -You Cannot Prohibit Negative Reviews

One of the most important legal essentials for the marketer to understand is how they can handle negative reviews and when lawyers will be needed to protect them against slander and libel.

The primary benefit of social media is the fact that companies can connect with their customers on a personal level, but that also leaves companies open to huge amounts of negative feedback if they are not careful.

Business owners and their marketing team will need to read through their own state’s laws to see what can be done to limit bad reviews. Companies that require customers to waive their right to leave a bad review could face penalties of $10,000 or more.

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  1. Out of Top 5 Social Media Marketing Ideas -Full Disclosure Is Vital

The Federal Trade Commission is scrambling to keep up with new technology, and this means that new laws are often made well after a major problem has developed.

One common mistake made by marketers is not researching how disclosure works when it comes to reviews, how-tos, white papers, and any other form of digital advertising.

If you or any other representative of the company pays an individual or offers them free goods/services to write a review or speak about the company in any manner, then both you and the private party must disclose that information in a manner that is clear to the reader.

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  1. Out of Top 5 Social Media Marketing Ideas -Employees Need Training

From the moment that you hire on your first employee, it is important that you have some training in place that discusses social media.

Some cases have come up where employees casting their company in a negative light were legally allowed to do so on public digital forums such as Facebook.

Business owners and anyone with access to their social media accounts must make their stance clear on these issues and consider adopting some rules to protect the company’s reputation and property.

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  1. Out of Top 5 Social Media Marketing Ideas -Understanding Copyrights

Copyrights are much more difficult to understand when it comes to social media.

Countless private parties might share photos and music, but that does not mean that companies are allowed to do the same.

Even pictures that seem as if they are public property could have been taken and used without asking.

Companies that would like to use any form of media including pictures, infographics, songs, sound clips, and GIFs should trace them back to the original owner. Those that fail to acquire the consent of the owner could be looking at huge fines and fees.

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