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Remarket your business on third party sites in 5 simple steps


Remarketing is or retargeting is tagging landing pages of a site to provide cookies to visitors. Retargeting is helpful, if your site gets a large number of visitors. With cookies, you can target the visitors with advertisements customized to suit to the search results of the visitors. An advertising network will monitor the ads and behavior of the visitors.

Here are the five effective methods for testing and tweaking remarketing campaigns

  1. Re-advertising and marketing techniques: What pages are you tagging?

Determining the pages to tag is the most important element of remarketing. It has to be determined whether the pages will be tagged with Google Analytics remarketing code, an AdWords remarketing code or a 3rd birthday celebration retargeting tool.

The touchdown page tagged will be directly associated with your target as your online advertising campaign will be built around these pages. Let’s understand it with an example. You want to increase your leads by 20% in 30 days. Here tagging bounced site visitors to the 3 best lead technology landing pages will be helpful. Warmed visitors are likely to give leads in a short time. Or you can tag the pages of top selling products to increase sales by 5%.

  1. Re-advertising and marketing strategies: cut up your remarketing campaigns

Treat every visitor individually as their choices and needs are different. Classify visitors of your site according to their needs and searches. Know how much time individual visitors are spending on your site; how many pages they are visiting and what are the pages they are visiting. This information will help formulate an effective remarketing campaign.

Create exclusive actions (CTAs) for every advertisement for segmented visitors. Segregate the objective based pages with hyperlinks and also display conversion rates. In addition, you can create workflow segments to calculate probabilities of sale.

Re-marketing methods: Create multiple advertisements of different sizes with pix and duplicate to match

It is advised that you create different ads for AdWords to target different visitors. It will show your ads on each AdWords network matching with your ads. Simply put, the process will optimize your message and increase its reach so that you follow your visitors on the websites they are taken to.

  1. Re-advertising strategies: Bid greater on purchasing cart and conversion abandons

It is learnt that visitors take more interest in the products offered when they visit landing pages dedicated to those products. They could be bounced site visitors from various shopping carts or from lead generating pages like ebook and webinars. They are potential buyers of the products hence you need reminding those visitors to come again to maintain your conversion rate.

Optimize your remarketing approach by spending more on Adwords to tap the warmer traffic. Also you should try reducing frequency capping on landing pages that show conversion.

  1. Re-advertising methods: Bid much less on homepage and non-converting web page visitors

While you should bid more on warmer traffic, you should keep a tab over your AdWords bidding for visitors coming from your homepage or from any other information page. For instance, if a visitor is in the process of “checking you out”, you should play caution with the visitor and try giving him lower back. But such visitors aren’t worth investing.

Target non-converting visitors with ads with soft CTA like an ebook download or a webinar. Place the ads on your landing pages or on the statistics pages or you can also target the visitors on weblog. A quick tip to increase remarketing ROI is to invest less on early stage visitors.

  1. Re-advertising and marketing techniques: Provide coupons to repeat visitors or product page viewers

Using discount coupons is a great way to bring lost buyers to your product pages. Visitors that click on product pages are more likely go buy those items. They are lost because they either find the prices too high or they were simply exploring their options. When they are left, you should target those visitors with remarketing through discount offers.

The visitors will feel incentivized on getting your offer and they are more likely to get converted into sales. In this way, you can expand your reach to loyal repeat visitors.

Another way to improve sales is to reduce prices for warm leads and give advantage of the reduction to repeat visitors. If some visits your homepage or clicks on the “approximately” page, traffic that visitor to the product pages with remarketing ad proposals like 25% discount on first purchase.


Retargeting includes going to other sites to target potential customers. Remarketing is done with IPs referred to cookies that remain attached to browser settings. The ads are displayed on the targeted IPs again and again reminding the viewers about your brand and products. The viewers are reminded about your offers every time they look for offers like yours.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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