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What Is Media Planning & Buying? Importance of Media Planning – Explained

Media planning is the process by which marketers determine where, when, and how often they will run a Campaign in order to maximize ROI.

What is Media Planning and Buying and How it Works?

Media buying is the entire process of purchasing media exposure in the form of advertisement to meet certain business objectives like creating brand awareness or market products & services. Since the evolution of online media, digital media buying and planning has become the full-time profession of most of the people.

Whereas, media planning is the process by which marketers determine the entire process to run an advertisement in order to maximize engagement and ROI. An effective Content media plan will result in set advertising opportunities that target a specific audience. Media buying and planning has a specific process and steps which need to be followed:

  • Identifying the right audience
  • Research on the target market
  • Set the objective
  • Comparing the different type of ads
  • Track and improvise
  • Analytics and report.

media buying


Why is Media Buying and Planning Important?

There are several reasons why media buying is important.

Media planning importance is like -:

  • Media planning is the simple term that refers to plan each stage of media executions for brand promotions, product launch sales, etc.
  • Defining a brand campaign objective is imperative while considering media planning.
  • Media planning helps to maintain your budget and reach out to the targeted audiences. If you cannot measure your spends and reach it means you are not doing it in the right manner.
  • With today’s technology, spending on advertising is worth. Media is the leading way of targeting an effecting and efficacious audience.

 Media Buying Trends

media buying trends

How Media Buying and Planning is Done?

  • Identifying the correct audience 

Being a planner or buyer, a question is definitely raise in your mind- who are you reaching out to? To target a large number of audiences, one should start with a detailed profile based on gender, age, average income, etc.

  • Research on the target audience 

To identify the audience should be your next step. To know the behavior of the audience you need to do research over it.

  • Set the impartial 

Setting up clear objectives will help you to measure the success of your campaign.

  • Comparing different types of promotions 

You should know the interest of the audience. Based on your research, you should run the ads of the viewer’s choice.

  • Track and improvise 

Once your ad audience is live, you need to track the performance of the audience regularly to find the answer to the questions like is your ad is reaching out the correct audience or your audience is engaging with the ads or not? If no, then improve your performance.

  • Analytics and reports – 

Analytics like impressions, clicks, click-through rates, conversion rates, etc. help to plan for future campaigns more effectively.



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