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5 Small SEO Wins To Implement This 2020

Google remains the king of search, and this will likely continue this year, 2020. So whether you are planning to outsource SEO to the Philippines, you can win this optimization game if you will focus on the search engine giant.

Dominating Google results pages, however, require strategic planning. It would be best if you have the right strategies in mind and also tactics that will provide you with small SEO wins as below.

5 Small SEO Wins To Implement This 2020

1) Publish more targeted content

Google recently announced its BERT algorithm. BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.

Anchored on natural language processing software, BERT cracks the queries. The algorithm, therefore, aims to understand the intent behind each query so Google may display more accurate and relevant results. This is made more accessible by machine learning.

No need to outsmart Google in this aspect. What you need to analyze is how users structure their queries so you can provide content with the highest contextual relevance.

Your biggest ally is Google Search Console. Go to the dashboard and check your website’s performance. You will see the queries that your website appears in search (based on the number of impressions and clicks).

If you see high numbers of impressions but with a fewer number of clicks, it may mean that the landing page did not satisfy the intent behind the query. So tweak the landing page to suit the query.

You may also try searching for the keyword on Google. Check the people also ask and related searches sections to discover the exact keywords users type in the search field.

2) Use branded anchor texts

Dominating Google also means building E-A-T, which means expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. This has to do with branding.

Building your website as the authority in its niche may not be that easy, but possible through branding

Modern SEO is increasingly becoming brand-oriented. So seize every opportunity to use branded anchor texts to trigger brand searches. This is an evergreen SEO strategy that costs nothing, more so if you already have the content that you can easily include branded terms.

When more and more users start using your brand name and branded product or service names on Google, the search engine will work to rank your website higher on SERP. In the eyes of Google, your brand is trustable, and so more users should see your website.

If you are doing a link building campaign, try squeezing in your brand name as the anchor text for external links. Combine the brand name and product or service names along with the list of generic keywords and build links for both.

You’ve seen the effects of the June 2019 Core Update. The majority of the winners had branded anchor texts in their copies.

3) Target position zero

Position zero refers to the set of information that Google provides on top of and beside the organic search result. These are the carousel, 3-pack features, featured snippets, and knowledge graph. Nonetheless, the most dominant position zero is the direct answer to an inquiry.

You can improve your SERP position if your website has high domain authority, content that drives backlinks, fast loading pages, and keyword-optimized and intentful content.

Speaking of content, not all content is suitable for position zero. While content that features either objective (finance, taxation topics) or subjective (reviews, listicles, how-tos) will do, there are certain formats to follow. Definitions and comparisons also increase the chance of appearing in the said position.

Nevertheless, make sure that the content has a numbered or bulleted list. It would help to assign a heading tag (h1 to h6) to the sub-headings. Google can easily organize the information with these tags.

Choose the right keywords also. Pick long-tail, high-volume keywords. As much as possible, select a keyword that directly answers a question or has an action word to it. Featured snippets answer the 5W and 1H questions (what, where, when, who, why, and how). 

A digital marketing agency can definitely guide you in creating an SEO campaign that specifically aims to appear in position zero.

4) Implement structured data

Search features do not stop with position zero, though. Another great way to showcase your internal pages is through structured data markup. It is mainly used to provide more information or sitelinks.

Structured data allows Google to extract more data from your page to display to users. When it does, it gives your website more exposure. That’s because the tech giant itself commits to providing the users with informative pages that abound with useful and relevant information.

For example, a person would be described using the following properties: familyName, givenName, birthDate, and gender. It can also be used for organization, place, product, recipe, logo, review, etc. 

For 2020, it is an SEO competitive advantage because the more data is shown on the results page, the bigger the screen real estate devoted to your website.

There are tools, apps, and plugins that allow non-technical website owners to generate markups. 

However, if you are not keen on implementing structured markup, you might as well avail SEO services in the Philippines or elsewhere for that matter.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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