How to Get Followers on Twitter and Social Media in 2019

As an effective social media, Twitter has been accepted by businesses as a social media powerful tool that brings leads, expands brand appeal, builds connections with potential customers for Sales and teach you How to Get Followers on Twitter.

How to Get Followers on Twitter

But Twitter can be useful only when there are a sizable number of followers. We are aware of the mind-boggling number of Twitter followers of Katy Perry songs,   Justin Bieber and Barack Obama running into many millions.

Similarly, businesses by their branding activities can organically attract thousands of followers. This provokes the question, how to get followers on twitter? Similar is the case with high search volume for the query how to gain followers on twitter?

Having more Twitter followers is not a prestige label. Rather they hold immense value for businesses making their presence on Twitter. Nearly 40 percent of marketers acknowledge that they find more customers very easily using Twitter.

How to Increase Followers Count and Get Followers on Twitter

There are many online tutorials regarding how to increase twitter followers and leverage the benefits of Twitter.

Some of the methods to add followers include tweeting informative content that gets re-tweeted. Following others will be reciprocated by their following you back. Another option is promoting the Twitter account effectively.

Twitter’s paid ads option is also used by individuals and businesses for acquiring followers. There is a certain correlation between the number of people followed and the number of followers achieved, according to social media watchers.

To increase the frequency of posting and engagement as a prerequisite for raising follower counts tools like Hootsuite or SproutSocial can be used for scheduling tweets.

Follower Count is Twitter Key Metric

Follower count is a key metric in Twitter and in most social media networks. There are many tactics to increase followers. Many Twitter accounts also resort to buying of followers from third-party sellers.

Get Twitter Followers Inexpensively

However, there are ways to run Twitter marketing inexpensively. One secret of gaining more Twitter followers is consistency and engagement. Regular posting schedule and steady interaction with followers and also interacting with people being followed go a long way in adding new followers.

There are many tricks to boost followers count on Twitter to make social media campaign a success.

As a platform, Twitter works around fast news and conversations. Therefore there is no scope for any in-depth reading or wider scrolling.

Sharing tweets frequently can gain more followers on Twitter. Otherwise, nobody will see the tweets. Attractive tweets are noted for brevity and elements of high engagement as common factors.

There is also a paid “Social Ad” option to boost followers. But that will require burning cash. Seeking the organic way saves money and elevates the user’s own standing among the twitter crowd.

Tips to How to Get Followers on Twitter


Ultimately, there is no single recipe to get more followers. Some tips can help.

  • Post great content
  • Maintain a professional bio
  • Set a Regular Tweeting Schedule
  • Tweet Information or Stats about your niche
  • Tweet at the perfect time
  • Post Visual Content
  • Use hashtags to get followers
  • Try event-based hashtags
  • Do Tagging, Retweeting
  • Post content that is shareable
  • Reach out to influencers

Informers vs Meformers


Research at Rutgers University found that social media users who share information with others gain more followers than people who talk only about themselves. The team calls information sharers as “informers.” The 80 percent “me-formers” talk more about themselves.  Informers dig out informative content and links to share with peers.

According to the study, 53 percent of the tweets of informers belonged to the information sharing category, while 48 percent of me-formers kept tweeting about me now status.

The study suggests the pathway to gain more followers, is more information sharing on social media as a proactive informer.

Profile of Twitter Users


how to get free twitter followers

Faster Methods to Add Followers and How to Get Followers on Twitter

To the question how to get followers on twitter fast, the answer is there are many factors at work. The crucial part is the user’s command in the niche area and his proficiency in the domain to draw the admiration of audience who like to be his followers.

To engage and increase twitter followers there is a need to excite a niche audience and make them follow. If tweets are focused on the areas of expertise and resonate with the audience followers will automatically. On how to boost Twitter followers start giving answers to queries from other users to show up as an authority in a few domains.

Important Ways to Earn Twitter Followers


A business brand must work on a specific strategy and share content to a niche audience and other top users. It must talk about exciting stuff about the brand and also tweet top content about that niche.

Profile Bio is a crucial piece in influencing would be followers on Twitter. The bio shows the persona of the person talking. A good bio is essential for most users unless they are famous already.

The bio must look very creative and reveal the professional identity and prowess of the user. By adding a beautiful quote the bio will embellish further signalling high creativity.

A link of the ‘About’ page or landing page will be a great help to other users in learning more about a brand and the business owner.

Get Twitter Followers for Free

how to get followers on twitter fast

Once the elementary preparations are over, it is time to attract followers. Regarding how to get free twitter followers including free twitter followers instantly, many methods are there to tap.


One is targeting Twitter users who might be sharing similar interests including popular people.

The benefit of following active users will untangle how to increase twitter followers free paradigm. It can start with reaching out to active users to impress them and make them follow back.

Their target audience will then start noticing. Trying to connect with moderately popular Twitter users will help in grooming a viable Twitter follower base.

If brands can talk about things relevant to other popular Twitter brands these icons will take notice and create greater interest in the posts. This is the most comfortable way of building up Twitter followers for free in a faster mode.

Case Study of Successful Twitter Marketing


As a great example of Twitter marketing, we have ketchup brand Heinz marketing’s success has gone beyond the basic anxieties like how to get likes on Twitter.

The brand’s new condiments-mainly Mayonnaise was promoted with a combo name Mayochup on Twitter. In a record 48 hours, Heinz notched up more than 2.3 billion impressions.

Twitter for Business


how to gain followers on twitter

For social media focused marketers, Twitter ads are a bonanza to land up before the users who will be interested.

Twitter data claims engagements having jumped 68 percent in 2017 and a 25 percent drop in Ad costs in the past one year.

Promoted tweets are one part of the Twitter Ads repertoire where an advertiser pays to display tweets before people who are not following an account. The impressions will appear like regular tweets and can be liked and retweeted.

As far as twitter for business is concerned, using direct message (DM) with Twitter users is great in privately communicating with one another. Removal of 140-character limit in DMs has bolstered its use paving way for extended conversations.

By incorporating Twitter account into a website wither by embedding tweets or using the “Click to Tweet” button a business can spell out that it is a Twitter-savvy in terms of accepting followers and making deals.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).