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Importance And Role of Digital Marketing For Effective Business Growth

Role of digital marketing

The role of digital marketing is in focus yet again as more and more businesses are taking the digital marketing route, framing digital marketing strategies as early movers are reaping amazing results.

Benefits of digital marketing are reaped by both B2B and B2C businesses.  The importance of digital marketing is most evident in the readiness to learn

" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">digital marketing by thousands of aspirants who are well fed by digital marketing institutes.

Digital Marketing practices such as SEOPaid Advertisinge-commerce SEOLocal SEO

" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Content MarketingSearch Engine Marketing (SEM) and

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are the hot methods ruling the market and doing smart targeting of potential customers and converting them.

Scope of DIGITAL MARKETING for Business | Career Opportunities and Salary in DIGITAL MARKETING


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To the question, “why digital marketing”, there is the answer that digital mediums never drain businessmen. There is no costly customer research in online marketing because digital marketing is an effortless observation of customer response, recording the response to advertising objectives and feedback to plan out the next Digital Marketing Campaign.

Prior to taking the plunge to internet marketing, business organizations must develop a framework to keep pace with the rapidly evolving Digital Marketing methods.

Education on best digital marketing practices is also important in making timely moves so that a business grows with ease and efficiency.

The success stories scripted by Digital Marketing professionals on branding in different channels of businesses are legion.

Adoption of Digital Practices

Importance of digital marketing

Advantages of online marketing include faster change management in Digital channels to gaining visitors and customers with innovative marketing procedures.

The main query on the Role of Digital Marketing for a business can be conversely answered by the counter why digital marketing is important.

Some facts on Digital Marketing speak for themselves

  • More than 50% of the business organizations have a well oiled Digital Marketing Plan in 2018

On the plank, why is marketing important to a business the experience of 80% advertisers suggests that going beyond inadequate conventional promotions, Digital Marketing expands revenue by more than 30%.

  • There is a record that at least 80% of business organizations have expanded online advertising that exceeds the standard IT spending.

Market research by Google in association with IPSOS Hong Kong shied that revenue flow has increased at least 3 percent in businesses which deployed digital marketing methods compared to counterparts stuck in traditional marketing methods.

Calendar for Digital Marketing Actions

Role of internet marketing

In executing a Digital transition in Marketing, prepare a calendar for digital marketing activities as the basic alphabet for lucrative online Marketing.

Importance of online marketing is well expressed in the expanding role of Digital Marketing in shaping the destiny of businesses and outperforming conventional tools.

This is making the business world know that the benefits of internet marketing to customers by way of customers shifting to advanced methods.

There is the opportunity to make use of the demand for consuming more and more online content asserting the importance of digital marketing in today’s scenario for businesses as contributors and supporters to the role of digital marketing in the modern world.

Businesses which are still not part of the Digital Marketing bandwagon cannot delay things anymore. They need to see the writing on the wall and start reworking their marketing wares to stay responsive to the new business climate.

Digital Marketing Boost for SMEs

Scope of digital marketing

Kevin O’Kane, Google’s Asia-Pacific Head of SME convincingly explains the role of digital marketing as similar in function to rocket fuel so far as small and medium business owners are concerned.

Such is the Importance of digital marketing that all kinds of businesses are trying to go for online branding and advertising. This breaks the past trends when luxury deep marketing was limited to only multinationals and monopoly business houses.

The benefits of digital marketing and advertising have become pronounced in the versatile, quantifiable and result-driven stats coming out every day.

Case Studies on The Role of Digital Marketing

Importance of digital marketing

There is an exciting scenario unfolding for all types of businesses. The live case studies of Small and medium scale organisations illustrate the success of businesses that have shed inhibitions and dropped questions like why digital marketing and are reaping the benefits of better online advertising response and leads.

The important advantages of online marketing include the capacity to connect with clients without using the service of call centers.

Also, the leads and conversions yielded by Digital Marketing are qualitatively better than other marketing modes and advertising methods.

Digital Marketing and Cost Benefit

Digital marketing

Marketing experts convince why digital marketing is important for independent ventures not blessed with deep pockets.

The aspect, why is marketing important to a business is corroborated by the opinion of 40% respondents in Gartner’s Digital Marketing Report which affirms that considerable savings are accruing via digital marketing, especially in digital advertising.

The report informs that 28 percent of businesses are readying to shift into internet marketing with a bigger spending as a departure from conventional channels.

That all digital marketing activities can be tracked reinforces the importance of online marketing as every movement in the  Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) vis a vis other modes in digital advertising are trackable.

Role of Digital Marketing in Conversions

There is faith that benefits of internet marketing to customers far outweigh other channels in reaching target audiences with the guaranteed result and true engagements.

Digital Marketing professionals can commit customers into galvanising commitment to boost business success by several folds.

The importance of internet marketing is the commitment it inspires on customers for enhanced scale and scope of prospects looking for. This builds up trust and momentum to chase target audience.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) in Digital Marketing?

Importance of digital marketing in today’s scenario also reflects the ability in exemplary targeting and capacity for achieving a higher percentage of converted customers.

At the end of the day, the achievements in online business are counted on the basis of traffic that brings users, subscribers, leads, endorsers, and finally deals.

The role of digital marketing in the modern world is that there is a trustworthy mechanism at work that works like an engine to deliver faster conversions. Using CRO i.e. Conversions Rated Optimization tools can further aggravate the dormant conversion rates.

Digital Mode for better Revenues

We have already discussed how better conversions via effective targeting of digital advertising have been ensuring better revenues as an index of optimum returns on investments.

The high monetization lying in the role of digital marketing is persuading thousands of small and medium organizations to embrace digital marketing systems in a big way.

This well-established power in targeting, triggering lead generations, faster conversion have really made digital marketing the fountain of better revenue generation.

Boost Revenue with Digital Marketing

The variegated benefits of digital marketing are well underscored by studies that suggest business development growth four times more than conventional business development methods.

This is what heightens the importance of digital marketing accompanied by hard targeting of right prospects across all business sectors.

Digital Marketing to Target Mobile Customers

Role of online marketing

The rapid penetration of smartphones has made mobile phones as the conduit for data and information disbursal besides serving as the primary communication channel. The power of mobile users rules out any apprehension on the viability of online marketing and questions like why digital marketing has been ruled out.

Smartphones have emerged as the principal tool of marketing communication with 90 percent of adults in India owning it.

Thanks to the surging advantages of online marketing leveraging digital marketing on mobile customers is a natural step.

A report by eMarketer suggests that the progression to mobile phones from tablets and PCs have given more marketing power in influencing clients’ purchasing choices.

Digital Marketing for Trust Building

Importance of online marketing

The importance of internet marketing also compounds the ability to attract and engage audiences constructively with answers guiding purchase of what is promoted.

The offering empowers and develops a powerful relationship to influence paying customers who may be retreating to be influenced and made loyal.

Importance of digital marketing in today’s scenario also spells opportunity for the brand in image building, as satisfied customers will illuminate others on their inclusion in brand and enhance online branding.

The expanding role of digital marketing in the modern world makes more remote markets accessible and improves business advancement.

“90 percent of respondents asserted they would trust in data about a specific brand, item or service if the information originates from individuals they know.” – Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey

Digital Marketing for Expanding Business Potential

Digital Marketing makes usage of fruitful strategies that appeal to audiences in making productive moves. It also offers a chance to utilize Calls to Action (CTA) effectively prodding site-guests to do more.

These are creative yet indirect ways of guaranteeing conversions. Calls-to-Action tells a visitor that he can relate to the site while being there by a few actions –download something, subscribe or make a purchase.

Why digital marketing is important because it gives a chance to draw prospects toward positive moves.

Importance of Digital Marketing in Today’s Scenario

In exposing to the online market, one must know why is marketing important to a business. In this paradigm, size or budget hardly matters. There is space for everyone. It may be a small shop, an e-outlet. But being online offers the company’s name to float and brands can come close to the clients’ doorstep.

Comparing Digital vs Traditional Advertising

Role of digital marketing in the modern world must be seen from an economic point of view compared to typical marketing.

Typical advertising and marketing could set back substantial amounts of cash, in terms of advertising via paper, magazine, TV, radio, or direct mail.

Thanks to the role of digital marketing a company owner can discover many low-cost options. There is YouTube in place of TV; blogs can replace publications and social media can be a substitute for leaflets.

Tracking Results through Analytics

Digital advertising provides analytics. The brighter side of electronic advertising is that an advertiser can figure out exactly how it is working with typical approaches of advertising and marketing.

Analytic records will update on the progress and shortcoming in the campaign and review is possible for course corrections.

Why Google Analytics Is Important for Online Marketing

Digital advertising obviously expands the brand tale to more people and will not be weakened by other peer campaigns.

How to Begin Digital Marketing?

The first thing newbies to do is taking into consideration changes in the marketplace and the digital market with the evolution of technology.

The benefits of digital marketing are becoming apparent every day. The number of consumers researching and buying products online is increasing exponentially.

According to Forbes research, 82% of consumers are doing research online while Tech Crunch puts that figure as 79% shopping online.

The expanding role of digital marketing is well illustrated in the data from the US that digital marketing spends in that country will zoom to $332 billion by 2021.

Surge fans in Digital marketing show the vast benefits of digital marketing is understood as the sole cost-effective medium that is reaching potential customers.

Digital Marketing Delivers Right Customers

One advantage of online marketing is that it transformed the way customers are reached and engaged. Real examples of digital marketing tactics helping businesses to hit targets and influence conversions are mentioned below:

“Forever Diamonds” in Georgia dealing in jewelry has expanded the consumer reach in less than $1 per engagement in a year with a massive hike in real conversions.

Benefits of digital marketing are being reaped by small businesses via proven strategies and careful implementation.

Digital Marketing and Predictability Of Returns

Digital marketing activities are not costly. There is a broad range of action yet digital marketing is good for cutting overall business development costs.

Importance of online marketing is increasing as the cost-effective way in blessing millions of small businesses. Traditional marketing methods are proving unaffordable and unpredictable. However, the predictive role of digital marketing is helping small businesses with limited budgets to thrive. This allows for competing with big businesses in the ad space. Digital marketing with its affordable tactics is assuring handsome returns.

Small Expense and Big Exposure

As an example of the vast benefits of internet marketing to customers, digital marketing’s power is evident in this example. A small business can gain exposure to more than 1,000 people for its products and services with a meager $3 using social media marketing.

For the same level of targeting, direct mail is costing $57 and television ads $28.

Digital marketing analytics has no place for guesswork and data is compiled real-time showing what all tactics are working and which are not.

This paves for optimum use of resources and marketing budget. Since facts and figures of the results are out unnecessary expenses can be cut and focus can be enhanced on paying strategies to improve ROI.

Targeting ideal buyers

Importance of internet marketing

The role of digital marketing is well illustrated by comparing it with a traditional marketing step. Just imagine that a business owner has placed an ad in a magazine; compared to digital marketing it is like shooting an arrow in the dark.

One of the prime benefits of digital marketing is making right consumers see the persuasive content. Targeting on the basis of demographic information via Pay-per-click, display, and social media leverages maximum returns. Digital marketing never leads to regrets that the money spent on ads had been wasted.

The importance of digital marketing is the high interaction provides in wooing potential buyers on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The estimates by eMarketer say 2.34 billion people, one-third of the world population, is in social media as users in which a huge target market is always up for grabs by a digital marketing expert.



Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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