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How Has Digital Marketing Changed Consumer Behaviour?

The last decade has been a game changer for various businesses. The Internet brought about a wave of advances and impacted the market in such a way that brands had to come up with remarkably unique and effective ways to attract customers online.

While most brands already had their hold on offline customers, the online market was a different ballgame altogether.

Take a look at how consumer behavior has changed with the increase in digital marketing.

Blurred Lines

  • With the introduction and increased use of mobiles for shopping, that fine line between online and offline shopping has disappeared. Being able to shop from practically anywhere in the world at any point in time has changed the habits that shoppers would live by.
  • The need for stores to open, drive down, and wait in line for the payment has been eliminated. Instead, staying home in pajamas and researching various products has become easier, increasing the number of items purchased in a month or a year.
  • It’s all about convenience.
  • This did not mean the death of physical stores. Most of these stores have established their presence online, making it easier for them to compete in the market. Also, in doing so, they have given their users an option, whether to buy their products online or just research them on their website and make a purchase from the store.

Stay in the Subconscious

  • We have a consistently increasing busy lifestyle, no matter what industry you work in, you might be running low on time to do some of the mundane activities, like shopping or exercising.
  • I have observed that this is the reason we take most of our buying decisions instinctively. We see a product, like it, and buy it. The research and comparison aspect has gone down in recent years.
  • In order for brands to make an impact on the potential client’s minds, it is essential that images and stories are created in such a way, that they leave a positive idea in the subconscious.
  • The feeling that arises in the viewer is what drives their decision as to making or not making the purchase from a particular brand.
  • “Without a second thought” is what brands should be aiming at, to achieve brand goals.

Need to Experiment

  • Would you not consider yourself one who wants to try out different things? That’s exactly what most people want these days.
  • We’ve crossed that time when people would stick to one brand and their products. Experimenting, today, has become a significant part of how we shop.
  • This change has come into being due to the innumerable options for the same product.
  • Look at how many shampoo brands we have, or the various electronic product manufacturers. It would be impossible to count them on two hands.
  • The features and comfort each brand provides vary so much so, that they are in a constant battle of producing the best product, and making it available in the least price.
  • In the businesses battle to come out stronger, consumers got used to experimenting and searching for what brand and product works for us the most.

Social Activity

  • I recently visited a brand website that left me with a feel-good purchase. I ended up talking to my friends about it and they later let me know that their experience was just as good.
  • Now, I am sure this might have happened to you at some point or the other as well. Either you informing someone of a feel-good experience or you being told and then experiencing the feeling, they’re both something we depend on in this age of digital marketing.
  • It is due to this reason that we can say that shopping has become a social activity.
  • Social media has been one of the greatest influencers that brands use to advertise their products. Comments, likes, and reviews let the viewers know how amazing a product is and drive them to consider buying it.
  • It can be said that is is the consumers who shape the image of the brand and not the brand itself.

Evolved Expectations

  • Today, brands can’t get away by just existing. It is crucial that they made themselves seen in the market amongst its competitors.
  • This can be achieved by letting the consumers know that they are cared for in more than one way.
  • In fact, this is exactly what we ask for. We expect to be recognized as a loyal user, with personalized messages and being appreciated in public and otherwise.
  • We’re are on a constant lookout for the best purchase experience, and we buy from brands that can give us the satisfaction via its services and products.

So you see, in a way, consumers have become relentless in terms of their shopping experience.

The need for it all to be perfect and exceptionally convenient has increased and is bound to keep climbing the stairs.

Digital marketing gives the buyers each piece of information they need on a product, and various opinions from fellow consumers and experts as well.

With the changes in technology, the evolution it keeps going through is bound to affect the thinking process of the consumers as well. For brands and businesses to remain relevant in the market, they will, too, have to keep at par with the expectations of their consumers.

Products and services that resonate the most with the viewers will sell more and faster than anything else. Tapping into the needs and emotions of the consumers is what each and every brand needs to do, ASAP.


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