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6 SEO tips for SEO marketing for epoxy flooring that gets leads


When it comes to making an effective marketing plan for a flooring business, Lead generation and SEO go hand in hand. Lead generation simply involves the cultivation of interest in businesses to gather prospects that are expected to transform into customers. On the other hand, SEO is a technique used to refine webpages to improve their ranking in SERPs (search engine result pages).

They might seem similar, but they are different from one another. In this article, we are not showing the differences or similarities between these two terms, but we are informing you about the six SEO tips you can use for your epoxy flooring marketing, which will do nothing but get you leads. Hence, stick with us as we unravel these tips with you

With no beating around the bush, below are the top epoxy flooring SEO tips to employ for your epoxy flooring business to generate more leads:


1. Build an SEO-optimised content blog

A popular way to generate more epoxy flooring leads for your business with SEO is to create an active blog section where you post optimised content about your flooring business from time to time. Doing this allows you to provide updated content, keywords, backlinks, images, and social media engagement, which will go a long way toward keeping your flooring company in business.


  •   Keywords research

This is about doing the necessary research on the best keyword for your business. These keywords are well-structured in your content, right from the headline, to the body, and conclusion.


    Regular publishing

It is of utmost importance to post content consistently to get the most out of your SEO. With regular publishing, you get better results.


    Include subheadings

In addition, using subheadings helps to improve the user experience when they are going through your content. Likewise, with subheadings, Google gets a better understanding of your content.


    Include links

Providing links between contents on your page helps boost view and easy manoeuvring between contents. With this, readers can relate the contents together and get the most information they need from your page.


Easy to read Content

Here, your content must not only be informative but also easy to read for someone with no advanced education. That is, it must be well simplified so that children can read and comprehend. Hence, your content format must be engaging and easy to comprehend.


2.   Increase Your Website Speed

One major factor that can contribute to generating leads for your commercial epoxy flooring is the speed of your website. When your website speed is low or hangs, the user experience is automatically affected. With Google’s main goal being to give the best experience to users, you want to ensure the smooth and fast running of your website. Ways to increase your website’s speed are:

  •   Opt-in for a reliable web hosting provider
  •   Ensure a mobile-responsive website
  •   Fix broken links and remove unnecessary comments
  •   Clean up the database regularly
  •   Optimise scripts using good plugins
  •   Utilise an image optimizer plug-in


3.   Conduct Keyword Research

A critical element of a successful SEO is keyword research. What it entails is finding the terms people input into search engines when finding products or services related to your epoxy flooring business. When properly done, your online marketing efforts gain solid ground.


4.   Include Link Building

A link-building strategy is another tip to include in our marketing strategy. It is simply about exchanging your website’s link with another site. With this, users can navigate to your site through these sites, adding more visibility to your site.

Link building has proven to be an important element that should be included in any successful epoxy SEO marketing strategy. However, doing it credibly is advised for positive results. This is because, with a link, users can navigate easily between pages on the web.

Therefore, you don’t want to get links from incredible sources, but from high-quality sources that will benefit your domain by improving its ranking. Manually, you can reach out to bloggers for guest posting and placement of links to get the very best.


5. Use Local SEO Strategies

While a website serves as a storefront to create more visibility for your brand, local SEO is more targeted toward helping your business rank higher in your area. If your business is local, let’s say a floor coating or garage flooring business. With good local SEO for epoxy floor coatings, you are liable to get more floor coating leads that will help your audience locate you on Google. Also, if you specialise in garage flooring installation, incorporating local garage floor SEO for your garage flooring leads is essential. The following local SEO strategies will benefit your business:

    Claim Listings in Online Directories

Claim online directories will help you have a stronger presence online; hence, use them to build and advertise your business.


    Optimise Content for Local Search

Local use of keywords will help you optimise your content and inform your potential customers of the 3 W’s about you and your business.


    Generate Positive Reviews

It is of utmost importance to gather positive reviews from your customers online because potential customers tend to trust online reviews as much as recommendations from other customers. So the more positive reviews you get, the more leads you will get.


6.   Create Active Social Media Channels

You might be wondering how social media and SEO work together. Well, you’re not the only one, because many marketers also lack the understanding of how they are connected. According to Google, social signals are not one of its ranking factors, while on the other hand, data from Search Engine Journals revealed that a website that has social media handles will rank better than one that doesn’t.

There can be an argument about the indirect correlation between social media and SEO. This is because the more social media presence your epoxy flooring business has, the more your business attracts those who will link to you.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep an active social media channel to boost your SEO lead-generation strategy.


Final Thoughts

Finally, we hope we have been able to educate you well enough on the tips for your epoxy flooring lead gen. Hence, what are you waiting for? Start utilising them today and skyrocket your business.



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