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Amazing Blog Promotion techniques

Every business around the world is focusing on customizing their brand according to the consumer. They want to get connected with people at a personal level, this is where blog is very helpful. A product cannot have multiple personalities but a blog can have all the different shades you desire i.e. why almost every brand creates a blog so that they can connect with their respective customer base. Now when creating blog the utmost attention is given to content because after all people are going to read it and discuss, what you want here is genuine unique content but at the same time all these efforts will become void if substantial traffic is not drawn on to site. Now comes the nightmarish thought of your hard earned money flying out of the pocket and landing on costly marketing initiatives, don’t worry I am going to save the day(swooping you like a superhero) by presenting some quick blog promotion techniques that are pocket friendly i.e. almost free and have equal effectiveness like that of a paid campaign. Let’s have a look at these not so hidden gems:

Tweeting birds are friendly

As I always say in all my blogs digital marketing is all about interaction and getting maximum exposure. There are certain additions or plug-ins which must be present in your blog so that the content can be shared easily. For example, use Tweetdis, allows simple text to convert into tweets. Users can easily tweet your product information or anything that interests them. Make your content accessible, allow them to copy it, share it and tweet. All these independent sites can draw a lot of traffic for you; Tweeter’s reach is quite amazing in respect of number as well as diversification. Apart from this consider using services like Wibbitz, it converts plain text into videos which can be easily shared. Such videos will also help you to reach your desired traffic mark.

Sharing is caring,well it’s definitely profitable

Share you content as well as possible. The problem with new products or start-ups is they do not have a strong customer base. You have to establish yourself first, people need to know about you. So share. There are many platforms for specific product promotion or for connecting with targeted groups. Take your pick and share. For the purposes of further explaining I’m going to take example of following two sharing platforms:

(i) Reddit: It is one of the sites which draws drool worthy traffic. Try using it for your product but keep in mind that it’s an advanced page so only put genuine, unique and worthy of share content. You might not get instant recognition but given the time you’ll develop healthy traffic, people will start coming in and you’ll get desired engagement. For increasing your success chance on such platforms, try to remain in synchronisation with the existing users ideas and hobbies, be as open in discussions as you can, use your wits while answering queries. All this helps to create a positive image and will be beneficial in long run.

(ii) Product Hunt: If you only want to promote your product and nothing else then this place is your one stop solution. But keep in mind that you are not the only one using it. Such platforms become very popular very quickly among the selling communities so make sure you make a base first by proper introductions, follow a well-developed action plan. Then introduce the product you want to promote. Do not let your product get lost with million others. ‘Slow and Steady Wins the Race’ was perhaps made for such platforms only.

Apart from these sites there exists variety of such platforms which one can use according to their product needs but always make sure to start in a strategic way else it won’t generate desired result.

Use semantics in email marketing

Semantics is a relatively new trend in marketing world. Usage of semantics can prove quite beneficial as it is not about using keywords or seo. It uses a specific combination of words, phrases or signs in content to target a pre-determined group of customers. Semantic marketing enhances the chance of your email being actually read. is one site that can prove helpful, also it is supported by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex. All the data structures are developed in an open community so anyone can make use of it.

There are also certain specific action buttons supported by in Gmail:

* Events have an RSVP button

* Review Action

* One click Action

* Go to Action

If content is your power

If you strongly believe that your content has life changing capacity (not literally) then I recommend using Triberr, online community where people come together to share some out of the box ideas. It is a place for quality content. Just keep in mind to share 2-3 posts per week, posts should be rich in content, venture in area of your interest, show mutual trust by sharing articles of those people who share your article and in the end you can go for paid marketing to book a top slot for your post.

Along with this try to join QA pages like Yahoo and Quora. Reason behind this is to make a reputation by answering the questions on forum and getting a high rate. This will build your following and eventually traffic.

Use Email Outreach

Email Outreach may look like ‘not so helpful’ type of concept on the outside but it has immense potential of getting the targeted users on to your link. The art of writing an Email just extends in an outreach and if you are targeting some big clients with busy schedules outreach is the most effective way. The only mantra for email outreach is to get your mail read and for this many techniques are used: keeping text short, to the point sentences which convince the client and explain what you’re offering etc. Outreach templates can be created for re usage and outreach schedules are also maintained by many people with the help of softwares like Boomerang and Mailchimp.

The concluding part of this post is just one simple line- Focused hard work and a little patience will help you in getting desired results/


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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