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Best 5 Free Tools For Keyword Targeting

What is Keyword Targeting?

Promotion of websites on words or phrases that Internet users use for searching information about sites is called keyword targeting. It is used for search marketing with the objective to get top ranking in search engine result pages. Keywords are researched and only relevant words are used for marketing.

Why is Keyword Targeting Important?

Keywords form the basic structure of websites. It is mandatory to include these words in site because they optimize sites for search engines and help the sties achieve high rank on search engine result pages and get targeted traffic. Website that doesn’t get first page ranking gets low traffic. Data collected on search marketing shows that less than 10% of total Internet users turn to second page of search results.

Keywords are words and phrases Internet users feed into search boxes of search engines to search information about websites. Page rank of a website is determined on the relevance of the website with the keywords used on the site and the keywords searched to find information about that site. Searching relevant keywords is first step in any SEO campaign.

Relevant keywords with the potential to direct targeted traffic to sites are critical for success of a SEO campaign. For keywords targeting, SEOs can take advantage tools.

What are Keywords in SEO and What is the Importance of Keywords in SEO [Hindi]


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Five Best Tools Recommended By SEO Experts

  1. Google Keyword Planner

This tool is most popular among all the keyword research tools available and it is available for free. It shows relevant keywords along with search quantity of each word. Enter a word, a set of keywords or your website address in the Google Keyword Planner to search keywords for your website.

The tool will not only show the keywords matching with your website but also provide data showing competition on the keywords and the number of visitors the keywords in global as well as local search. The data will also show performance of the keywords. The tool will also create additional relevant keywords by coupling the available words. The search results and the data will help in selecting right keywords for SEO and also for bidding for AdWords campaigns.

  1. Bing Webmaster

Bing has a set of tools including one for searching keywords. Keyword search tool takes data for research from Bing and the search results aren’t very much different from that of Google Keyword Planner. Data provided in search results helps in determining relevance and popularity of keywords.

The search results regarding relevance of keywords and query volume are based on organic search. The results are shown in numeric figures based on the data of past six months.

  1. Keyword Tool is good for searching long tail keywords. Its advantage is that it searches Google, Bing, Apple app store and Yahoo data for relevant keywords. It is a great source for the keywords that are otherwise difficult to notice. Another advantage of the tool is that it provides language and country specific results to fine SEO campaigns for targeted markets

It is a free tool but results regarding CPC, search volume and completion are paid. Free version only provides relevant keywords. Keyword Tool relies on Google for searching long tail keywords. Google search is more reliable as it is based on factors like number of searches a specific keyword got in the past.

  1. Internet Marketing Ninjas

It is a free keyword combination generator that can produce a number of common keywords for websites. This tool can help in creating a large list of relevant keywords. Since every website uses a different set of keywords, this tool can prove to be quite helpful in searching a combination of different keywords matching with the website business. It is also a great tool for creating campaigns on the fly.

  1. UbberSuggest

UbberSuggest create new keywords by adding suffixes to the searched keywords. In this way, it produces long tail keywords that can be used to target niche markets. It is simple and intuitive and its user-friendly design helps in searching keywords within a minute.


Keyword research makes foundation of SEO and Internet marketing campaigns and for keyword research SEOs can take advantage of various free and paid tools that provide quick searches. These tools search keywords using past data and also by adding suffixes to the existing keywords.


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