The Best Time to Post On Instagram In 2018

Best time to post on instagram

Social media’s powerful role as a mighty influencer in business growth is well established.  This is truer in the case of Instagram—the social app where millions of videos and photos are circulated.

One oft-heard question is what is the best time to post on Instagram?

Surveys point to the high level of engagement by users at Instagram. At this social media owned by Facebook, nearly 50 percent of the users are daily visitors and 30% check their accounts many times a day.

Response Depends a Lot on Posting Time 

The number of likes and other kudos harvested at Instagram depends mostly on the timing of posts in social media triggering an enervating debate on the best time to post on instagram and social media.

Aura of Instagram

The question of right and best time to post on Instagram is reverberating as Instagram has a princely aura unlike other social outlets thanks to the high reach and engagement rate.

The best time to post on instagram

The platform’s 800 million plus active monthly users and 500 million daily active users have brought in one million plus advertisers.

It is natural that such a happening place with high RoI the curiosity with regard to the best time to post on Instagram will prevail.

Fortunately for social media fans, there is the best time to post on Instagram app to go for timely posting on Instagram.

Of course, expert guidance is readily available on when is the best time to post on Instagram.

India and Instagram

The best time to post on Instagram in India is also exciting as social media including Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp are becoming digital marketplaces with 80% of merchants deciding to cash in on the power of their reach in tapping a larger consumer base.

Best time to post on instagram in india

A study by Paypal says India sits at the top in the Asian market except for China in social media usage. The stats put India usage at YouTube (64%), Twitter (61%), Google+ (50%), Skype (53%) and LinkedIn (33%) for goods and services sale.

The major attraction of Instagram marketing is low overhead costs and high reach.

Narsi Subramanian, director of Paypal India says Indian merchants do social media as viable enough to explore social sites to grow business.

The raging debate on the best time to post on Instagram seems to be getting more inputs.

Regarding the best time to upload on Instagram, there is a consensus that users do engage the social network throughout the week. However, Mondays are marked with hyperactivity by the audience after the lull of Sunday.

Any Day is Fine For Instagram For Best Time To Post on Instagram

In the matter of Instagram posting, studies say any time is fine from Monday to Thursday barring the 3–4 p.m slot. Videos do well if posted on any day particularly in the 9 p.m.–8 a.m slot.

However, some surveys list the following time segments as best to post on Instagram

  • 8–9 a.m.
  • 2 a.m.
  • 5 p.m.

A survey by Quick Sprout endorses the visible surge on Monday postings and a clear dip on Sunday postings.

It follows that any day of the week is fine for Instagram postings. Neil Patel, the famous digital marketing evangelist, notes that Instagram engagement from users is highest during off-work hours than working hours.

Monday is Best

The survey by Elle & Co on the best time to post on instagram and social media asserts that the best day and time to post on Instagram is Monday.  It says posting any day is fine since Instagram users are active all day. However, a slight dip in activity is evident from 3–4 p.m.

Huffington Post survey recommends the best time to post on Instagram is from 2 a.m to 5 p.m and the peak time being 7 p.m Wednesday.

A study by “Later” suggests skipping working hours for posting on Instagram. It says the time slot of 3 p.m to 4 p.m is good for posting when people are on a leisure time.

Thanks to Instagram’s ability to promote growing brand awareness and businesses see it as a perfect vehicle for promotions. The right time to post on Instagram becomes important as no other platform offers such a cool brand promotion without sounding aggressive to customers.

Nearly 70% of Instagram users also look for brands on this platform.

Software-based Instagram postingn 

In making sure that posts go online at a peak time, many people have started using scheduling software including Hootsuite.

The benefit is that the software helps in scheduling posts in advance without being online at the required time of posting.

This is helpful for people having a hectic life with limitations in being physically present to post stuff online at the best posting time.

Once the ideal Instagram posting times are worked out, running Instagram Ads is also easy for peak hours to optimize the budget planned. When Ads come alive during high competition hours, the CPC will shoot up.

Know Users Checking Time 

what is the Best time to post on instagram

Before posting on Instagram, knowing how often user are checking Instagram is important. Morning happens to be the best time for the majority of Instagram users to login in and evening hours are also good as they return from work or college.

Regarding specific days for Instagram posting, Analytics company Simply Measured says the best time to post on Instagram is Wednesdays and the suggested time slot is between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

It also advises brands to skip posting in the middle of the night as the life of an Instagram photo is not more than 4 hours.

Matter of right guessing

It is a matter of right guessing as to what will be your audience downtime and when they may check their social media accounts.

For example, posting in rush hour for businesses having an audience in New York or London will make sense as many will be stuck on trains or trams at rush hours with nothing to do except browsing smartphones.

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Peak Posting for Varied Time Zones

Today businesses are not restricting to local audiences and are cultivating audiences beyond their time zones and continents. So managing peak posting times and the best time to post on instagram will appear like a challenge.

There are many options for posting on Instagram. One way is spreading Instagram posts for the sake of diverse audiences. For many businesses chunks of the audience come online at 8 AM in one demographic while in another the peak time might be 10 PM. So posting the same content at day and night makes sense.

In such contingencies, the original content can be spiced with different images for targeting different time zones.

Customising the posting timing to the taste of valuable audience in accordance with their best downtime can generate and retain profitable clients as online postings reach them easily and sales will increase.

High engagement rates of Instagram posts will also expand the longevity of posts. On Instagram, both engagement and impressions matter. Posts with higher engagement rates always perform better.

Instagram hashtags

Best time for instagram post

Based on the nature of the industry, Instagram hashtags must be used to boost the visibility of photos. The best hashtags can be discovered from a casual Google search.

Trendy Instagram hashtags include: #tbt (throwback Thursday), #instadaily, #photooftheday, #instagood.

But make sure not to lavish hashtags; showing a paragraph full of hashtags will backfire as cluttered look will repel visitors.

Periodic Shifts in Best Time To Post On Instagram

At the same time, many surveys also show that the answers on the best time to post on Instagram are not static and preferences are changing every year.

A poll of social media managers in 2018 has said evening time from 7-9 pm is the best time for Instagram.

In the survey bulk of the social media, managers said lunchtime from 11am-1pm was also best on Instagram apart from the 7-9pm slot.

By creating a personalized and best time to post on Instagram reach and likes and followers can be increased.

The query on the best time for the Instagram post will remain steady as the user engagement of the visual network stays high.

Estimates suggest Instagram exchanges 95 million photos and videos 4.2 billion likes are harvested every day.

The fascination of brands with Instagram to reach out to a huge global market is attested by the thoughts on how to post on Instagram.

A study by Forrester is worth remembering. It has reinforced how Instagram is leading social media users in interacting with brands. The study, after analyzing 2,400 posts and 11.8 million user interactions concluded that user interactions on Instagram are the highest. It is a promise that greater benefits will follow from best time to post on Instagram than in any other social network.


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