How To Make Money on Instagram and Grow Your Business in 2019

Here are some of the best ways that tells about How To Make Money on Instagram and Grow Your Business in 2019.

The face of business today has been considerable, if not completely, revolutionized by modern technology and the internet. This game-changing partnership of digital and the world wide web has created a brand-new playing ground for businessmen and marketers all over the world. Diminishing boundaries, reducing limitations, and the transcendence from “This isn’t possible” to “Anything is possible.”

And hence, the world of business is exploring brand new horizons, especially one that involves social media. Social media has quite literally taken the business world by storm, creating millions of opportunities that people wouldn’t even have imagined once upon a time. Forget thousands, a good marketing campaign has the potential to reach millions of people, thanks to social media. Also, in this massive pool of platforms, there’s one that has time and again proved itself to be the Alpha – Instagram.

Why Instagram Rules All

Instagram has, over time, proven itself to be a powerhouse social media platform. As of today, over 1 billion active accounts are sharing and receiving content on the app. Although Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn were established much before Instagram, this site has managed to surpass all of them, making it a number one preference for brands and businesses globally.

It’s all about supply and demand – where the demand is higher, brands want to be available to supply. And so, across all possible niches, industries, and fields, Instagram has laid out a rather lucrative playground for companies and individuals alike.

How to Grow a Business on Instagram

Businesses have a lot of room to grow with Instagram but only if the right strategies are planned and all the necessary resources are tapped into. Creating these stronghold strategies is no walk in the park either because, in a market as dynamic as Instagram, strategies need to be as flexible as the trends.

Below, we’re going to list out the different strategies that are bound to help a business grow on Instagram, in the current scenario.

1. Focus on UGC


UGC, which means User Generated Content, has become quite popular in recent times. Now the reason why UGC works well is that it creates a direct link between the brand and the consumer. They need to be given enough incentive to be involved in a campaign and create content that fits the campaign goal. And, of course, it gives them coverage and recognition through the brand page.

First, a brand needs to set up a solid system of mandates, guidelines, and protocols which cannot be violated. Next, each and every picture or video needs to be vetted by a QCM team. However, at the end of this seemingly lengthy process, the brand has created a more personal relationship with the consumer and given them a reason to stick on with the brand.

The ultimate goal of UGC is customer engagement, retention and maintaining brand loyalty.

2. Work on Hashtags

Even before a brand understands how Instagram works, it needs to be fully aware of hashtags and how important they are to the platform. Hashtags are what make searches, feeds, results, all of it work in a specific order. As important as keywords are to Google search results, hashtags give viability and credibility to posts on Instagram.

Now, a brand needs to handle hashtags in 2 important ways – creating their own hashtags and using relevant hashtags with maximum hits.

Creating hashtags that are unique to a brand help with separating its posts from the ocean of other, similar posts on Instagram. On the other hand, including popular and relevant hashtags will increase the chances of appearances in search results, giving more visibility and reach to their posts.

 3. Be Creatively Unique

Earlier on, merely being as creative and out-of-the-box as possible was expected from brands on Instagram. However, this trend is now demanding a lot more from them – brands need to be creative, but also be creatively unique. Creative uniqueness would require brands to create their own color palette and theme for their Instagram feed, which again helps with differentiating them from other brands.

A business needs to be recognizable from a mile away, or in this case, from a few scrolls away. Customers that are loyal to a brand will also appreciate aesthetics and creativity that they can’t otherwise see on any other feed. For this to work, maintaining standard filters, playing around with the grid, and creating a theme – all of this can push a business in the direction of success.

4. Induce Immediate Action

Simply putting content out there for followers to view will not really help the cause of growing a business. Followers also need to be convinced to take immediate action, which can be induced through “call-to-action” statements. A few examples would be – “Get your fix here!” “Find out more right now!” “Become a part of this movement!”.

The whole idea is to let them absorb the information that is being communicated by a post, and then immediately have an avenue where they can either purchase, acquire more information or simply subscribe. A post without a call to action is like a script without a protagonist! 

5. Be Flexible with Content

Sticking to only a particular type of content can bore an online audience that is already prone to losing interest very quickly. An average internet user’s attention span can be less than a few seconds, which means the content needs to be interesting enough to catch their attention. One smart way to do this is to keep switching up content, introducing variety, trying out different styles, and being open to change that is trend-driven.

By introducing diversity into their content and feed, brands are opening up more possible opportunities and also catering to various demographics within the parameters of their target audience. This directly results in better ROI, traffic, and eventually, revenue from sales.“ 

6. Get Serious with Ads

Instagram ads are a major source of revenue for Instagram because those many businesses see the value of investing in them. The beauty of their ad service lies in how specific the targeting can get, and also in how helpful their in-built Insights tool can be. Through promoted ads, businesses can seriously boost their digital campaigns and increase the frequency at which they appear on feeds.

Periodical ads can be an excellent investment, and can also be integrated with Facebook to increase the reach of the ads further.

Redefining Business on Instagram

Doing business on Instagram, or rather with the help of Instagram, can seem tricky and challenging in the beginning. However, just as it is with any business strategy, there are specific “hacks” that can truly help a business with penetrating the market and creating a powerful impact.

This way, markets are bound to expand, and more and more businesses are seeing the invaluable platform that Instagram has become. So, whether it’s a new brand, an established one, or a passionate influencer, Instagram is the exact place where they can grow their business! 


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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