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Top 18 Instagram Marketing Tips To Grow Your Brand in 2018

Instagram marketing tips

Instagram has grown into a powerful platform and it is more than sharing photos. If you want to boost Instagram marketing, then it will be better to know the latest Instagram marketing tips for Instagram. More and more folks and businesses are moving to Instagram and growing like anything as compared to Facebook. If you want your brand to be noticed and come in front of millions of people, you need not focus on SEO but social media networking site like Instagram. Have a unique product to sell? Don’t wait for more, your next move should be Instagram. It tenders you the chance to interact with as many people as you can, entice their attention, and make them aware of your products and services.

There are more than 600 million people who use Instagram every day and sharing content each day. And putting across your products and services in front of these massive numbers, you will be sure to reach out to them. You can stand among the competitors by selling your products in the form of images, videos or stories. Even if you are not from the designer background, you can easily create content and beautiful stories for the audience.

In this article, you will come across amazing Instagram marketing ideas that you can use to market your business. So, be prepared to attract more people, more followers and drive sales.

Check your competitors’ profiles

Instagram marketing strategy

You should spend some time researching your competitors what they are up to. What their Instagram is like and what they post every day. When you post a picture or video, it Is not about just putting up an image. Your picture should relate to your products or services. So, give your audience the right information through your picture. It has been seen that looking into your competitors give you the ability to do better and show more core concepts. Start following those who are doing well in the market and fetch the information that can really stand out from the crowd.

Use good pictures

Instagram advertising tips

Your Instagram photo should be high-quality making your Instagram more real. One of the best ways to give a sneak peek at your products is by taking genuine photos. Find images that work for others. When folks know that your brand is trustworthy, they are going to buy from you.  Create consistent visuals and if require use color scheme. Agree, a photo engages your market but you can’t expand your reach without a proper homework. This is the opportunity you shouldn’t miss and make the most of your creative techniques.

Promote with videos

Instagram marketing tips for business

Apart from posting images, create videos related to your marketing requirements. It would be perfect if you create videos using Animato as they enable you to make square videos. Every video you add should go in the same font and sequence, which is vital for mobile-viewing. The amount of posts that go live on your account is unlimited. So, all you have to be is creative. Followers will appreciate your posts which in return build the bond between you and your customer.

account and easily seen by the followers. This gains more engagement as compare to your promotions on images or videos. You can use instant stories for any flash sale or discounts. To grab more attention, add more links to your website and help your business stand out from the rest.

Take benefit of free Instagram tools

Instagram marketing ideas

If you want to have your followers double in no time, use Instagram tools that are for every business account holder’s repertoire. Using these tools, you will be able to measure your performance of your posts and updates going live on your Instagram account. Simple measured is a tool for those who have a business account and it can take care of more than 25000 followers. Just get this tool to get information from your account. Keyhole is another tool that enables you to pull information from public Instagram accounts. Apart from this, this gives you advice the best times to post and an idea of search terms on the platform. Only having a profile doesn’t give marketing success, you need to use tools like Brandwatch, like4like to garner millions of followers on Instagram. These tools are free and if you don’t have a budget for new investments, these tools will help you make a presence on Instagram.

Be planned with your bio link

Use the link in your bio page that has the same posts you put up on Instagram. You need to plan the posts well in advance and develop a great presence on Instagram. This will enable you to collect leads, advertise your site and boost sales. Creating an effective business bio is very important to get noticed by others. Ensure the following things are taken care:

Instagram promotion ideas

  • Decide the right username for your Instagram so that it will be easier for the followers to search.
  • Put up a picture that must be related to your brand or organization
  • Create the right bio in 150 characters to make a great impression on the readers
  • Use the best link to put in the bio. The link you use must tell about your business and what products are up for sale.
  • Take advantage of the call-to-action buttons

So, spend some time creating a quality business bio that will certainly make a difference to your Instagram marketing ideas.

Ignore the automation tools`

Growing your followers base on your account doesn’t mean making the number larger. You need to focus on the products you are selling and having an interaction with the followers. What you can do is find out people who are interested in hashtags. Start following them and liking their profiles to get their attention and start the conversation with them. Your aim should be quality followers, not the quantity.

Instagram stories

Another great tool that can aid shoot interest in your business is Instagram stories. This not only renders insights into your business but drive sales. These are showcased on the top of the Instagram

Promote Instagram posts

Do you wish to add new followers that already love your brand on Facebook, google plus or twitter? Get these followers on Instagram by inviting them to follow on Instagram. If they are already following and liking your products and services, then undoubtedly they are going to follow you on Instagram. Don’t have this perception that your posts reach out to each follower you connected on social media.  Some people are not active on social media. You have to connect to as many people as possible to increase your reach.

Run an Instagram contest

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picture credit

Run an Instagram contest establish excitement about your business. All you have to be as creative as possible and grab the attention of the audience. Decide the contest and ask the people to like your picture or comment to be entered to win the contest. This is one of the easiest contests to host on Instagram. This would allude more and more traffic to your page. Besides this, you can also ask your followers to tag your friends, this way you can gain more followers. Some of the other contests you can run are:

Photo contestInstagram marketing strategy

picture credit

You have to tell the audience to be entered to win take the photo challenge and enter the designated hashtag. In this photo challenge, an individual will take a photo and post it using the hashtags to win a contest. The advantage of this contest is your brand will get recognition and more traffic and followers. A photo contest engages your audience and you get real, authentic marketing images created by your follower.

Hashtag contest

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This is used to generate engagement with the followers. You can pick one hashtag and ask the audience to post a video or image using the hashtag to win a contest. Don’t forget to share the rules of the competition. Your rules should be as structured as you wish to look genuine. You can show the rules in the caption of your Instagram picture. This is used to show the needs, deadlines and when winners will be declared. There are oodles of companies that host contests on their social networking sites, encompassing Instagram. If you have a good list of rules, then share a link and post on the website.

Email-gated contest

Another contest which is unique in its own way. Here, participants have to share their email address to win. The benefit of this contest is to build an email list. These contests basically comprise of an expensive trip, a stay at the luxury property or shopping voucher. Isn’t it interesting to keep your brand in touch with the audience for future promotions?

So, plan your contest wisely as it’s not difficult job to do especially if you are creative. Roll out your goals, the clearer you are, the better will be your chance of success. Before you put a contest, be sure to do your homework like check related contests. One more thing, choose your contest theme with the hashtag.

Interact with followers

Don’t ignore the comments of your follower. If they are commenting on your posts, don’t waste your time to reply back and thank them. A small engagement can turn your follower into a potential and loyal customer. Besides this, another way to interact with as many followers as you wish is by asking a simple question of tagging 4 of your friends that would want to go on the trip will definitely increase your list of followers.

Create creative content

Emphasize on the content that is creative rather than promotional. If you keep bragging about your brand, this way you will turn off your customer and as a result they might not take your posts seriously. The best way to market your brand is by investing some time in putting up engagement-based content. This is indeed a great way to increase your brand awareness on Instagram. All you have to do is stay focused on your content and convey in the right manner.

Build relationships online and offline

If you are starting your business, then you need to engage people by liking, commenting and following. Once you start getting more people to talk about your business, you can invite influencers to a lunch meet-up to get additional exposure. This will allow you to know about the followers and whom you should follow and interact. If you get a positive response, be sure to thank them. Be real. Be genuine to start gaining actual support.

Build relations with other businesses

Tag as oodles of businesses from your industry that relate to your post. You may get exposure if they report. The more closely you connect with other businesses, the more effective it will be. This not going to build your relations with other businesses but increase followers. However, make sure don’t flood your account with posts, be wary with your post frequency.

Amalgamate photos and videos

The interesting marketing tip is to mix up a posting strategy of including photo and video together. Knowing that a video content can engage more people than written posts. Mixing video and image you can bring your level little up. Videos are funny, crazy and super- easy to create. Create videos and include your product to collect as much attention as possible. Inspire readers by putting genuine visuals that emphasize on the people, not the product.

Create a content calendar

Instagram marketing techniques

If you create a content calendar especially when you are handling multiple channels, this will boost your valuable content. This keeps your posts pertinent by planning ahead on the basis of current trends. You can explore other competitors what they are doing and putting across their posts. This will make sure your content is different for the audience to engage with the posts. The best thing about this activity is it will give you a guideline and timeline of what and when to post.

No doubt, every business wishes to stay on the top and builds the connections needed to succeed. You have to be active on Instagram to get more exposure. Put in your effort to create content that encourages folks to share with others. These Instagram marketing ideas will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. So, don’t waste time and take your brand to the next level.



Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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