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Why is Blogging an Important Part of SEO?

SEO for blogging

Complexities of SEO are not at all easy to understand, and Google doesn’t help much in that by changing the algorithms and patterns on a regular interval of time. There is nothing you can do to possibly, to make all the things go right all the time.

Well, one thing which is always going to work for you is BLOGGING. There are numerous reasons, of why should start blogging for your website. Boosting of SEO, website rankings, frequent updates of the website, dissemination of news etc. are just some basic benefits of blogging. Keeping first thing first, let’s get started by knowing “HOW TO START A BLOG”.


It’s not that tough as it seems to be. First of all, you need to decide the topic or niche on which you want to blog about. Deciding the platform for blogging is another step of tremendous importance. It can be for your own website. Otherwise going for a trusted and well-established  website is recommended. Your blog needs to be circulated well. You would require a server space, in other words, a hosting company to do that for you.

Importance of picking up a domain name should always be kept in mind. It doesn’t need to be something brainstorming, but something which can connect with the audience and clearly narrates the topic on which you are stressing upon. Once you create your blog, you are set to use your blog and to design it well. Getting these things done, now you have a blog for your own website. The question which now arises is that why is blogging of so much importance to your website? The answer to this question is wrapped up in many scenarios. We will discuss them, one by one.


GOOGLE, being a search engine possess a craving for the fresh and new content. It usually sends its bots to your website to have a look at the latest updates. You surely don’t want your website to be considered as an outdated one. The search engine wants the most up to date and relevant content for the visitors. Would you yourself like to visit a shop, which was renovated a couple of years ago?

Being practical, there are not many things which you can change about your website. Website history and about us has the least chance to be updated. Product varieties can still vary a bit but that also not too large an extent.

Starting a blog gives you an opportunity to update your website multiple times in a day. More updated the content; the more are the chances to rank higher in search lists. Blogging would also help you in establishing relationships, and building trust within the users.


Backlinking is basically a process of generation and regeneration of traffic in between a couple of websites by providing their links in consecutive websites. All you need to do is, to seek out the related websites to your blog and link them to your posts. There is a possibility that they might link you back in some of their blog posts. This would provide you the traffic on those websites which you might have not been able to get by yourself.

This would even help you in building relations with the other websites. You must take care of the links you are posting on your blog posts. They just need to be in relevance and complete significance of your blog. Irrelevant links are going to hurt your Google rankings for sure.


ALGORITHMS are what matters for a search engine in case of rankings.

">Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand. Some of the main tools of content marketing include Meta descriptions. It is basically a summary of what your blog is all about. It usually refers to the searched-for phrase. This is an HTML code. META TITLES are the specific title tag given to a web post. They are shown when you search for something on a search engine. They are clickable and are important for SEO. These all including the alt text images are very handy and useful tools for content marketing.


SEO and social media are closely related. The sole motive of marketing is to increase the organic or free traffic and attract visitors. Linking your websites to your facebook, twitter or any other social media platforms gives an extra place to search engines like google to look for updated content. Rankings depend on the number of followers on a particular social platform to a great level. Social media demands high-quality content, thereby creating a chance of extra bound links. Blogs need to be shared to attract visitors. Social media is possibly the best and cheapest way, to share content with influential boundaries.


Proper insertion of keywords can be a boon to your rankings. Searching for keywords, like which a customer to your website may be looking for, can improve your SEO results drastically. One should always try to use long-tail keywords, as they will be the most preferred search from a buyer’s point of view. Extraordinary stuffing of keywords is not preferred.


Guest blogging is an important strategy for digital marketing. In this, we go and write our blogs on other websites and leave a link there to our website. This, therefore, increases the organic or free traffic to your website. One should always write for relevant and trusted websites. Writing for irrelevant websites may have a negative impact on your rankings. Guest blogging helps in developing relations between different websites. It’s a beneficial situation for both websites. You are benefitting someone, by helping yourself. Isn’t Great? Use these Guest Blogging sites list


Only creating a blog is not going to work for you. It requires a complete business strategy for sharing of the content on the social platforms. Blogging and SEO are interrelated but not the same.

For efficient SEO operations, all the things mentioned above like backlinking, keywords, guest blogging etc. is to be kept in mind. Your blog is going to target your audience and attract them towards your website. It should always contain the content of public interest. Ranking in Search engine, at the end is all that matters!


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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