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Creating A Research Paper On Digital Marketing: Pros and Cons

With the growing popularity of online shopping, digital ways of promoting goods and services online are taking over. Digital marketing is a relatively new yet rapidly growing type of marketing. It means reaching the potential buyers through the search engines, social media, email and other electronic channels. The majority of business owners also embrace one or several aspects of digital marketing to stay competitive in their chosen market.

Digital Marketing- Pros and Cons

That’s why it’s very likely that you’ll have to produce papers on digital marketing during your Marketing course. A today’s guide will show you exactly how to approach the writing process and what to write about to submit a successful paper. And if you’re too time-pressed to compose all papers on your own, consider custom essay writing services like Such services offer online paper assistance and help students even with the toughest assignments.

The process of creating a research paper on online marketing

Digital marketing has a few indisputable advantages for businesses. Firstly, it allows marketers to monitor the campaigns and access their efficiency. And secondly, it lets businesses reach the target audience where it spends their time online. For these and many other reasons, an essay on digital marketing should display a solid understanding of marketing concepts, new trends as well as strong analytical skills. Here are the exact steps you can take while writing.

Gather reliable resources

Just like any academic paper, a research paper on marketing shouldn’t rely on random websites you’ve come across online. Use reliable and scholarly resources only! Books, white papers, statistical reports, financial statements, and news are examples of good resources. Don’t rely on one author only – explore the subject from the different angles to create a truly persuasive paper.

Come up with the strong topic idea

Generally, the paper subject is assigned by your professor. Yet, if allowed to choose a subject on your own, stick to something specific and actual so that the paper comes out interesting and engaging. The comparison of traditional and digital marketing, pros and cons of digital marketing for a certain industry or return on investment for a specific digital marketing strategy and some good examples. Choose the subject you like and have a natural interest in so that the ideas flow better.

Create an outline

Even if the instructor doesn’t ask you to submit an outline, write one for yourself. Outlines are a world of help in planning the paper content and the ideas you’d like to cover. Think about what you’d like to write in each paragraph (or each chapter, if your paper is voluminous). Plan the paper flow and structure in order, thinking where you’ll look for necessary information. This systematic approach will help you present a consistent and well-structured essay.

Use a traditional paper format

Unless asked otherwise, you should follow the traditional structure in your research paper. Start with an introduction that will state the thesis, explain your research and its importance. The following should be the paper body where you provide arguments that support your thesis, based on the findings of experts, researchers and data. And finally, close your paper with the conclusion where you’ll summarize the findings, restate your thesis and present the results of your analysis.

Watch the writing style and tone

Despite the digital marketing is a trending topic, you should use the academic style in the paper. Cite the sources used properly and avoid conversational language and slang. Use an abundance of marketing terms and concepts to show your grasp of the subject. Format your assignment according to the college style guide recommended by your instructor. If you fail to reference the paper properly, you’ll lose points for the paper!

Consult the professional writers

If you struggle to put a marketing paper together, there’s an option to pay for writing help of a custom writing service company. An expert writer from such a company can assist you with research, formatting or compose the entire paper from scratch. As a rule, they offer quite cheap assistance and work with native English speakers and deliver the orders you buy on time. Thus, you can conveniently outsource some of your writing to experts and ease your workload.

Writing about the pros and cons of digital marketing

Like any other branch of marketing, digital marketing has its advantages and downsides. Be sure to mention them in your paper to present your deep understanding of online marketing principles.


Undoubtedly, one of the main pros of digital marketing is its global reach. Companies can find new markets and target customers worldwide and reach them with their goods or services. Similarly, there’s an option to personalize your offers and be shown to the specific type of audience only. This is something truly unimaginable for traditional marketing.

Digital marketing allows companies to establish their brands online and connect with the buyers through social media. By creating and distributing relevant content, keeping in touch with the audience and anticipating its needs, a company can quickly build its reputation. This also fastens the conversion, as the person can buy immediately without visiting the shops or calling someone.

Last but not least, various web analytics and metrics tools let businesses track their marketing efforts immediately. It’s possible to see how customers respond to advertising or certain types of content, so that the company can refine their marketing efforts. If you write a marketing case study, be sure to rely on analytics to make your paper more informative.


With faster and bigger reach comes greater competition. The fact that the business has to compete with both local and global companies is the con of digital marketing. Not to mention the fact that the digital marketing landscape is changing rapidly, new practices, tool and platforms appear all the time. This requires that the employees should be well trained in all these innovative aspects.

Secondly, defining the ideal customer and refining their image takes time and effort. For a marketing campaign to bring results and high ROI, the company should monitor the results of the previous campaign, target their content carefully and anticipate their audience’s needs. All this takes effort, time, and specific skills.

And, what we can see on the example of both huge and small businesses, the feedback is immediate. If a few dissatisfied customers spread the word on social media or review websites, it can destroy the reputation of the business. Thus, the companies need to learn to work with this feedback and maintain their image in such situations.

Creating an informative paper on online marketing takes extensive research, the analysis of case studies and data, and strong academic writing skills. But if you follow the rules and do not skip any step in writing, your efforts will be rewarded with a high grade.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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