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Engaging market using social media – Tips for start-ups


The reach of social media is undeniable. A little focus on social media can do wonders for your business especially if you are a start-up. In this post we will suggest some creative market engagement techniques for your budding biz.

Engaging customers is a must for start-up business

Engaging market for your product is a serious game and to remain on top of it social media like Facebook can really give you an edge. Now the main question here is – how to engage potential customers? We suggest use creative content in your Facebook advertisements, on your web page or in your blogs.

Creative engagement on social media would help you to connect with your customers and get their response – good or bad is a secondary issue here. Focus on engaging customers on your page. Make roadmaps on how to handle responses, decide on what is the most hassle free way to connect with your customers and how to solve any queries they might have. Always have a text based system ready for people who can’t get through customer care numbers. Furthermore we recommend you give an identity to the product so that it can represent itself and then put in some effort to make it as engaging as possible.

Ever wonder why certain pictureor sceneries from an advertisement or blog wall just look perfect like they represent the most picturesque location possible on earth because they engage people and when we click on it to find more about such location, we are engaged. Such is the process of engagement on social media and like this it provides ample opportunity for companies to advertise their product. Make sure to choose the right picture, right content, right frame, and right tagline to represent your brand. Once all this is decided one must choose wisely on how to promote the idea on social media. Whether you should use Facebook or articles or engage in blogs as all these areas have different approach for the right execution of your strategy. So draw up a comprehensive engagement program and stick to it.

Pointers on engaging market

  1. True representation of yourself

Marketing trends have seen a shuffle during last few decades. Today companies want to connect emotionally with clients trying to appeal to their value system. Here we recommend you share your company’s vision and mission statement on your social media website let’s say Facebook page. Consider your page as a sacred space: represent yourself as truly as possible-use real names and avoid phony titles, write what you believe in, convince your customers why they should switch to your product, tell what sets you apart.

People these days are very aware of market trends and they want to know who they are buying from, what is the credibility of the firm. All this will prove very beneficial in creating goodwill for your organisation.

  1. If you want to know – you must first ask

Social media engagement is all about interaction. One can use various multimedia tools like graphics, videos or simple text to communicate with customers. Take up consumer engagement activities seriously- here you can interact with people about your latest products or give a glimpse of upcoming products, ask questions, take reviews but the key here is to use engagement techniques. Create quirky questions; use illustrations so that people enjoy themselves while answering questions that will benefit your business. This will increase traffic on your social media site and will you’ll get your customer engagement also.

  1. Look outside the box

Engaging customers on social media has a huge potential for launching a product into mainstream and as a result of it overreaching impact everyone likes to engage market on social media. every brand these days has a content- whether to write taglines or to share a review about a certain product. What a start-up need here is some fresh perspective, some creative thought process. One such recent example is Maybelline- here company asked the consumers to post their pictures with their favourite Maybelline product with a hash tag (#), as it is bound  for multiple repetitive cycle and the use of multiple words make it easier to appear in variety of searches online and so you receive more traffic.

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words

Social media is primarily used for entertainment among other things so make your ads entertaining. Engagement on social media is possible only if you provide entertaining content. Words give a personal touch, they let you connect with people but images with your post make it catchier to the eye and so attract more clicks. Sometimes people just don’t want to read. So quirky pictures send more positive and enjoyable vibes and get more clicks. Always make sure to insert the link of your page to into the advertisement.

  1. We all tag along

We suggest some ways to enhance engagement on your social media by creating your own creative content.

– There are only ‘so much’ original ideas and facts in the world so some things are bound to get repeated. There is no harm in borrowing certain  ideas so whenever you use or share content always give its due credit to original publisher i.e. tag them. they will comment on your post hopefully thanking  you for the kind gesture. this will increase the integrity aptitude of your business.

– Whenever you choose references from multiple articles it is advisable to tag everyone. The reason behind this is simple- more tags, more traffic, more circulation. Moreover some authors might tag you back on their pages or blogs. This is good for you as you engaged so many people with one post.

  1. Promote a cause

Promoting a social cause on social media generally engages lot of positive reviews which is beneficial for a start-up. It will enhance your corporate social responsibility.

Apart from all the ideas above, one can always increase the traffic by posting fresh content around holidays, festivals and sports season. Cash in on every opportunity you get. Post live game scores, one can offer discount coupons to increase traffic on such occasions. Further one can add social buttons like: Share with a friend, Email, Contact us etc.

Always keep your social media page updated with current events, offers, promotions. Engage your customers in a creative way because such posts bring lots of engagement and people often refer such sites to their friends and family.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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