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How To Find Best SEO Agency in 2019: Best 5 Things To Look For

While thinking about how to find best SEO agency, confusion erupts as every SEO company claims it is the best.

How To Find Best SEO Agency

In, how to hire the best SEO company or how to find best SEO agency issue guidance is required for clients in choosing the right SEO agency for online business growth.

Choosing a reputable company to manage SEO is half the job marketing. But the hiring process must be free of mistakes.

In the realm of how to pick the best SEO company or how to find best SEO agency, many pitfalls are involved. They include hasty decisions in selecting an agency to optimize the web site for search engines without a forward any planning.

Hiring an SEO agency is a critical hire as it is important to a business. The choice of a company makes a huge difference in the targeted results and costs incurred.

Google is Not The Last Word in Finding a Good Agency

Now let us see how to find the right SEO agency. It is a flawed idea that a good SEO company will do a great job just because their name has appeared in search results with the local city name.

When the thought comes, how to get the best SEO company or how to find best SEO agency the temptation is to go after readymade lists in search engine results must be avoided. They may be local as well as general lists.

In “how to hire the best SEO agency” part understand that many agencies ranking well in lists need not be the best at work. They are folks mostly without any serious client work and spend energy on netting clients. Of course, some good guys might be there. But hiring from listings without a credential recommendation from a known source will turn frustrating in the long run.

The best part to choose the right SEO agency will be the client’s comfort level and insistence on best return on investment.

Most of the “best SEO” or “best SEO consultants” lists are offered by websites that are aggregators. Their business model is bunching a few agencies and ranking them. There is also list marketing in which well-paid ones will make it to the top ranks.

So, the pay-to-play lists will not deliver consistent results for the hirers. However, lists like had been trustworthy and useful.

The Mistake of Exclusive Secret Sauce

In how to hire the best SEO agency or how to find the best SEO agency, never be fooled by “secret sauce” claims of any agency. Fact is that SEO techniques are open practices and no one has an SEO secret trick that can boost ranking or traffic. If anyone makes a claim of the secret proprietary process, that is bogus and a red flag too.

Place priority for the past performance of the shortlisted SEO companies. Check associated client’s verdicts on websites. Go through the comments posted. Demand after delivery service support that responsible SEO companies offer.

What Are the Best Processes in Choosing an SEO?

Set The Right Goals:

In how to pick the best SEO agency or how to find best SEO agency issues, first of all, be clear about the SEO goals you wanted to achieve. There are good goals as well as bad goals. They include high rank in unpaid search for some keywords.

Regarding goal planning before how to find the right SEO company or how to find the best SEO agency option, boosting revenue through sales in E-commerce is not a bad goal.

Since SEO is a sales-driving channel, how to hire the best SEO company methodology must have sales growth as a genuine goal.

Boosting downloads or increasing free sign-ups or free trials are fine goals. Hiking brand sentiments by seeking to change poor reviews with good reviews are the best goals.

The Overdose of Commercial Goals Will Backfire

But be careful that in choosing the right SEO company, if the goal is mere traffic growth that will be a mistake.

On how to find the best SEO agency testimonials and references of an agency’s ability and strategy for high rankings can matter.

Set Your Top 3 Goals For How to Find Best SEO Agency

Certainly, you can pick and guide how to choose the right SEO agency by short-listing three to five folks in SEO and get the best from that list. Talk to them and dig into references.

Also, take the feedback of non-competitive companies. Ask them for names of good agencies who gave them good results.

While looking for how to choose a reliable SEO company, ask SEO companies the processes they follow in reaching the goals discussed.

Ask about communication and reporting process. What metrics do they report on? What work and resources the client must commit internally?

Define The Requirements

Make the SEO team understand the needs of the business niche, audience, and marketing requirements. Doing local SEO is better compared to traditional SEO approaches that chase general markets.

Cost Factor

In the SEO directory, cheaper is not better. Certain companies charge more than the market rate and vice versa. It is worth paying more when promising results are in sight. Verifying certifications, achievements including Google partnerships, experience, the number of projects done will make a prospect more eligible for hiring.

The ratings and reviews available at Google My Business, Yelp and other popular places can provide an idea of the SEO agency’s standing in the market.

Currently, most SEO companies are providing services on a month to month basis. So, a long term contract process must be avoided. Month to month contract will help in judging their performance and can proceed if there are good improvements.

A Case Study of Perfect Hiring of an SEO Agency

The Limousine SEO Case Study shows the site’s marketability. It was raw with no keywords existing anywhere on Google.

When the client hired an agency after a reference, he asked the agency to give a website audit report. It was found there was no traffic to the site despite better design and quality content.

The owner had invested time and built pages with relevant information.

Keyword Analysis

So, Industry- relevant keywords had to be found. The agency worked on Keyword Planner from Google and Keyword Explorer from Moz.

It generated competitive keywords related to the limousine industry. From it, the agency extracted high volume, high money keywords and analyzed with the competitor’s website and froze a few high ranking keywords.

Based on high-ranking competitor’s keywords, it reworked content and added more unique content.

Vigorous competition exists in the limousine industry.  Money keywords were targeted on the basis of search volume ranging between 1000-10000 monthly searches. The SEO agency prepared a timeline and submitted.

Month -Wise Goals;

Month 1 

  • Fixing Technical issues via Audit Tools and Lighthouse
  • Fixing crawl and server errors
  • Proper Page review
  • Solving Webmasters Issues
  • Work on Performance Optimization


Month 2

  • Guest Posting
  • Posting Blogs two times a week
  • Updating articles regularly

Month 3: Branding work

  • Branding Guest Post
  • Branded, URL, partial match mix
  • Analysis with different tools

Finally, the results turned out to be fabulous. The traffic surged as SEO brought more visitors and conversion happened.

In 3 months they upgraded the rank of the site. The SEO agency proved good in creating a focus on what type of users it wanted and offered them the best content.

Need For Right Reporting in SEO

So, the first step is determining what you want to achieve. Outline current SEO goals in consultation with the client.

The goal can include boosting rankings for select keywords, overall search visibility generating more inbound links.

Explain how these SEO goals are important for the client’s business. Set tangible business objectives, such as “increase monthly revenue” or “drive more traffic to your online shop.”

Simply saying work is on for increasing keyword rankings won’t help. Outline what is to be done and see the direction and timelines, manpower, costs, and returns.

While hiring an SEO agency, it must be made clear that the reporting process must be in detail and should hold the leads to goal accomplishment in a transparent manner.

Accomplishing client’s business goals through SEO is an agreed goal. But the client must be convinced that the main objective reflects in the documentation of the SEO report. The metrics analyzed must align with the client’s expectations and business goals.

For example, if the brief is to increase overall organic search traffic to the site, reporting must show the progress in keyword rankings.

The agency must tell the client which all keywords have improved in rankings and how search visibility has changed vis a vis the last report.

For better transparency mention about those keywords that are not doing well and how low-performing keywords will be tackled, going forward.

A model report is here. See how it explains nicely. “Although the rank plunged for 5 of your target keywords, the overall Search Visibility has increased 7%. It is evident that and you are ranking higher than the competitors for 5 of those keywords.”

Such clarity will make sure only relevant and actionable information is passed on.

A mention of the action plan in the coming week will also cheer a client. One example is here. “In the next week, I will be making sure that all pages have Meta Tags so that searchers can determine if the site gets into SERPs. This will boost the overall click-through rate and add more traffic to the site.”  In short, the matter of how to choose a reliable SEO agency or how to find the best SEO agency boils down to best practices that lead to faster results and coordination between the client and hired agency.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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