How To Get Followers on LinkedIn and Social Media in 2019

As in any other social media, discussions are rife on how to leverage the power of LinkedIn for purposes of networking, marketing, talent search, and content marketing. Ultimately the core game on LinkedIn is rapid follower building to reap the benefits.

How To Get Followers on LinkedIn

Follower Concept in LinkedIn

Before we sit down to study how to increase Linkedin followers the structural difference of LinkedIn from other social media and followers operate must be understood.

Experts answering the conundrum how to gain followers on Linkedin also advise understanding the profile, target audience and end users at this social site.

The process of following is different from connecting. Connecting and following differ in engagement. Connecting is like becoming a friend on Facebook, and following is similar to Twitter.  This raises the million dollar question to users how to get followers on Linkedin.

The logical answer to how to boost Linkedin followers will be paying attention to bolster connections.

The question of how to get followers on LinkedIn always resonates loud in the minds of social media users. A Linkedin sign in is like a stepping stone to multiple benefits for professionals, brands, businessmen, and companies in their market development.

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Importance of Linkedin Platform

In 2016, Microsoft acquired the B2B social site for a hefty $26.2 billion seeing it as a rising star. Now the social site has crossed a whopping 500 million user base.  LinkedIn is different from other popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in the matter of network building.

Step up Connections with a Broad Strategy

LinkedIn, especially in its new makeover as New LinkedIn is creating a huge buzz and savvy marketers are flocking to that platform.

LinkedIn offers opportunity for both individuals and brands. But the success hinges on high-quality connections and followers. For optimally leveraging the benefits LinkedIn connections the base must expand to the maximum permitted thirty thousand connections.

Strategies to Increase LinkedIn Followers

how to gain followers on LinkeDin

LinkedIn states connections are two-way relationships of trust between people who are known to each other. Mutual consent involves sharing personal information, photos, posts, updates and so on.

Following implies a one-way link allowing the follower to view another LinkedIn member’s posts without connecting as a first-degree relation.

Accepting someone’s invitation to connect makes a 1st-degree connect and a person’s 2nd-degree connections are automatic and vice versa.

Making connections on LinkedIn can target the following types of people

·      People already known

·      Second connections with similar profile and interests

Plus 2nd connections that are too good to make a target audience.

Use the Email List

The easiest part in making connections is putting to use the email address book for harnessing a few thousand email addresses. Connecting to those known people is easy and quick. Even if their audiences are moderate, and not too relevant to the focus they are still the best place to get started.

Automatic Followers and Secondary Followers

On LinkedIn, all primary connections are automatic followers. But the total number of followers will be the sum total of connections and followers. On how to get free Linkedin followers, the main goal must be to optimize the connections to the maximum number as first connections are primary followers by default.

For this, basic steps on how to get likes on Linkedin will be useful.  Share content rich on knowledge, advice, and avenues of introductions. They will be well received by the audience.

Other ancillary gains from LinkedIn include

·      Leads

·      Sales

·      Clients

·      Career opportunities

Part of the answer to how to get free Linkedin followers is embedded in a user’s strategy for growing on LinkedIn.

Normally, when a user posts on LinkedIn, the impressions will only be a small percentage of total connections. When a connection engages the post via likes or comments the content gets displayed to his connections via the feeds. Thus the chain becomes viral.

Unlike other social sites, the practice of purchasing followers is not rampant at LinkedIn. The first thought is how to increase Linkedin followers free.

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Target Influencers

To become a social media influencer, the best way is connecting with other influencers. Most meaningful relationships on LinkedIn are built by cultivating and connecting with direct competitors. Here the keyword is cooperation and not competition.

Network with LinkedIn influencers and start tagging them in your content. Use the same tactic as in other social interaction. Tagging an influencer is fine after making a solid relationship and also if the post is very relevant. Spamming influencers is bad. Also add value by commenting on posts or messaging them.

How to Promote Pages?

In expanding presence on LinkedIn at least two strategies can work. One is promoting the page and the second is offering engaging content to accelerate shares.

For a company, the best option is making employees to follows the company LinkedIn page by directing staff to add company page as their workplace. This automatically makes them followers.

Another way to enhance the page is optimizing content for amplification including comments and shares. LinkedIn is on record that “best-of” lists get 40% plus amplification than other company posts.

According to research, LinkedIn followers engage with videos and exercise more “amplification actions” than on non-video posts.

Make SEO Friendly

Making the LinkedIn page SEO friendly by adding relevant keywords to your description and posts will do well on search engines and bring a wider audience who may turn followers.

Promote LinkedIn page via marketing channels such as Facebook, Twitter, email list, etc. Add a LinkedIn share button to all website content.

Innovative Content

how to increase LinkeDin followers

Including a LinkedIn link to company page in the bio of guest blog posts will bring good traffic. Increased referral traffic by posting blogs about LinkedIn and links can add value to a page.

One example can be “8 Innovation Driven Companies to Follow on LinkedIn”. This sends referral traffic to the company page and earns a good ranking for LinkedIn related keywords.

If a user can increase the rate of engagement with existing connections and page followers more followers will be inclined to join.

It is unfair to expect followers when connectors are consistently ignored. Commenting on other people’s posts and sharing them must be made a routine.

By taking more interest in industry-related groups, sharing thoughts and insights can make more people interested and they will like to follow.

Company News as Staple Content

Company news is hot content on the Linkedin pages. A majority of professionals say they have joined LinkedIn mainly to read company news. Tracking LinkedIn analytics will reveal what kind of posts is resonating with the audience.

However, promotional content must be kept to a minimum. At least 80% content must be industry-related. Creating an industry-related LinkedIn group for sharing valuable information, discussions and making it a hub of your industry will not only make the user an authority but also bring a good number of followers.

As a consequence of meaningful connections in sizable numbers efforts can go on to gain Linkedin followers free and content will get exposed to a wider population.

The primacy must be on building an audience that is very large and relevant. Selecting connections with a larger downline can enhance the sphere of influence. The combined platter of 1st connections and 2nd connections can develop into a mega-target audience on LinkedIn.

Strategy to Increase Free Followers

Connections have to be expanded by working on trust factors and scouting for powerful first connections, increasing outreach to mutual connections and posting relevant content that will be noticed by an audience having similar tastes.

Why is LinkedIn Account So Valuable?

Unique demographics make LinkedIn very distinct. They include the following.

·      29 percent of online adults use LinkedIn

·      56 percent of users are male

·      44 percent are female

·      51 percent of users have a college degree

·      13 percent of millennials (15 to 35-year-olds)

·      44 percent of users earn more than $75,000 a year

·      41 percent millionaires use LinkedIn

Content-First Experience

Among the new spicy attractions are LinkedIn Pulse that started in 2015 as a game changer. LinkedIn Pulse established the platform as a content-first social media network.

Prior to LinkedIn Pulse, the platform never offered users or influencers any organic content. But Pulse publishing opened floodgates of content and today the weekly output is more than 100,000 organic articles by top-level executives.

Linked In offers hyper-specific content and offers visibility before the top brains and players in the business and professional sector of various industries.

LinkedIn strategy boils down to numbers and Linkedin audience insights will offer critically on any forward planning.

Become a LinkedIn Lion

To conclude, if you are aiming for a vast number of followers one more option is—become a Linkedin LION, the short form for LinkedIn Open Networker. This breaks the barrier of the standard LinkedIn rule of saying “I Don’t Know” for every invite unknown to the invited user.

LIONs can accept invites from anyone and never give the negative “I Don’t Know” reply.  Surely, LinkedIn’s appeal is growing.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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