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Plagiarism Checker Tools: Top 20 Free Online Plagiarism Detector Tools in 2019

A thriving plagiarism checker tools market is shaping up. This marks a tell-tale commentary on the malaise of plagiarism eating into the kernels of the creative domain such as media, academics, content writing and publishing.

Plagiarism Checker Tools

To grab unethical operators by the collar, there are editors, publishers, professionals, professors, teachers, and academic heads looking for top plagiarism checker tools.

Plagiarism in its new manifestations has rendered many existing small SEO tools inadequate. That is how new and advanced tools have become imperative. Some of them take to the task even paraphrasing to highlight shades of plagiarism.

What is Plagiarism?

In simple terms, plagiarism is theft of intellectual property in terms of language, words, and ideas from published works and attempts to present them as genuine content.

People working on education, research, journalism and professional publications are the main seekers of top online plagiarism checker tools. With the proliferation of websites, maintaining unique content on sites has become a challenge and help of online tools has become very indispensable.

Plagiarism definition states that the menace is “wrongful appropriation, language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions of another author” and presenting as one’s own original work.  There is a curious look out for top plagiarism checker tools free.

Consequences of   Plagiarism

For websites carrying duplicate content, plagiarised stuff is a recipe for disaster as the website’s ranking suffers and penalties can be slapped by search engines including Google.

There are many plagiarism detector tools free. But bulk use and best results mandate buying paid plagiarism checking tools as a good step.

Tips To Select Plagiarism Checking Tools

Top online plagiarism checker tools including software are selected on the basis of merit, accuracy and cost. Most online plagiarism checkers detect plagiarism and highlight the lifted text from the original sources.

A variety of anti-plagiarism tools exists in the market including top plagiarism checker tools free online. Some of the top plagiarism checker tools free include Dupli Checker, Copyleaks and PaperRater.

Tips For Selecting The Best Plagiarism Checker

In making a choice, testimonials and comments of users can be a guideline for picking the best plagiarism checker online.

Ease of access and popularity are the two important variables in finalizing a useful plagiarism checker. A potential user can also look at the broad history of scanning by the software and what percentage of plagiarism it unearths and how a report delivers value to a potential user is a critical part.

If a plagiarism checker online tool provides a detailed report, obviously that will get a priority.

Top Website Plagiarism Checker Tools

Fighting plagiarism is a survival issue for Content Marketers. They want to blunt the malady of copying as adulterated content is a liability and will finish off their trade. They use a variety of plagiarism checker online software for detecting copied content.

In the market, two types of plagiarism detectors exist. Some are used for originality verification to determine the scale of rip off and theft from published works. Detection of Infringement involves tracking down instances of misuse of original works.

Now let us take a look at the popular plagiarism checkers.


Among the plagiarism checker software, Copyscape has a long legacy in scanning website content perfectly. For checking the entire web content for plagiarism, all you need to do is—type the website URL into the box than copying and pasting the whole content.


In using Dustball just copy and paste the content to be checked. The free version can check 1,000 pieces a day. The cost is only $8 a month for paid use and cancellation is too easy. The premium version is accurate and good for students to make it last for a semester or two.


WhiteSmoke is a mobile app for checking plagiarism, content, and grammar. This allows checking work across many portable devices and works well with Word and Outlook.

Write check

This paid tool is reliable for checking plagiarism. WriteCheck starts at as little as $8 per 5,000 words and helps writers with grammar and tutoring options as well in spelling and punctuation.


This online anti-plagiarism tool supports over 190 languages. The best part is that Plagiarisma will not store uploaded content, unlike other sites, do. It works well on all mobile devices and checks grammar and other perks for writers.


This free tool is easy to use. Go to the website and paste your text and click the “Check Plagiarism” button.

It checks many databases online and takes a little more time to confirm whether the work of a student is original.


This paid tool offers a flat rate and good for bloggers, professors, journalists because it is a value for money product. It offers a free trial and is good in comparing a given work with other scientific journals.

Millions of people using PlagScan as an anti-plagiarism tool applaud it for the smart citations it is providing.


It checks allows as many submissions you would like and is good for scanning resources in a jiffy to verify a work as original or copied. This is a great tool for students or professors to check academic work.


iThenticate is an online plagiarism checker used in scholarly writing domain and professionals.  This is a great tool for publishing journal articles and a staple of professionals and senior academic researchers. iThenticate is also useful for government organizations, scientific writers, and professionals in the legal or human resource fields as best and top plagiarism checker tools

Top Google Plagiarism Checker Cools

There are so many top plagiarism detector tools including free tools like Plagium sought after by bloggers and website owners to check the purity of any content.

That puts an end to the load on Google plagiarism check tools such as hitting quotation marks around phrases and then staying tensed for results for verification.

Plagium For Researchers

Plagium is top plagiarism checker software that operates like a proprietary engine using advanced search technology for deep mining of documents on the web and other private resources.

It can search large blocks of text rapidly and exhaustively as in search engines.

Why Top Line Plagiarism Checker Tools Are Required?

Google has zero tolerance for plagiarised content and website owners will face setbacks of ranking loss if they do not care to curate copied content on their sites. Many top Google plagiarism checker tools are available for the purpose.

Google penalizes junk content. It is urgent to feed unique content provided by ethical writers and verifying all submitted content with top online plagiarism checker tools.

Plagiarism Checker Tool is a free online plagiarism checker tool that scans content sentence by sentence to deliver 100% accurate results. It will show a red flag if any sentence or sentences have been copied from other web sources.

Copy Content Checker Tools

For bloggers, content theft is a matter of concern. When others copy their content Google rankings will suffer. For individual bloggers troubled content is more than what they can take.

For them, Copyleaks as one of the top copy content checker tools is a great relief. It is a perfect tool in confirming that no duplicate content exists by easy comparison of the blog’s content against many other documents and websites to examine overlapping or resemblance.

The report will show exact source website URL, a number of words and passages copied. Being a cloud-based system it can be accessed from a computer, phone, or tablet.

When searching for plagiarism checker online there will be free as well as paid ones. Top free plagiarism checker software is always in good demand. According to content marketers, some top copy content checker tools or plagiarism detector tools online can be picked up from the following products.

SEO Review Tools

One of the best duplicate content checker tool SEO review tools assists in finding internal and external duplicate content for web pages.


Siteliner is another free duplicate content that tracks down duplicate content on a website. It is entirely focused on plagiarised content on internal website pages.

Small SEO Tools

Small SEO tool offers a comprehensive platter of best free online plagiarism checker services.

Hive Digital

This free duplicate content checker tool online examines 7 common causes and effects of duplicate content.


The Prepost online plagiarism checker tool is widely used in checking originality. Detect plagiarism by just copying and pasting content or uploading files.


Copyleaks duplicate content checker tool uses advanced AI technology to detect plagiarism and content reporting. It uses sophisticated algorithms to confirm originality and for tracking content in various languages.


PaperRater is an online web-based plagiarism checker. It is a proprietary conglomeration of computer algorithms that can highlight plagiarized content.


Grammarly’s free online plagiarism throws up an instant report that tells of any plagiarism in content and curates grammar and other writing problems.

Know the Top 8 Anti-Plagiarism Vendors in Education

A research report by Technavio is important for noting the new trends. It says the anti-plagiarism market for the education sector is dominated by 8 vendors. They are academic plagiarism, Grammarly, PlagScan, Turnitin, Blackboard, PlagiarismDetect, EVE Plagiarism Detection System, PlagTracker.

Turnitin is capturing new markets as a commercial, plagiarism detection service. Universities and high schools are its main subscribers. The tool compares documents against in-house database and external websites to traces even tiny similarities.


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