How to Hide Your YouTube Channel Subscribers Count in 2019

YouTube Channel Subscribers – By default, YouTube shows your subscribers count on your channel page, under all your videos and when someone searches for your channel.

If you wish, you can hide subscribers count from channel page and all your videos. However, remember that there is no way to hide subscribers count in the search results.

Steps For How to Hide Your YouTube Channel Subscribers Count


1. Go to and sign in with your account. If you’re already signed in to YouTube, skip this step. – YouTube Channel Subscribers


How to Hide Your YouTube Channel Subscribers Count


2. Open Creator studio. To do that. Click your profile picture at the top-right and select Creator Studio. – YouTube Channel Subscribers


Hide Your YouTube Channel Subscribers Count


3. Expand Channel settings. Click on the “CHANNEL” icon from the left panel to view more options. – YouTube Channel Subscribers


Youtube subscribers


4. Navigate to the advanced settings page. Click on the Advanced option under the “CHANNEL” header. – YouTube Channel Subscribers


Youtube Subscribers Count


5. Scroll down to the “Subscriber counts” section. Mark on the “Do not display the number of people subscribed to my channel” option. – YouTube Channel Subscribers



Youtube Subscribers Couts Tips


6. Save your settings. Just click on the Save button. – YouTube Channel Subscribers


Youtube Channel Subscribers


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