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YouTube Ideas That You Can Use For Brand Building

The power of YouTube as a great marketing medium stands unchallenged. The one billion hours of video a day is an incredible volume that will easily take care of brand visibility and new product introduction.

Youtube Ideas

In the past one decade, YouTube as the top visual search engine has become the top marketing channel on the web. All marketers and brand owners are in a hurry to leverage the power of YouTube and in making it the strategic part of the marketing plans.

Powerful Marketing Medium

According to sites, YouTube enables 33 percent of all online activity in watching video content. Among the users, nearly 75 percent will visit a marketer’s site after watching a video. The recall of video ads is also high as 4 out of 5 online users remember the ads. It is estimated that 64 percent of customers will buy a product from an e- retailing site after feeling convinced by a video.

Plan the Best YouTube Content

Many YouTube oriented marketers are at a loss on what content will attract a fairly good traffic share.

We have examples of many brands having built their image on YouTube as inspiring case studies. Some hot selling YouTube video ideas will interest all users.

Show Off: 

Red Bull has shown that YouTube videos are the tools for displaying brand personality. The way the brand presented Felix Baumgartner’s freefall from space is a great example.

Red Bull deployed a unique approach by concentrating on the core product and infused adventure as a brand message and disseminated that experience for creating awesome marketing campaigns.

Product Announcements Video

These days’ videos have mostly dislodged commercials which used to be the main conduits of product releases. Though their marginal presence is still there, the punch and appeal of new product rollout is more felt in videos.

Take Nike, it triggers a global appetite for sneakerheads using YouTube videos. It has positioned all new products with visual announcements and drums up high anticipation before ant big bang release of sneak peeks.

Product Demonstration

Many customers face a shortcoming in not knowing the full value of products they come across. It is time manufacturers addressed this issue. They can offer a video explaining the finer aspects of the product and help in removing misconceptions. There is considerable value in product demonstration or explanation videos that expand awareness about brands.

Those videos can also guide for faster conversions. When a customer searches a brand, the relevant video will come up as a pop-up and the appeal will stimulate the buying instincts of customers.

Nintendo is the best example in familiarizing the brands with its live gameplay, trailers and web series. The strategy has taken it to the zenith of popularity as a fascinating brand on YouTube channels.

Engaging Audience with a Humor Touch

There are umpteen viral product videos which are entertaining and remain a far cry from the dry, boring, overly technical content in similar videos.  Their jovial slant in presentation wipes out the tedium and seeks to engage the audience in a better way. In “Baking with Babish” a deft play of humour and goofiness is apparent and the whopping 2 million YouTube followers is a reward.

This means, if there is a team member with a knack for humour, it is easy to post a video carrying light-hearted banter about the brand.

Product Comparisons Video

Comparison videos are another big opportunity for drawing more audience. Here a comparison is made between products or services with that of a competitor and other competing products.

But care must be taken not to sound offensive while promoting one’s brand or product.

Videos that insult others or deride consumers for making a different choice will not accomplish any goal. The comparison must be healthy and project solid qualities of each product with reasons why a particular product is more preferable.

Influencer Videos

Many a time marketing trends are swayed by the words of influencers. They are personalities who promote a brand through their popularity.

All big names need not be successful influencers. There are so many smart brands which use local influencers to bring big traffic. The influencer endorsements and connections can be flaunted in a good video.

In fact, a trend has started whereby industry influencers take part in Q&A videos. This is a perfect example of leveraging industry influencers for shoring up brand appeal.

Milestone Videos

There is no great occasion than celebrating a milestone of a company or brand. It can be an anniversary of anything or the expression of joy in selling a 1000th product or starting the 10th branch.

Lego stormed YouTube with its 60th birthday video and also lined up a couple of product announcements. The well-received video showed the power of milestone celebration videos and the hike in credibility index and how the legacy excites the audience.

Add a Punch

In making a video viral, make it simple and short. Videos of less than two minutes will gain higher traction in Twitter and Facebook. There the videos are clicked, consumed and shared among peers. It is uniqueness that drives a video as a stand out among the teeming crowd of similar videos in search results.

Tips for Success in Business

In presenting the image of an authority in the business before an audience, the “tip-for-success-video” will be a great tool to enhance the image.

It can excite a community around a businessman by telling a message via videos. Many aspirants seeking similar success can be given a thumbs up by sharing best industry business tips.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos on public speak is a great example of detailed advice on public speaking. His channel is naturally a top favourite of business leaders.

Inspirational Videos

Emotionally charged video content can get instant reaction. The audience has varying wishes—to be humoured, surprised, and inspired. In photography, nothing beats Thomas Heaton’s YouTube channel that inspirational for all kinds of photographers.

Customer Testimonials

In promoting a brand via video stories of real-life customers and their opinions can go a long way. National homebuilder, Taylor Morrison offers a platform for consumer experiences on the brand’ product and also spices it with struggles of homeowners in choosing homes, locations, and coping with pressures of family growth.

Also, highlight regular customers or those people who have left tributes on social media. Persuade them to share their experiences with the brand on the video with the right passion and emotion.Expert Training Institute



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