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6 Smart Ways To Get High Traffic For YouTube Videos

Do you publish YouTube videos? YouTube is an ideal platform for publishing videos as it has millions of visitors and this number is increasing day-by-day. How many views do your videos get? Do you know that the videos are also promoted just like blogs and websites? If you aren’t promoting your videos then you’ll never get targeted viewers.

Here in this blog, I will share some tips that are tested and proven to be beneficial for promoting videos from almost every niche. You can follow these tips to get targeted viewers for your videos.

  1. Video Title

It is the first thing to be noticed by viewers and it is the title that decides whether the video will be widely seen and shared by viewers or the videos will be skipped by targeted viewers.

The first thing you should do to write an attractive title is to do keyword research to know what your targeted audiences are searching and then write a title using those keywords.

Follow other tips for title writing:

  • Keep title short and to the point
  • Add current day and year (2017), if possible
  • Begin title with keywords
  • Include power words like awesome and incredible
  • Trigger emotions with words like sensual and passionate

Also, you can capitalize your headline title using a tool. An attractive title will

  1. Video Tags

Not tagging videos or using incorrect tags hinders organic promotion of videos. But on YouTube, tagging works differently from blogs. Here are the rules for writing YouTube video tags.

  • Always use a unique branded tag so that all videos are shown under that tag
  • Include main keywords in the tag
  • Use variation in keywords for video tagging
  • Take video tagging lessons from high ranking videos
  • 6 Smart Ways To Get High Traffic For YouTube Videos
  1. Use a Custom Thumbnail

A good thumbnail is a big help for YouTube videos. It helps in quick recognition of videos in related and suggested video section. Here are some tips for using thumbnails.

  • Keep resolution at 1280×720 with 640 pixels
  • Always use .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG
  • Video size should 2MB
  • Try using 16:9 aspect ratio as it is the most used aspect in YouTube videos

Or use Canva or YouZign to design thumbnails for your videos.

  1. Focus onCustom Thumbnail Do some branding for your videos so that every video gets attention. Know about intro and outro and think how to take advantage of it.

YouTube Intro: It is a short 3 seconds clip that runs at the beginning of the video. It introduces the brand.

YouTube Outro: It comes at the conclusion and tells viewers about related and upcoming videos. Also it requests for likes, shares and subscribing.

Creating intro and outro is easy and you can easily create them using a tool like Camtasia.

  1. Share Videos on Social Media

Like a professional video blogger, you should try creating a community of like-minded bloggers and viewers outside the YouTube. Go to social media and start sharing your videos with the community. Also use a tool like Buffer to schedule your videos.

  1. Start a Blog for YouTube Videos

It is for full-time video bloggers. Today it is pretty easy to create a blog and embed videos in the blog. There are many free platforms where you can create your blog and also you can take advantage of plugins like SEO and Viral Subscribe to promote your blog.


Video blogging on YouTube is a great way to build your brand but you should know how to promote videos. We discussed simple promotional strategies but they work well. If you want to know more about YouTube video promotion then you should visit YouTube’s creator academy.

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Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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