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A Complete Financial Guide To YouTube Marketing in 2019

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">Social Media marketing for financial advisors, YouTube video presentations platform has got a huge success. As it provides a free opportunity for everyone to explore on YouTube marketing.

For conveying a message, the ultimate and effective way is Youtube. Furthermore, as said earlier the financial advisors are given with opportunity by YouTube in order to showcase the unique qualities of their firm that no algorithm, robo-advisor or impersonal website could ever match with them.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine which is gaining more than 1.5 billion users every month. It is also shown in many surveys that between 64% and 85% of the customers are showing more interest to buy a product after watching a video.

Moreover, it has also been into the picture that conversion rates for 72% of all small businesses who use Youtube are increased. Yet, less than one in 10 small businesses are actively leveraging YouTube to reach their customers. Now let us see the complete guide which is necessary for marketing on YouTube.

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Gaining Traffic to Your Videos:


America’s life instruction manual of choice is the YouTube platform. The searches on YouTube are growing at a rate of 70% every year. Whenever you want to learn about making money you should always consider various factors like be it budgeting, retirement saving, cash flow management or any other number of topics on the subject, starting or running a small business, college funding. To get traffic to your YouTube videos these factors are to be considered with lots of care.

Then it would be a golden opportunity for financial advisors to get in front of the customers, branding themselves, explaining their services, and setting themselves up to convert the searcher or customer to a prospect, and then from a prospect to a client on a favorable basis.



YouTube marketing is playing a crucial role in Internet marketing for financial advisors. If you show your YouTube video on a regular basis, expressing useful knowledge and good ideas, apart from their competition the financial advisors immediately set and establish themselves as experts on any given topic. So through this way, they will build trust in the viewers.

In many surveys, it was reported that 64% of consumers are more likely to buy the product after viewing review videos on Youtube. Also, 52% of consumers stated that watching review videos on particular product videos makes them more confident in their online purchase decisions.

Best Ways To Follow For YouTube Marketing:


  • Here are the best practices that a financial advisor should follow while making and uploading your Youtube Videos.
  • Make sure to use smart SEO techniques.
  • Always use an appropriate title for your video with targeted keywords and get a large facebook Thumbnails of Youtube video. When you include a quality synopsis along with keywords in the description box, then it will be useful in boosting your ranking in the search engine.
  • Add a transcription of your speech on a YouTube video page. Then there will be more chances for the customers to find your video online and increase your online rankings.
  • Make sure to name the file with appropriate keywords. This will increase your chances of getting a lead to the customers to find your video to watch.
  • Turn on the Closed captioning that will improve your social media effectiveness. As much as 85% of videos on Facebook with large thumbnail youtube facebook are viewed without sound. Furthermore, it is also shown in research that video clips are shared 12 times more frequent than text and images.
  • Once you got fluency in Youtube marketing, you’ll be able to direct viewers to click youtube to FB thumbnail on your video to get to other parts of your website.
  • Include Shorter And Longer Videos big thumbnail on and concentrate more on the topic you choose.
  • Always make sure to ask the Viewers to Subscribe your Youtube channel

So, these are all the best practices a financial advisor should follow for YouTube marketing. So, we suggest you, people, to find topics that are specific to your area, and put your own unique spin on an already covered topic. Then you can build your Youtube marketing with more number of subscribers by sharing your content Facebook and Twitter also. Finally, this is the way that you can leverage YouTube marketing.


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