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How to Use Email Marketing for Online Retail Business?

As there is no instant way to earn money, in the same way, there is no easy road to making strong relationships with the customers.

You need to add some effort and smart work to establish your niche.

There is no magic wand like Harry Potter had, BUT there is EMAIL MARKETING!!!

Yes, you just read it right. Email marketing is the magic wand!!

Nowadays people prefer shopping and surfing online than going out to marts to buy stuff. So e-shopping is a great advantage for online retailers to grab the audience and drive in many sales in the best possible ways.

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With these simple email marketing tips, skyrocket your online retail business –

Use Email Verification –
Email list cleaning is as important as cleaning up your house. It is done to remove unwanted email accounts and unengaged email users from your email database.

Do you know?

37% of email addresses change annually! So, email list cleaning becomes more important to remove these unengaged subscribers and send the right message to the target users.

Email Verification should be a regular practice. Otherwise, bounce rates will touch the sky.

By cleaning the email list, you can manage your email list to look more appealing and organized.

Email list cleaning will –
● Improve the deliverability score
● Excel your email marketing metrics
● You can stay connected with your customers

Email personalization –

Perhaps email personalization is the golden key to reaching your targeted audiences and is considered one of the most important marketing tools.

Online retailers can target their audiences using email personalization.
More importantly, an understanding of customer persona should be the ultimate goal of every marketer.

Personalized emails are more interesting and provide users with a better experience. Carefully segment your list as personalization increases brand value-driving increased ROI and highest engagement rates.

Email personalization gives you a better understanding of customer behavior and based on certain demographic criteria, you can easily identify your target users.

Segmentation of customer –

Segmentation of customers is the method of dividing customers into respective groups based on common interests.

There are a wide range of factors upon which segmentation of customer is done –
● Age
● Gender
● Location
● Lifestyle
● Marital status
● Occupation

Customer segmentation helps a marketer to –
● Develop healthy customer relationship
● Analyze customer feedback and improve on it
● Mend ideas to design new products as per demand
● Provide better customer service

Mobile friendly emails –

There are 5.27 billion mobile phone users worldwide. People now love to get information with just one click.

Online retail marketers can take this as a boon. For example, they can share mobile-friendly emails to users regarding their products or brands.

In the age of modern electronic communication, mobile is king. Users can easily navigate, and marketers can optimize very well through mobile-friendly emails.

You need to create emails that display on any device. Do not put your valuable customers in an undesirable scenario.

Easy unsubscription option –

Easy unsubscription option is a good marketing effort, but huge unsubscribe rates decrease your deliverability score.

For any online retailer, subscribers are a valuable asset. So naturally, it is hard to lose your precious subscriber but take your brand to the next level. Therefore, you must include an easy unsubscribe option.

You should remember that if your content is strong enough, then there is no valid reason that your subscribers will leave your product and services.

It is better to provide an unsubscribe link than keep “ghost” users in your emailing list.

It often feels bad to see someone leaving your emailing list. However, an unsubscription option is beneficial in running an email marketing campaign, driving in open rates and click-through rates to your website.

Best return on investment or ROI –

When it comes to return on investment, email marketing offers the highest ROI among all marketing channels.

Median email marketing ROI is 122%, which is four times higher than any other digital marketing channel.

Email marketing helps drive traffic to your website with a return on investment and increased traffic leads to more brand awareness. Everything is interlinked in the digital marketing world.

It is not easy to generate ROI at a fast pace. You need to analyze the marketing statistics and customer needs to increase your Return on investment graph gradually.

Tracking customer engagement –

Tracking customer engagement is an important metric of email marketing that helps you to understand your marketing growth. More customers buying your services will increase your brand reputation.

You can track customer engagement through –
● Open rates
● Click-through rates
● Unsubscribe rates
● Conversion rates

The tools mentioned above are important email marketing metrics that will be helpful in any online retail business.

Now sharing made easy –

Online retail marketers can make the best use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to reach their targeted customers.

An enticing email newsletter can also do wonders in taking your online retail business to new heights. You need to be creative with your content.

Email marketing is the most cost-efficient and easy tool to create your niche in the marketing world. You only have to take a great leap forward towards your goal.

Final thoughts –

Time is ticking fast!! Start your online retail business journey if you are new in this business and if not, start reforming your existing policies.

Retailers want email marketing to fulfill their business goals and generate revenue, drive leads and carve their niche in the marketing world.

Hurry up! Start using the above email marketing tips so that you won’t leave money on the table.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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