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What is Email Tracking Software?

Email tracking software monitors the delivery of emails to targeted ids. The tracking technology relies on digitally time-stamped records to find the exact day and time of delivery emails. The technology also tracks the IP addresses of recipients and views whether the emails are successfully received and opened.

Use of email tracking

 It is useful in marketing. When you send bulk emails and expect a positive response, you want to know whether the emails are successfully sent and how many emails are opened. The opening rate tells how your email is doing. A higher opening rate shows that you are doing well in marketing.

Most email marketing systems have tracking features like:

Read-Receipts: Emails carry receipts that notify senders of successful delivery and opened messages. The system looks reliable but there are many flaws in this system. For instance, the users can disable the receipts and not all email applications support the receipts.

Return-Receipts: It is called delivery status notification (DSN). The request is sent to the delivery mail servers of recipients and the notification comes in the form an email. It tells about delivery like succeeded, delayed, and failed. It is more suitable for tracking emails as it gives complete detail of email delivery.

Email tracking for marketing

 The latest email marketing software comes with a tracking system. The process is to place a small cookie in the mail message. The cookie remains invisible to the recipients and it activates only when the message is opened. The cookie tracking system can give important details like email open-rate and click-through-rate.

Privacy issues with email tracking

The primary objective of tracking emails is to get a notification about the successful delivery of emails and to find out the authenticity of receiving addresses. But it would become an infringement of privacy of the recipients if the tracking is done to collect crucial information about the recipients.





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