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How Will AI (Artificial Intelligence)Transform Digital Marketing in 2019?

The recent updates and changes in Artificial Intelligence have given rise to lots of opportunities for business in the digital marketing sector. The digital marketing course Google has specially designed keeping in mind the changes and updates of Artificial Intelligence.


AI (Artificial Intelligence)Transform Digital Marketing


The technology is growing at a rapid pace and out of this artificial intelligence is one common thing which is undoubtedly making an impact on almost all the sectors which include finance, education, and e-commerce as well as the digital marketing course with Google.

The fact that AI helps in enhancing customer experience with business delivery will take digital marketing to places. The core functioning of the AI is to make use of machines and continuously learn and solve problems using their ability. This can incredibly make a difference in digital marketing course google and it would create efficiency and perhaps more satisfying work.

The momentum of AI has been supported by the growth of advanced data analytics tools, improvements in machine learning algorithms, availability of rich and extensive datasets along with the data-driven approach to marketing and innovation.

The development which would be a real transformation for AI and help them reach new heights across the various industry including digital marketing. We could see many examples on this and the fact that AI and machine learning could help in detecting the threat automatically and thus guiding us against cyber-attacks would probably give support to AI transforming digital marketing in 2019.

Marketers are a little confused in using artificial intelligence in their digital marketing strategies and they also recommend the same with the digital marketing course google to provide some strategies regarding it. According to recent research, 51% of marketers are taking the help of artificial Intelligence while more of 27% of them are trying to incorporate the technology in 2019.

Here is how will AI transform digital marketing in 2019:


1. Customer Experience will be on another level by Chatbots

The age of digital marketing should be such that the communication should be really fast and characterized by advancement, quickness, and accuracy in terms of message conversations. So here comes the use of AI in facilitating engagement with the audience.

Chatbots hence is the powerful tool today for communication. It is a computerized program which is used for automating certain tasks and uses conversational interface by typically chatting with a user.

This is the generation when social media has taken everything by storm and which has resulted in the use of digital marketing course google by AI in the future. Chatbots helps customer service in a much better way and can be used for content consumption, customer service, and transactional engagements.

There was one report by eConsultancy which suggested that 57% of people prefer to live chat in getting their queries resolved online. Nowadays every customer expects a fast solution and a fast reply to the queries and hence they would require well-programmed chatbots to provide it to the customer.

The chatbots are also aware of handling the after-sale customer engagements and could help in making a better strategy for digital marketing course with Google.

2. Content creation and proofreading will be much efficient and up to the mark

We are already aware of creating wonderful content for human interaction but are we not trying to expect something more the machines to even match this. But the fact is a little more surprising as AI has been writing the content for digital marketing course google which is quite similar to that written by human beings. Thanks to the wonderful work of Artificial intelligence machines can be now trusted in generating content.

The content marketing which comes under as a module in digital marketing course by Google needs content curation which is a result of advances in AI. Artificial Intelligence uses to scan the internet for curating the content with itself.

Now business can use the power of AI at auto-generating emails at a larger scale and this way based on the individual interests’ users gets personalized curated content. With the help of AI, marketers can now easily connect with visitors by getting relevant content through different websites.

3. AI will provide much ground to Voice search

The use of virtual assistants who are powered by AI, voice search is the new thing which will prove more efficient in the coming days. Voice search is definitely going to stay and with the help of AI, it has been more effective in using smartphones, home assistant devices, and autonomous cars.

There are many devices which are now dependent on voice commands such as Siri, Alexa, Amazon Echo, and Google Home so AI will provide much ground which is needed for voice search for digital marketing course google.

According to the research, out of 3.5 billion searches on Google every day almost a third of those are through voice searches.

4. The digital marketing will be altered by predictive analytics

The process of using data mining, statistics, and modeling in making predictions about future outcomes is known as predictive analysis in Artificial intelligence. With the use of big data and AI, there are huge possibilities opened up in doing the digital marketing course with Google.

AI will provide various calculated activities which would enhance the performance, higher ROI and faster success.

The help which predictive analytics would provide to digital marketing course with Google is as follows:

  • Knowing Customer Behaviour: The factor of predictive analytics can be used for knowing the customer behavior and by the use of AI algorithms many target groups can be segmented based on multiple variables.
  • Growing Lead: AI will provide the marketing and sales of business able to collaborate in a better way. This will provide every lead to grow based on their behavior to purchase.
  • Campaign Nurturing: Use of demographic and behavioral data with the help of AI, lead nurturing campaign could be carried out more efficiently.
  • Cross-selling and Upselling: AI can use the available data in helping the businesses upselling and cross-selling and hence combining both to increase the main sale.
  • Personalization in Product recommendation: with the help of predictive analytics, marketers could easily track the preferences of their customers including their habits and buying behavior.

5. Improved User experience

Successful marketing is represented by the increased and updated user experience. During the time of interaction, customers expect seamless UX and exceptional customer service from start to finish. AI helps users in individually tailoring and designing the digital marketing course Google for each user and help them understands the fundamentals of digital marketing.

A good UX is the main reason why consumers keep browsing a website and spend more time on the website and thus providing a higher probability of conversion. The use of AI and automation can be done in applying to UX design by forming the A/B testing and optimizing websites.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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