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Create Multiple Choice Test Maker Quizzes to Generate Leads


You find quizzes all around the Internet these days. It is no surprise as they have become the most potent form of marketing. They engage users, arouse desire in their minds and also encourage them to share the quiz results within their network. You would better understand the impact of quizzes on your marketing campaign through the following stats –

  • An estimated 96% of people who take online quizzes complete them
  • More than 80% of users respond positively to online quizzes
  • Online quizzes can increase lead generation by more than 500%

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These aren’t mere stats but summarize the opportunities with quizzes when it comes to running your digital marketing campaign. Online quizzes perfectly complement your traditional lead generation strategies that include Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and https://www.expert-seo-training-institute.in/blog/business-definition-social-media-marketing/

">Social Media Marketing. When it comes to quizzes they can be divided into two categories – Trivia Quiz which is knowledge-based and Personality Quiz which is aimed at studying the personality traits of an individual.

How To Use Online Quiz Maker        
You may have been left amazed with the quizzes that you have come across on the Internet especially personality quizzes. You think they require weeks of coding and getting dozens of permutations and combinations right. Well here is some good news for you. Using an online quiz maker you can create and publish your quiz within minutes with no requirement for coding at all. Here we take a look at how you can create trivia as well as personality quiz using an online quiz maker.

Gererate leads tips

Trivia Quiz
Trivia quizzes are great when it comes to customer engagement. Here’s how you should go about creating a trivia quiz with an online quiz maker –

  • Work On The Design – Your quiz has to be visually pleasing and hence you must work on the design, theme, title, and description to create a strong impression
  • Set The Questions – In trivia quizzes, a question is set with multiple answers one among which is correct. When your user chooses an answer you mark them as correct or incorrect before they move onto the next question. You can create a quiz with 5-10 questions all of which are engaging.
  • Use Lead Forms – Once your user is done with the quiz you need to integrate a lead form in the quiz before you show them their success score. This is the most important part of the quiz and you should create a lead form that is impressive and encourages users to share their contact details.
  • Define The Logic– Users have completed the quiz and you have collected your lead, what next? In the last step, you need to define what happens once the user knows his/her success score. This is the marketing part where you can offer them discount coupons, free newsletter subscription or other freebies that would turn an average user into your customer.

Personality Quiz   
Personality quizzes as the name suggests are aimed at getting insights into an individual’s personality traits. It also allows users to know more about their personality. Here there is no incorrect answer and every option the user chooses leads to an outcome. Let us take a look at how you can create a personality quiz using an online quiz maker.

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  • Work On The Design – Design part remains the same as in case of trivia quizzes.
  • Create Outcomes – Since personality quizzes have no wrong answers before you set the questions you just work on the outcomes. Outcomes are arrived at based on how people would answer your question and their personality traits. Based on the number of questions you are using (5-10 is ideal) you need to create different outcomes that would help you segregate users based on their personality traits and thought process.
  • Create The Questions – Questions in your personality quizzes should be in correlation with the outcome you have set. Be careful with the questions and make sure they are fun-filled and exciting. If your questions lead to exciting outcomes you would benefit in terms of more shares on the users’ social networks.
  • Collect Your Leads – Before you take your users to the final lead page you need to collect leads. It is important for you to show them some incentives in sharing their contact details such as the promise of discount coupons, newsletter subscriptions, free consultancy etc.
  • Landing Page – Unlike trivia quizzes which are simple in terms of showing users their success scores in case of personality quizzes you need to create different landing pages for different outcomes. This is a form of hyper-targeted marketing where you would take users to landing pages of your products and services which is linked to their wants, desires and personality traits.

Why Use Online Quizzes are Successful?

  • They Are Engaging – Quizzes are more engaging than a long blog or other marketing strategies that you may have already used.
  • They Test Users – Users love quizzes as it allows them to test their knowledge and know more about their personality.
  • They Are Social – Quizzes are a social form of marketing where your users share success score and outcome within their community and help your business spread the message.
  • They Have Incentives – Every person loves incentives and since you offer them to your users with these quizzes they love taking these quizzes.

To sum up, an online quiz maker allows you to get started with your trivia or personality based quiz marketing instantly. A quiz maker is extremely easy to use and would require minimal technical know-how for you to create and launch your campaign.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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