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Instagram SEO Tactics to Bring You More Business Success

As we approach the new decade, the focus on SEO will stay undiminished. More than ever before the content strategy will revolve around what the audience wants, which is why you will need to produce content that benefits them to experience real ROI. The focus on the content will need to remain firmly on the user for it to drive traffic and page rankings.

Search for a celebrity on Google, says Nicki Minaj. When you get the search results, you will see links to her official business site, followed by Twitter, YouTube, Wiki Page, and Instagram. Now, observe; search engines like Google push web traffic to social media channels; however, accounts on Instagram are specifically challenging to be shown in its results.

Now the next question that comes to your mind is why?

Instagram will block search engines from categorizing its images. Your profile on Instagram is indexed on search engines, but images cannot. This is the sole reason why many businesses find the SEO of Instagram challenging, but it is not impossible.

SEO for Instagram does appear difficult for most business brands. However, you can embrace some simple strategies as a business owner without the need of hiring professionals to do the job for you. So, read on below to get some amazing tips that will give you more business success with SEO for Instagram

Ways to boost Instagram SEO for better visibility

  1. Make sure you link Instagram – if you are a business, you must use multi-channel strategies for marketing your products or services to the targeted audience. If you want to promote your business account on Instagram, it is crucial for you to advertise out of the platform. You can do this by linking your Instagram account to other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

In this way, you inform all your network followers that you are present on Instagram, and you can post ads on all social media platforms for special events, a product launch, etc. When you have given Instagram the authority to access your business media profiles on other channels, a link will be added to your Instagram account as well.

Your Instagram page will be recommended through a tab that needs to be clicked, so it is prudent to connect your Instagram feed too. When you allow your Instagram Feed to Facebook and Twitter, users online are directed to your Instagram profile. This means that users who follow you on other social media platforms can easily find your Instagram page.

  1. Regularly change your location and URL often – You should take advantage of the feature of changing your business URL and its location with every photo you post on Instagram. You should consider this to be your Call-To-Action or a strong bond between ROI and user engagement. In this way, you will clearly understand how and what to change; for instance, you can lead followers to different pages of your site or any promotional article URL that has been written about your business. To invoke more credibility to your posts on Instagram, you can buy automatic Instagram likes for first positive impressions.

Note, in case your business does not get any benefit from posting the precise location, you can do business normally and make use of the location feature to disclose exciting updates about your business brand or product. You can even give something interesting that you would like your business followers to be aware of. Here, you can use locations to seize their attention and likes.

  1. Instagram photographs should be optimized – Instagram is a visual sharing platform, and your photographs should be optimized. Search engine optimization success will only arrive from the quality and type of the photographs you post online. The content you post must be clear, like, for instance, is it a person, a book, or a natural landscape. Instagram deploys the latest technology known as image recognition that helps the user classify photographs as per the content. This means if you are the owner of a business brand, you can increase the number of followers on your Instagram account by displaying photographs to those people only interested in that specific content but have not come across your account on Instagram as yet.

Note that just keeping the photographs clear will not mean they are outstanding or interesting. You should use a good editing app for photographs so that they have a professional look. Color correction, cropping, and the adjustments in lighting should be taken care of well.

  1. Use Image Captions of your Instagram Profile as Title Tags – When Instagram makes a page for the content you post, the title tag is in the photo’s caption. It generally looks like- Richard Smith Socks: image caption. It is the name of the profile and not the Instagram handle and the caption that shows up on search engine results. You should always take some time before you post anything to ensure that the Instagram caption is ideal for the photograph and the business brand you sell.

You should make a habit of taking a look at the places where the title tag has been cut off. The information of value or importance should be included in the beginning part of the Instagram caption.

  1. Optimize alt text for photographs – Make sure you add alt text to the photographs you post on Instagram. This is a very good strategy for SEO as those people who are visibly impaired can see it. The algorithm of Instagram is able to manage the content better.


  1. Set up a schema for your social profile on Instagram – Google will permit you to use for giving it information about the number of social media profiles that are yours. If the business brand gets a Knowledge Graph card, its social media profiles are displayed. You can consult your developer for checking the documentation on how you can deploy structured data for the business brand’s social profiles. While you do this, ensure that you include your Instagram account in it as well.


  1. Plan out an effective ad campaign– To ensure more visitors visit your website from Instagram, you can think of developing an Instagram ad campaign that encourages users to click to learn more about you. You can use powerful images, text, or even videos in these ads to boost your brand awareness. The cost of executing ad campaigns can be exactly what your budget allows and is quite reasonable with the charges being on a cost-per-click basis so you pay only for audiences who are really interested in you.


  1. Use the swipe up feature– If you want to boost your website traffic using the popular Instagram Stories feature, you need to have a business account with a user base of more than ten thousand followers. You can then create an Instagram Story and link your website, blog, or even a specially designed landing page for boosting conversions by followers using the swipe-up feature to access the link.

Therefore, when it comes to Instagram SEO, the task is not a mammoth one if you do it smartly. Keep the above points in mind and use them to enhance your online visibility on search engines. Ensure you post regular content on your profile and engage your users to boost follower count and sales with success!






Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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