Reasons to Choose WordPress for Building and Designing Your Website

Building a website can be a fun and exciting process. However, the process can also be very stressful and overwhelming. There is quite an extensive list of necessary tasks to complete for a website to be successful. If you’re not a coding expert, web developer, or computer programmer, you could be in for some serious headaches while building a traditional site. That’s only the building process. You’ll also want to implement some design elements to make your website attractive.

Thankfully, there is a way to build and design your website without stressing yourself out. WordPress offers a range of advantages offering an experience that’s more enjoyable and less stressful than creating a site with code. We’ve listed some of the best reasons to use WordPress. Keep reading to discover the most enticing reason to build your site and design it with WordPress.

WordPress is Highly Reputable and Reliable:

When you choose to create your site on WordPress, you can rest knowing that you’re building on a trustworthy platform with customer-centric support.

●     Reputation

Many huge and well-known brands use WordPress for their company websites. There are all kinds of major sites that use WordPress.

●     CMS

WordPress is the leading global content management system. The platform powers an estimated 42% of websites around the world.

  • Principles

WordPress has exceptionally well-defined principles or guidelines for users to use when creating posts and pages. For example, WordPress outlines four simple words to gauge the accessibility of the content you post. For the greatest accessibility across the web, content should be: perceivable, operable, understandable and robust.

  • Security

From password protecting content to strong anti-spamming efforts to user control over SSL and HTTPS certificates, there is an abundance of options for security on your website.

  • Support

There is a helpful team of support staff available on WordPress should you have problems. The HELP section of the main site also offers an extensive self-service help section that’s easy to use and understand. Finally, a massive worldwide community of user support is always happy to help you with a more casual experience.

Getting Started on WordPress:

As intimidating as it may seem to get your website going, WordPress has several features and functions that make the process simple and personalized.

  • Account

Setting up an account on WordPress is quick and easy. You might choose to enlist the services of a WordPress developer in Brisbane but anyone can create an account.

  • Hosting

While hosting for your site is offered as a service of WordPress, you are not required to use their hosting plan. In fact, there are many possibilities for hosting your WordPress site.

  • Domain

As with hosting, WordPress does not have a designated domain registrar that users are required to get their domains through. The opportunities are endless for your own domain registration. Although, there is an option for you to use a WordPress site address for free.

Customization on WordPress is Unmatched:

Almost every detail of your WordPress website can be customized to cater to your needs and preferences. It’s really quite impressive.

  • Language

WordPress allows you to translate the entire website’s contents into any language you like. Furthermore, there are plugins that allow users visiting your site from all over the world to translate the content they’re reading on your site into their own language.

  • Themes

There are literally hundreds of thousands of themes available on WordPress. These themes serve as templates for each of the pages your site displays. Most of them can be customized beyond the preset options. You can also choose a blank canvas and start from scratch. If you have a lot of specifics you’re looking to include on your site, however, it may be better to seek a WordPress designer to suit your need.

  • HTML

No coding experience is needed to use WordPress. However, if you do wish to code your site, WordPress allows you to implement all the HTML you want. Themes and plugins on the platform also allow for additional HTML to be integrated into the site.

  • Unlimited

WordPress does not cap the number of websites you can have on the platform. You can also have a network of many websites connected to one another on WordPress. This is called a multisite and is completely fair game.

  • Dashboard

The home page you come to after you log in, called the dashboard, has a few options you can change up. Colours, structure and other options allow your personality to shine through the dashboard.

  • Editing

WordPress offers a variety of plugins that each, in turn, provides its own site-editing style. Some are used with a drag-and-drop feature while others feature a block editing style. Regardless, there are several options you can explore when editing a page on your site.

  • Scaling

Because WordPress anticipates your website to endure growth on their platform, they’ve made it easy for your website to adapt and scale up as your site does. This is great for startups and influencers but can benefit anyone.

Content and Configuration Control at Your Fingertips.

The ability to manage and modify almost every aspect of your website is one of the most amazing features offered by WordPress. This is especially true when you consider WordPress as one of only a select few platforms that offer this exclusive level of control.

  • Publishing

WordPress allows you to lay eyes on a live preview of your post before you publish it. When you do publish the content, it will be immediately viewable on your site. You can also elect to share the post by publishing it just about anywhere online through WordPress’s expanded integration network.

  • Media

Your posts on WordPress are able to include video, music, slides and many other types of media files. You can upload all the media to your media library.


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