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Simple SEO Strategies That Deliver Superb User Experience and Great Traffic

Simple SEO Strategies That Deliver Superb User Experience and Great Traffic

There is a fake claim that SEO is dead. Nothing can be farther from truth than this. Of course, some bad tricks and shortcuts in SEO might be dead and gone. But pure SEO tactics are here to stay because they have user at the core.

Optimizing a site for giving a decent user experience holds value any day and in any market. In applying user-focused optimization methods there is no need to have a doctorate in computer technology or be a master in machine learning. Basic SEO is an amalgamation of techniques that provide a wholesome user experience.

Giving the best UX is the cornerstone of all basic SEO strategies. Also, this is not done at the cost of recent SEO tactics such as mobile first approach, snippets optimization, and maximizing structured data.

Why User-Centric Approach Pays Off

User-friendly SEO basics can be implemented by anyone to improve site rank in search engine results (SERPs).

They understand that user experience (UX) is not a charity of SEO tactics but an end in itself.

Since the core job of a search engine is to give the best possible answer to a user’s question, there is the need of  every single ranking factor contributing to the user experience.

Address Performance Deficit of Websites

A business owner needs to pay serious attention the website in making it resonant. There may be many issues to address, that include poor page speed, boring content not giving the best answer to users’ questions. All out efforts are required to thwart the damage coming from the loss of user traffic to the site.

User First SEO Policy

The most ethical approach in making a website popular and highly visible is to look at the technical aspects of the site from a user point of view.

Ask these basic questions

  • How fast is the site in page loading? (Page Speed)
  • Does the site content deliver the answers to users’ questions? (Keyword and Content Strategy)
  • Is the structure easy enough to show the answers? (Page Layout)
  • Does the site give any call to action and allow the user to learn more? (Navigation and Site Structure)

Satisfactory answers to the above questions will define the functionality of the website.

Link Building is Relation Building

In attracting traffic, role of back links is important. Google treats those links as a proof of the website’s relevance to the community more than the user.

The old days of link building via autopilot for easy rankings are off. Google has made the task tough and insists to keep out spammy links that mar user experience.

Google mandates links to be of high quality. Such links can only be built more by offshore connections with synergetic domains–aligning with trade organizations or joining co-marketing campaigns can yield relevant organic links.

Customize Content for Better Traffic: It is a proven fact that a judicious modification of content with adjustments in language can improve traffic. It can deliver 10 percent more click-through rates and 60 percent plus impact on results from SEO. The contribution to user experience will be more if the keyword is deftly chosen.

Presenting the content in an impactful language gives a better chance of engagement with the audience and faster conversions.  Research shows people respond strongly to language that is in sync with their own characteristics.

By paying a new focus to headlines by making them catchy will get amazing results. Good calls to action will reflect strongly in the search results. Relying solely on the technology mound of a website will be self defeating in the long run.

It follows that there is more scope to better user response by donning the writer’s cap and adding more punch to headlines. Reworking the same sentence in multiple ways will be the way to go.

Make a High Priority Checklist

Making a checklist for a complete technical website audit is the first step in the revamp process. While adding a blog or perking up a landing page make sure that important are not escaping the attention.

The checklist must not forsake the basics while improving content brilliance. The right way to proceed is making a map of detailed task templates and enforcing them strictly.

Create Right Headlines

Many a good piece of content has lost audience attention because of the negligence in adding H1 Headline. It will be like missing the proverbial tree and pushing the hard work to wastage.

Follow Blog Structure for Content

Make sure that the keyword is always present in the title, URL, in the intro part and conclusion.

  • Use the keyword @less than 5 times.
  • Keep the title to 65 characters or less.
  • In the text body mix internal as well as external links (at least 2-3).
  • Caption the image alt-text as per the theme.
  • Use the keyword in Meta description to improve Click rates and keep it close to 200 words.
  • Use heading tags and short paragraphs as in blogs.
  • Optimize for social sharing and conversion.

The On-page checklist must dominate SEO strategy for a wholesome UX.

Implementing the checklist can be hurtful if the technical requirements force the content to appear like keyword-rich stuff good for robotic consumption only.

Always keep the user at the center and spin strategies to add value to the user experience by optimizing the basics.

Follow Impactful Keyword Strategy

This needs a focus on a single thing. An effective keyword strategy can amplify a niche to emerge as a go-to source. Imagine how a popular article highlighting the value of customer success as a marketing tactic can make your site an authority on that concept.

To start with, think of creating a keyword strategy for your website that can support customers of social media to their desired goal.

On noticing the heavy recurrence of the word “aesthetic” in social posts, a deeper research can show that it is a trending search especially “Instagram aesthetic.”

Dig more and you will see that the keyword has a high search volume but is low in competition. That is a great opportunity to stuff the website with great content on the topic.

Grab the chance by creating multiple pieces of content that best answers all top questions on Instagram aesthetics.

Use Pillar Content Strategy

This approach is called pillar content strategy which HubSpot has christened as “topic cluster.”

Power traffic will only come from a sharply focused theme. A pillar keyword strategy can elevate a site into an authority position and deliver strong internal links and make the owner happy.

Now, see how the same keyword “Instagram aesthetics” can be explored from multiple angles.

  • 5 Reasons to Make an Aesthetic Instagram Page for Your Best Brand
  • How to Get an Aesthetic Instagram Account That Hipsters will Envy
  • Top 5o Aesthetic Instagram Accounts You Will Enjoy
  • Art of Taking Aesthetic Images for Your Instagram Feed
  • Why Aesthetic Instagram Accounts Can Sell More Products
  • Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Aesthetic for Instagram
  • Best Store Designs for Instagram Aesthetics
  • Top 5 Aesthetic Mistake on Your Instagram Account

This shows how hundreds of different topics on a niche category can be made relevant to buyers on a social media platform. It illustrates how a website can be made an authority on a focal area with rewards flowing from increased user satisfaction.

Focus on the End User

We must understand that the points already discussed will be invalid if the whole exercise of optimization does not benefit people who visit the website. In short, barring some fundamental practices, all robotic engines, including Google and Bing are satisfying users’ intent in their core operations.

Ultimate Secret of SEO Success

If SEO strategies set their focus on user experience and look away from short term quick-fix techniques, long-term success is assured. Also know that user-centric SEO is a constantly evolving space with great opportunities for learning with ample scope for experimentation.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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