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Simple Tips For Increasing Domain Authority Of Your Website

Domain authority has emerged as the largest factor in SEO after Page Rank. Since Page Rank is no longer used, all the pressure is now on authority of domains So, it’s essential for website owners to look for ways to increase domain authority. Here we’ll discuss different ways of building domain authority.

Important factors for domain authority

  1. MozRank

Links have quality, popularity and strength and together these properties determine MozRank of websites. The rank is provided on a scale of 0-10 and it is quality not quantity that determines the rank.

  1. MozTrust Level

It is similar to MozRank but here the external links are closely evaluated to establish a direct connection to the linked websites. It is the distance between a given page and the site it is linked to. Rank is determined on a scale of 1-10.

  1. Quality Content

It is the most important factor that determines authority of a domain. Google also give value to the sites with informative content presented in a readable manner.

  1. Social Status

Every website has an online status that is determined on likes, comments and shares. These social signals show worth of sites and helps in determining their social status.

How to increase domain authority?

You know value of domain authority and important factors that determine domain authority. Now you can easily find ways to improve authority of your website domain.

  1. Monitor on-page SEO

On-page SEO could prove to be a big help in improving the domain authority. Good site structure, right keyword density, optimized images and other technical features related to on-page SEO are crucial for improving domain authority of websites. Keep your site in good health from meta tags to word count on the web pages to improve domain authority of your site.

Simple Tips For Increasing Domain Authority Of Your Website

  1. Internal link structure

Internal links helps visitors and search engine crawlers. Visitors can easily open internal pages with the help of links and search robots can index internally linked pages. In the long run strengthening internal linking reduces bounce rate.

  1. Remove bad links

As you know MozRank and MozTrust determine domain authority and these two ranks are determined by link juice and quality. You should remove the links that don’t add any value to your site as these links will only impact DA of your site negatively.

  1. Quality content

It is the most important factor in DA as it determines worth of a site. While other factors will improve visibility of the site, it is content that can retain the visitors on site. The content must be informative and also it must be presented in an attractive manner. Also it should be refreshed as and when required.

  1. Page loading speed

Speed matters most especially in digital marketing. Do you think that your visitors will wait for your site to download decently? Ideally a site must download decently within 30 seconds and on all browsers. Check speed of your site and try making it quick downloading to get more viewers.

  1. Build audience on social networks

Social media is a reliable source of web traffic. Your activity on social media will not only highlight your presence but it will also help improve domain authority of your site. Use all the leading social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to strengthen your social presence and collect social signals.


Whatever you do on your site, it directly or indirectly affects domain of your site. But when you do things in right way, you can easily build authority of your domain and achieve high rank on SERPs with the help of high domain authority.

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