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The Unknown Secrets Of Performance Marketing You Should Know

Performance marketing has been the most popularly prioritized advertising method in recent years. Online digital marketing agencies worldwide are busy chasing amazing traffic and revenue numbers for their clients with the help of performance marketing.

Performance marketing basically works on a pay-for-performance model, which means that the payment depends on the campaign results.

Therefore, it becomes highly critical for performance marketers to get the results they claim. Unlike other marketing methods, which, although they claim huge numbers, aren’t bound to get any results, performance marketers need to get what they claim or promise their clients.

It’s not magic, but a statistical data-bound launched campaign that results. Performance marketers usually work and can get effective results by analyzing key performance indicators(KPIs) such as ROI, conversion rate, customer acquisition, customer retention, etc.

Along with a thorough research-based study of the KPIs, performance marketers also engage in a few tricks and tips to gain results.

Let’s check out the unknown secrets you might not know existed.

Being Consistent

The best marketing secret is to stay connected and consistent, yet not all marketers take advantage of this simple rule.

You need to be consistent with your online presence. You can show your dedication, determination, and endurance towards your goals with consistency. It also increases the expectations towards you regarding your level of quality and service. By being consistent, you show you can 100% fulfill their expectations.

By being consistent, we expect you to get engaged with your target audience on a regular basis through the most relevant and suitable channels.

Consistency also comes within your behavior, tone, and understanding of your target audience.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is the latest type of content marketing that instantly got popular. It’s also one of the most futuristic approaches to modern marketing methods that are perfectly compatible with the current living standards of the target audience.

With the fast-paced life we all are being subjected to, it’s perfectly fair to choose a quick 5 min video over a text for the audience.

Therefore, digital performance marketing agencies need to get updated and upskilled to match their audience preferences.

Nowadays, there are so many videos going viral on social media platforms. Videos basically grab immediate attention from the audience.

Of course, you need to go with those content-rich videos that deliver to your ideal customer.

They’re more engaging than pictures, and are easy to watch on the go. They let users interact with your company more personally.

The video content should showcase your best stories, products, and services in an engaging way to attract audience attention.

Influencer Marketing

Another best marketing trick is influencer marketing. An influencer can be anyone who has an excellent online presence with a dedicated audience. Usually, celebrities, bloggers, gurus, fashionists, YouTubers, etc., are the influencers we are talking about. These influencers have their own value to offer to your marketing strategy.

Of course, choosing the right influencer according to the product or service and equally compatible with your audience is the real catch. Therefore, you should go for an audience that is engaged with the influencer and an audience that aligns with your product.

Create Effective Calls To Actions

Using the right call to action(CTA) is the real trick here. Using the regular and popular CTAs is what everybody does. The trick is to use unique CTAs. Users seek quick, instant, and clear, actionable CTAs.

What actually happens is CTAs are mostly being ignored. The directions, too, are sometimes confusing for the user. If the users don’t find a clickable call to action, they are going to turn away. Users need clear actions to make decisions.

Using actionable verbs and phrases while trying not to be too wordy and knowing where to place the CTAs exactly is the need of the hour.

Another tip is to strictly avoid using more than one on the same page strictly.

Give Out Free Offers, And Discounts

People love free stuff. If you have any product that is inexpensive or downloadable you can offer, grant it free. This way you can build your mailing list and thus create awareness about your brand.

This can be offered as a bonus for the ones who sign up for any subscription, service or, make a purchase. You can also use it as an opt-in for your email list.

Even if you do not have anything to offer for free, you can always give out your knowledge, tips, tricks in the form of a how-to guide, a tutorial video, a free recipe, or whatever makes sense for your business.

Final Thoughts

Strong marketing campaigns take time. Marketing isn’t rocket science. Much of it comes down to people and how you interact with others. Your brand needs to relate to those you’re trying to attract on a deeper level. If it falls flat, nobody will care about your products or services in the first place. Using unharmful tips tricks to get the best out of the marketing strategy is the new smart in today’s world.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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