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Digital Marketing

Tips To Integrate Digital Advertising In Your Marketing Strategy

Any modern marketing strategy can never be complete without a plan for digital advertising in place. Whether your business works in the B2B domain or is a B2C type, if you want to grow the online presence and garner more sales and conversions, you have to implement digital advertisements correctly.

That being said, it is also known that digital ads can be a sore spot in your overall digital marketing strategy if they are not well planned. Now a simple internet search won’t provide you with an answer as to what is the right way to create digital ads.

This is why we consulted the experts across the digital marketing realm to find out what can get you the most value out of your campaigns. Here we are with the top tips on creating and integrating digitals ads into your marketing strategy to get the results you want.

Tips To Integrate Digital Advertising In Your Marketing Strategy


1. Creative Elements

The first part of success with digital ads is to add creative elements. What makes your business stand out from the competition? Make use of those visual elements to create ads that capture the attention of the target audience at the same time create awareness for your brand.

According to Sarah Maloy of Shutterstock, “When advertising on social media, it’s important to refresh your creative often so that it is relevant and so that users aren’t seeing the same post more than once.” You need to bring authenticity at the same time variability in your ads to gain more attention.

2. Be Money-wise 

Digital ads can become a costly affair faster than you can anticipate. This is why it is a good idea to understand that very platform offers different value. Your role is to analyze which of the advertising channels have the potential to give results. Invest more time and money into those. Never try to decide outlets for your digital ads based on the success of other brands.

What worked for them might miserably fail for you. According to SeoEaze, the best SEO company Delhi, “It is imperative to understand the value of an advertising channel. For instance, if you have a product or service that already have a demand in the market Google Adwords will work best for you. However, if you are a startup that created a new product, there will be no established search base that.

In such a scenario, Facebook will be more profitable as the startup can run ads based on the demographics and interests of the audience.”

3. Do Homework

Most businesses work on ads based on what they experience with their audience, but we recommend you to invest in thorough research to collect the data that signifies that is important. You might be anticipating your audience to behave in a certain way when actually they might behave differently.

This is why it becomes necessary to plan ahead of time and collect the relevant data that will help you to plan a marketing strategy that is successful. Sponsored content is one way to do quick research on the behaviour of your audience and learn about their spending habits and more.

4. Understand Your Target Audience 

Building on the point above, your digital marketing strategy will be a success if you know who your audience is. Whether online or offline, you need to clearly define your audience before creating any digital ad. According to experts, you need to know who your target audience is, what social media they spent the most time on and what kind of content interests them the most.

Facebook is a clear winner in the race as it allows you to micro-target your audience based on their age, location and up to 10 interests. Target audience marketing is key to the success of digital ads.

5. Base the ROI on Social Media Metrics

“What can be measured, can be improved.” 

This statement holds the key here. For the most success of your digital ad campaigns you need to tie the data you collect directly to the result it produces. With online marketing, you are reaching diverse demographics. This is why you need to know in detail, which ads are promoting engagement while which ones are driving conversions.

You have to understand that when you are advertising on social media you are getting in touch with breathing living people who voice their opinions and respond to events with agility. If your social followers are liking or sharing your content it does not mean they are going to walk into your store and buy stuff. There are other factors too. This is why brands need to connect the social media metrics with hard data like sales, leads, ROI and registrations to know whether they are getting the results or not.

6. Integrate All Marketing Channels 

Reaching the audience effectively requires you propagating a consistent message to the target customers. Digital ads that are part of your marketing strategy must be integrated across various platforms giving your users the same message regardless of which platform they are active on. We understand that all social media platforms maintain a distinct vibe and it is difficult to be able to work the same ad across all the platforms.

This is why you need to change the elements to fit the particular social platform but need to keep the message unique and consistent. According to President of Encite Marketing, Adam O’Leary, “The best digital advertising tip we can share with business owners is to ensure that your campaign is integrated with your other marketing channels.

An integrated marketing campaign will garner much better results than any single initiative. For example, Facebook Ads work really well on their own when promoting a sale or publicizing a new product, but it works much better when supporting another marketing channel such as email.” 


Digital advertisement is going to grow in 2020 which is why you need to integrate it into your overall marketing strategy. If you don’t know where to start, the above tips provide you with the right path to follow.



Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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