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Best Website Design Ideas: Top 15+ Must Have Powerful Tips For 2018

Website Design Ideas

One of the significant factors to have a successful website, website design can render you intuitive designs that can easily communicate with the perfect audience what you do and what products and services you are offering. To make it look professional and convincing, use the best website design ideas that will help you build a website that you had always want to achieve. Every marketer knows how to analyze the total traffic coming on the website as there is right there in the analytics.

Getting traffic is easy but website designs are not simple. After so many things, oodles of successful web projects, it is hard to know what will work best for website design. Everyone wishes to have a website that entices the audience to buy or contact. It’s true that oodles of things contribute to the problem, but the right website design and tips will deliver great results. The first-time visitor thinks before buying anything. They check the review and compare it with other websites. There are a few website design ideas that one should follow before deciding on the appearance of the site.

As we all know website can’t succeed by doing well in limited factors. It has to have a design that complements your content and conveys the right message to the audience. No matter how great you are performing in the industry, ensure you are addressing the queries your audience has first. So, any ideas on how to improve your website look? Don’t fret; there are scores of website design techniques that will take you in the right direction and make certain you are improving your increasing your audience base.

Have a strategy

Web design ideas

Designing a website without a plan means you are not meeting the needs of the audience. You have to think from the customer’s perspective that will help foster your needs. Give a thorough research on what can convert your audience into a permanent customer. Its true many factors come into play when planning website design ideas. With the right behaviours in mind, you can easily understand your audience and grab more attention in no time. Take help of what you know about your current customers and how they became customer from just a visitor. This way you can map out your plan.

Visual hierarchy

Having a visual hierarchy means the colour, images, and content that determines the elements seen by the human. Certain elements on your site are going to take away your visitors like complicated animations, lengthy content and website pictures that are a few on the list. Your focus should create a magical impression at the first place on the audience by using the right website design ideas that attract the attention of the visitors and allow them to stay on the site at least an attention span of 10 seconds.

Style guides  

   A document of code which comes in the form of large books, Style guides is used for company, domain or specific publication. This encompasses everything from states, countries to how to write the numbers. An excellent style guide needs a talented team to work on the page. It establishes style to improvise communication. Style guides help in many ways when your team changes over the time. If you are seeking a well-written style guide, make sure you come across the one that has unique style throughout.

Use descriptive headline on the top of page

It is important to use the headline that doesn’t take away the visitors. The perfect chance to allure the visitors is by using the key-phrased headline. The clearer your headline would be, the better it would be. Don’t go for the fancy headline; always think of something unique, catchy and descriptive. Showcase your identity clearly on the top so that they don’t get confused and leave the page.

One thing at one time

Don’t use more complex designs as visitors don’t like clutter. Keep it simple, clean and modern designs. You can see the Apple website as a reference. Studies show that simple websites with complicated names work best and create an impeccable impression on the visitors at the first place. So, avoid the cluttered look and stick to simple and neat look as this will be more loved by the visitors.

 Highlight contact information

The utmost thing to do is highlight your contact information so that your clients can get in touch with you without any hassle. Every individual visiting your website if want to explore the products and services, then you must understand that your website is easily reachable. Many small and big companies think that the contact information listed on your website will make the visitors believe that they want to work with you. If you present your website without contact information, then you miss out on lots of customers trying to get in touch with you to work with you or know about the products.

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Use larger font sizes

A great practice to follow in 2018 is large font sizes to make your content look more readable and easy to understand. And smaller screens like handphones, playing a great role in terms of popularity with minimal designs and trends. Choose a font that is easy to understand and be creative. You can have a glance at the Google fonts, which is a perfect platform to start. Make your important things stand out by increasing the font sizes. You can also do the same with headings, titles and any text.

Website’s accessibility

Make sure your website is readable for the visitors. This will not improve traffic but earn more revenue. Your website should be effective, accessible, targeted and aesthetic. Your content is one of the main things need your attention when working on website design strategy. You must have seen that while reading a book or magazine if the content is too lengthy, we jump from one point to another and look for the relevant fact. Ensure your information is accessible and enrich the conversions with your audience.

Reject few things off your website

There are a few things you need to get rid of your website as this is going to reduce the worth and the message you are trying to pass on to the people. Content that is too long, complex images and more on the list will detract the visitors. Customers have a capacity of spending 7-8 seconds on any website and in that time your role plays a great role in leaving an impression to convert the visitor into a permanent customer. If you get this right, nothing can stop you from making your design and content more appealing.

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Use minimum things to make your website look more readable, especially when it’s a small business and you are launching it and putting together new products. So, delete unnecessary elements and focus on design effectiveness so that the users stay engaged and away from distractions. This will be really useful for someone running a small business.

Custom Videos

To make your website engaging and stand out from competition, use videos that convey 80% of what people want. This will quickly deliver the message and strengthen the bond with your visitors. Now to entice, engage and bring back customers, custom videos are the great option of giving oodles of benefits to the businesses. This engages visitors in multiple ways and fulfils the goals of your site engaging people. Increasing your reach means driving more traffic to your website and maximizing the benefits. Wouldn’t that be great? Start taking this thought into consideration.

Stay away from the computer

Good ideas come when you write on paper or blackboard and staying from the computer for a while. Draw your plan on the board and take help of the other team members to give their input. This way you can make the design concrete and easy to work upon. If some amendments are there, it will be easier to disappear with a rubber or duster and make changes accordingly. Once done, take a photo with your handset and start working on the system.

 Update your website data

Emphasize on the three things when using tips for creating a website: Design inspiration, continuous improvement and strategy. It is important to map out strategy and look the website by putting yourself in visitor’s shoes before you move ahead and creata e-strategy with value-driving elements. Pay a visit to your competitor’s websites and see what set them apart from others. Get the idea, make informed decisions and in a months time, you will see results.

Include social share

website design tips

Producing unique content is of no use if you are not giving the opportunity for users to share on social media networks. Plus, you are missing a lot on social traffic when not having social sharing follow button. There is a plethora of social sharing tools you can use to get a lot of social media traffic. Try it once and you will see getting more responses than ever.

Let your visitors stay on your page

Don’t waste your time designing longer homepage. All you need to do is include limited sections to make the page look more readable and neat. Create a seamless experience for the visitors so that they start recommending to others and come back as a permanent customer. You can also add personalized interactions to keep the visitors engaged. Apart from that, integrate video calling from business experts to boost engagement and fetch more traffic to your site. This way clients and customers trust you and have a great experience.

Get found

Create a website that can be found easily. This happens when you implement SEO strategy and creates content caters to the needs of the visitors. Feed in the keywords that have the maximum searches on the Google and rank your page in the top searches of Google. Web page content, blogs, video- content and articles are a few examples.

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Run the squint test

 Want to see what is important for your site? If you are nodding in a yes, then use the squint test. You will see only the main features and rest will be blurry. This will help you check the effectiveness of website design strategy you spent in your report. When your hard work goes into hours and when you up with the designs, put your design through the test called Squint. The aim of doing this test is to have a clear picture of visual hierarchy of the work. This will help the designers see what a new visitor will see in his/her first experience of visiting a site.  It is a simple trick to know that the intended result of the design is accomplished and work is heading in the right direction.


 These are some of the best tips for website design you can use to a healthy, functioning website. And yes, keep your designs simple and easy for the audience to get what they need. These few website design ideas will definitely show rthe esult on your business and your visitors will become more comfortable naturally.


Udit Khanna is a Digital Marketing Course professional at Expert Training Institute, an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Udit worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He graduated with B.Sc from IGNOU with a dual degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Finance).

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