What is canonicalization of URLs?

What is canonicalization of URLs?

Could you tell difference between the following


All these URLs represent one website hence they are similar. But for a search engine they are different and it can cause a bit of issue for the search engine. It is where you think about canonicalization. It is the method of choosing the best URL for a search engine.

Which is the best is canonical URL?

It isn’t that Google and Bing aren’t able to find the best URL but that they could mistake the wrong URL or the link with duplicate content to be the real. Here we can add another definition to the canonical tag.

It prevents appearance of identical or duplicate content on search results it can be resolved with canonical tags.

Why URL problem?

Many website builders like CMS create multiple links for same content by creating tags. could be hundreds of duplicate links to a site but you can’t recognize those URLs. For a human visitor, all the above examples could be similar but for the search engine, change in URL means the big difference. Duplicate content can suppress the real website and also it can dilute the domain authority in the long run.


Canonicalization is rewriting of a URL to make it unique and search friendly. It is necessary for SEO, if not for human visitors. The need for canonicalization has increased with use of code-driven websites that keep adding tags to URLs automatically.

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